Georgia Urology, PA
81 Upper Riverdale Swrd, Suite 200
Riverdale, GA 30274 (Directions)
4 out of 5
Georgia Urology, PA
81 Upper Riverdale Swrd, Suite 200
Riverdale, GA 30274 (Directions)

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4 out of 5
35 ratings, 35 reviews
Dr. Sherlag is a very capable doctor. I have trusted him in the cure of my prostate cancer and more recently with removal of a cancerous tumor in my bladder. He is especially able to put the patient's fears to rest with clear and simple explanations of what the procedure will entail and how the recovery is likely to proceed. Dr. Sherlag is the doctor I will continue to trust with any urology issues that may crop up in the future.
February 09 , 2016
Every visit do not have to wait very long. Excellent staff. Fully satisfied with Dr Sherlag
August 20 , 2016
Very professional with great patient communication. Listens to and answers all questions, have complete confidence in any procedure that is recommended/required. Courteous, helpful staff.
May 13 , 2017
I have had prostate removal and still have a psa level. Dr. Sherlag takes time with me to explain what I can expect in the future, he never rushes to judgment, which I like, and his staff is just as respectful of me and my time. I generally never wait longer than five minutes to see him, but at the same time, I respect their time and I am always on time for my appointments
January 12 , 2017
Dr. Sherlag is a great doctor in that when he does a procedure he is patient and keeps you informed of what he is doing.
April 04 , 2017
I had some medical problems two years ago and due to Dr. Sherlag's expert analysis and quick thinking, he saved my life.
April 10 , 2017
I have been seeing Dr. Sherlag since 2007 and he has provided me medical care with several prostate and bladder issues. I have been very satisfied and assured by his interest in my health and treatment.
June 24 , 2016
Just great, would go no where else nor to another doctor
August 06 , 2016
Listens to his patients and answers their questions without rushing.
June 24 , 2017
Dr Sherlag has been a very reliable care provider for me. I have lot of trust in his recommendations for appropriate treatment options. He always takes the to explain the pros and cons of each option and to answer any questions I may have.
July 29 , 2016
A very caring and knowledgeable man I owe a lot to. He didn't let me hurt and got me right in. Incredible team
September 22 , 2016
One of the most efficiently run medical practices that I have visited. Scheduling an appointment was easy, completing the new patient information on-line was easy, and visiting the doctor was very efficient. I arrived 10 minutes early, handled some insurance matters, visited with and released by Dr. Sherlag, and returned to my vehicle within 7 minutes from my scheduled appointment time. One of the most efficient doctor visits I have experienced!
November 16 , 2017
Dr Sherlag always takes the time to insure that I fully understand the diagnosis and treatment options.
June 22 , 2016
Dr. Sherlag is very friendly and effectively explains things in a short amount of time. He answered all of my questions very nicely and immediately earned my trust.
June 05 , 2017
Dr. Sherlag is genuinely concerned with your health and well being. Excellent dialog with you about your issues and treatments. There is no rushing, he takes his time to listen.
September 27 , 2016
I am very pleased with how Dr. Sherlag and everyone at the office treats me. They NEVER appear to be in a rush, Dr. Sherlag will sit down and answer every question I have, even though I know he has answered the same question a thousand times and he explains to me what I can expect in the future -- or as best as a doctor can. However, I understand, and Dr. Sherlag will tell me, nothing is guaranteed.
July 10 , 2016
Doctor Sherlag has been my Doctor since 2014. This man, is not only a great Doctor but a good person. Thanks to you and your wonderfull Staff for your Professionalism , Kindness and above all your HONESTY
April 15 , 2017
I went to Dr, Sherlag shortly after I arrived in Lawrenceville with a problem that been treated at my previous residence. His treatment was prompt and efficient easing my problem. I have since returned for a check to make sure treatment was still working and it was.
February 14 , 2016
Excellent and caring Dr.
August 17 , 2017
I've been seeing Dr. Sherlag for a few years now, and I've always been happy with my visits. He makes sure I understand everything, and he's always been pleasant.
October 23 , 2012
I had a problem with my right kidney it was not fully developed. I went to doctor after doctor and nothing, until finally my PCP sent me to Dr. Sherleg. He is an angel sent from haven. At first CT he knew what was wrong i had a surgery in 2008 took ny right kidney out. Still to this day i am pain free and feel better then ever. Thank You My Angel
January 15 , 2016
I have been seeing Dr Sherlag for a number of years I have never experenced any thing but great service from or his staff
May 06 , 2016
DR Sherlag is very polite and has excellent bedside manners. His staff is highly professional.His medical diagnosis is accurate. During my Spinal Stenosis Surgery I had bad UTI and he showed up promptly.
January 29 , 2016
Great center, friendly staff and my Doctor has been terrific, no pressure and time to discuss things, highly recommend
February 09 , 2018
Great and caring Dr.
January 29 , 2016
I have been a patient of Dr. Sherlag for many years. I am highly satisfied with the care and service I have received. I will continue to see him and also recommend him to anyone who needs his expertise. He is the best.
January 06 , 2017
Very personable. Listen intently to my concerns. I was quickly diagnosed and treated. The staff was great. Everyone was very nice.
May 11 , 2016
This guy is incompetent, rude and a pervert. I waited 40 mins plus to see him and my visit lasted about 5mins. He rushed me out without listening to me. I came back for a follow up only for him to do the same thing. Except this time I endured an unnecessary invasive test. He still failed to diagnose my problem. I eventually found a different doctor who took care of me and treated my condition.
August 31 , 2014
Went to do with complaints about low energy, fatigue, non-existent sex drive. Labs come back showing that i'm on the low end of non-age adjusted range, but i'm within range and considered normal. That's the only follow up i received; call from random clinical staff that said my results are normal. Any further questions would require another doc visit.
October 25 , 2019
I followed up with Dr. Sherlag after an ER visit the day before...right flank pain, abdominal pain, fever, nausea, etc. Not only did he tell me my urine was clear and that my kidney is not causing my pain, the ER visit the night before had a positive urine screen and CT scan showed a stone inside the kidney, which he proceeded to tell me that shouldn't cause pain either. Once a pt gets to a specialist, you have already ruled out other things and certainly reached a frustration point trying to find answers. Which is why we see specialists in the first place. What was very appalling to me was when he asked me to "point" to where my pain is, and I did, he said "WELL YOUR PAIN IS NOT FROM YOUR KIDNEY. THAT IS NOT WHERE YOUR KIDNEY IS LOCATED." So I left, crying. Apparently I didn't point 1 cm further up.
February 22 , 2012
Bad service I cannot recommend this doctor.
March 11 , 2016
I had the first appointment of the day, along with many other patients. After all the people who were there when I arrived went to see the doctor and they started calling people with later appointments, I checked with the staff. They had forgotten I was there, so I obtained a refund and left.
November 19 , 2010
Dr Sherlag needs to go back to school. He doesn't seem to know anything. He wasted my time and money.
May 23 , 2017
This Dr. either doesn't know his field or doesn't care about his patients. He ignored continuous complaints and reports of a problem. He only gave time to the issue when another medical professional got involved.Unnecessary surgery was performed because this Dr. failed to do adequate testing and permanent damage resulted.Find another urologist! Don't settle for this doctor.
June 30 , 2011
Due to my hearing problems, he cancelled my surgery saying, "I won't operate on someone who can't hear me."
March 07 , 2015

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