Wellstar Medical Group, LLC
5150 Stilesboro N W Rd, Suite 220
Kennesaw, GA 30152 (Directions)
4.3 out of 5
Wellstar Medical Group, LLC
5150 Stilesboro N W Rd, Suite 220
Kennesaw, GA 30152 (Directions)

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4.3 out of 5
35 ratings, 35 reviews
Smart professional that will listen to the patient in your health care needs.
February 04 , 2016
Switched to Dr Levinson and grateful l did Received wonderful care from setting up Appointment through seeing the Doctor
December 24 , 2016
Dr. Levinson spent a good amount of time with me, listened well, and was accomodating when it came to further testing. He answered all questions and has a good bedside manner
February 04 , 2016
My experience with Dr. Levinson was wonderful. Dr. Levinson is very professional. He understands numerous health aspects. It is great to be in the care of a fine gentleman like Dr. Levinson.
April 01 , 2016
One he** of a doctor. He actually saved my life. You got a urological problem?? He's your man. Like Ali, he's the greatest. And no, we're not related.
April 25 , 2016
He seemed concerned and ready to help me in any way he could.
November 02 , 2017
I cannot find anything about this doctor to criticise. He was always there for my husband with the best of care. He was thorough in explaining every procedure. He was caring and efficient.
September 11 , 2012
Dr. Levinson is very knowledgeable and experienced, listens well, very calm and caring.
March 01 , 2016
I've been treated by Dr Levinson for about ten years. Always a good experience. He explains, asks, and listens ... gives rationale for treatment ... always keeps me informed of any unusual circumstances regarding treatment. His staff reflects highest professionalism ... and very pleasant in accomplishing their tasks ... such as pain-free blood sampling. Thanks!
July 18 , 2017
Dr. Levinson listens to me and then explains what is going on. He is very knowledgeable about all the medications he prescribes and their side effects. He knows about my family history and is able to use that information in determining the best treatment for me. I trust him.
June 16 , 2017
I have been a patient of Dr. Levinson's for approximately eight and one-half years and his level of expertise and knowledge coupled with his communication concerning my health is extraordinary. He explains procedures, test results and surgery in detail and is always very responsive to my questions. I have and will continue to recommend family and friends to Dr. Levinson!
May 26 , 2016
Dr. Levinson gets to know his patients and shows genuine concern for their progress. He remembers and adheres to the treatment plan and follows up with progress reports. He invites questions from patients and is open to discussion points.
December 18 , 2016
Dr. Levinson was highly reccommended by my family physician. He was very professional and diagnosed my issues promptly. He was stratigically located and was able to do an MRI on premises. He was also able to obtain a surgical appointment in the same visit and made all necessary arrangements.
October 06 , 2011
good and caring doctor
March 29 , 2017
this is a grate doctor by all means, thank you.
May 03 , 2012
I telephone the office to get an appointment for my husband because he had Kidney Stone. The young lady that answer the telephone was kind, courteous and very professional. The young lady that took the vital sign was outstanding with the smile that lit up the room. What can I say about Dr. Levinson, when he came into the room he reached out to shake my husband and my hand, he told us he wanted have an x-ray done. After he read the x-ray, and said he didn't see a stone I was elated and it was like something had been lifted on my shoulder. I will recommend him to my friends if they need a urologist.
February 18 , 2016
Very impressed with Dr. Levinson's attention to my concerns, time spent addressing those concerns and with his skills as a physician in procedures and diagnosis.
January 29 , 2016
Dr. Levinson is an exectional surgeon. Both he and his staff have always treated me with care, courtesy and professionalism. How many doctors do you know who would take the time to call you with test results while on vacation? Dr Levinson is that type of physician. I recommend him without reservation.
September 10 , 2012
Very good, very professional, very personable.
March 17 , 2017
Went to Dr. Levinson to get 2nd opinion and ended up keeping him as my primary Urologist. Dr Levinson is great doctor but the best part of going to see Dr. Levinson is they are on time. When my appointment is at 9:30, it's at 9:30. I'm not wasting my time in waiting rooms for hours!
February 18 , 2016
Doctor Levinson and my primary doctor seem to make a great team at the moment. The combination of medications are working very well together. Doctor Levinson seems to be on top of his profession.
January 31 , 2016
Thank you Dr Levinson!
May 22 , 2016
The doctor listen carefully to my concerns...
August 14 , 2016
This the best urologist I've ever used. He's pleasant, level headed and pragmatic. Always asks your thoughts and seems to consider your opinions. Seems to be quite knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
October 07 , 2016
Dr. Levinson and staff do a great job for my multiple kidney stones. I have been "squeezed in" when necessary and everybody in the office takes an interest in my well-being. Great Urology practice
March 13 , 2017
Great doc. He's a god!!!
December 02 , 2016
very knowledgeable; very kind and considerate and explains the concerns without alarming the patient.
June 13 , 2016
The nurse callback feature that's part of their phone system is virtually ignored by the staff. This has resulted in waiting from 6-1/2 to 27-1/2 hours for a call to be returned. They do state that the nurse callback is "non-urgent" and trust me, there is NO urgency on their part.
April 13 , 2011
He didnt prepare for my visit. He had to leave the room to review my chart. He babbled on about what I should do, not helpful at all. He gave me half of my prescription and said he would be right back and never returned. His nurse came by a few minutes later and I told her what he said. She told me she could not give me any sample without checking with him. 10 minutes later I went to the nursing station and found out that he had gone to surgery. He doesn't have time for his patients. He totally wasted my visit and a total loss my confidence as a Doctor. He has a memory problem or he is truly chasing the dollars. He nurses promised they would have him call me back. It has been a week and he has not attempted to call.
September 27 , 2011
I feel this doctor deserves 5 stars, but I can no longer work with his staff. They also seem to be good people, but can't return my calls regarding a time-sensitive surgery that was ordered by this doctor. Their disorganization has cost me lots of money and my husband lots of physical pain. I am sure this can't be their intent, but it is the result. I simply can't in good concience recommend this doctor's office to anyone.
May 21 , 2019
While I'm sure that Levinson is a fine doctor, I never actually made to the examination room. I made an appointment for Tuesday at 1:00 (with confirmation ) and showed up to find out that my appointment was at 10:00. I rescheduled for Thursday at 2:30. The "friendly reminder" call said 3:00. I showed up at 2:20 just to be safe. I did all of my paperwork online (like they want you to do) only to get there and have the receptionist tell me "it didn't come through". I just left at this point. I simply told them that I'd find another doctor.
September 29 , 2016
Dr. Levinson did NOT review my chart, including a test that he ordered two weeks before. This resulted in a wasted visit and a total loss of confidence on my part. He did not seem to remember any of the information from a previous visit.
February 25 , 2011
Very poor care and management of my husband's bladder cancer case. Poor bedside manner, communication and sense of urgency. He assumed a test performed at his practice was more accurate than the assessment of the ER doctor and cancer of both bladder and prostate went undetected for longer than necessary. If you are looking for a urologist who can handle complex medical cases, please do not start here. If you are an existing patient in this practice and not getting answers, please do not hesitate to go somewhere else.
May 23 , 2023
Avoid if at all possible. This doctor has poor communication skills, does not follow up with lab results, does not return phone calls in a timely manner and is not thorough in his examination and diagnosis. The office is poorly run and attempting to reach a nurse by phone is an exercise in futility. If you value your health, go elsewhere.
December 17 , 2014
I didn't find him to be particularly helpful or informative. He seemed unconcerned about my questions and concerns, and gave vague answers that defied even the info that appears on the GA Urology website. My wife and I decided to go elsewhere, thinking that if he was as unconcerned about my questions, he wouldn't be particularly attentive in the surgery.
January 27 , 2014

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