Minnesota Urology PA
6025 Lake Rd, Suite 200
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4 out of 5
Minnesota Urology PA
6025 Lake Rd, Suite 200
Woodbury, MN 55125 (Directions)

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4 out of 5
18 ratings, 18 reviews
Informative, great follow through, respectful,thorough, approachable, kind and very, very competent. He provided me with excellent care for which I am deeply appreciative.
July 26 , 2011
I foundDr Milbank to not only be smart but a very kind Dr. He helped me through 4 1/2 of the hardest years of my life, once calling me from an airport in Ga to reassure me of the Dr who would be caring for me in his absence. Another time he did emergency surgery at 2 AM. Its called the practice of medicine and Dr. Aaron Milbank does that very well.
September 01 , 2013
Had the vericele vein fixed on the left side due to infertility issues and discomfort. To say that Dr. Milbank was a great Dr., would be an understatement. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends
July 27 , 2017
March 16 , 2015
"Great doctor "
September 08 , 2020
Dr. Milbank is not only a smart Dr but a kind man. I have had 15 operations with him for a rare reoccurance and he has always treated me with respect.I am so glad he was named one of the top Doctors in MN. I am so glad he is my doctor.
July 19 , 2013
Dr. Milbank was WONDERFUL!!!!! I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation Although he was unable to help us have children that are biologically mine, he was great throughout the process of determining my ability to have children. He was very detailed and caring throughout this difficult process, answered all questions and was patient with us during difficult appointments. His schedule is very difficult to get into but that is a result of his steller care and how great he is - everyone wants to see him!!! Im very concerned with the people that stated he was arrogant and difficult to deal with - are their opinions more based on the difficult nature of their need to see him than his actual demeanor/ability? Based on my extended patient relationship with him (15+ appointments and 2 surgeries) I would say that I never once had a bad experience with him or his staff. Thank you Dr. Milbank for all that you did for me and my family.
April 29 , 2013
Informative, thorough, kind, courteous, great follow-up, knowledgeable, responsive and so competent. I needed a partial (L) nephrectomy and was scared to death. He educated me on what to expect, the risks of surgery, prognosis, recovery, and answered my questions in a respectful and patient way. The staff at his clinic in Woodbury were spectacular. I recommend him highly.
July 27 , 2011
Excellent Dr. Takes the time to explain everything he will do and answers your questions--Very capable surgeon and a very nice individual. The office staff is very helpful and prompt. I had the normal concerns about surgery, but it was a great comfort to know that it was being performed by this very talented Doctor.
April 17 , 2015
I have total confidence in his professional skills, but I particularly appreciate his communications skills. He did diagnosis and surgery for me. I feel I knew exactly what he was doing and why he did it. I had total understanding of risks and rewards. The result were perfect.
October 26 , 2016
I am a student and had the opportunity to observe Dr. Milbank perform a couple large surgical procedures in the O.R. He is a very careful surgeon, and often ordered extra ultrasounds and tests during the procedure to ensure he was removing all cancerous tissues. One surgical nurse commented that his work was that of a --very careful surgeon--, and that she would trust her own family with him. I do not know how Dr. Milbank is in the clinic, but from a surgical standpoint, I consider him to be very knowledgeable and trustworthy. (As far as punctuality, the surgeries were a bit behind, but the doctor had no control over this and was waiting outside the door to begin once the patient had been properly anestetized.)
August 09 , 2009
I like this Doctor and I think I would suggest him to others. He seems to know his stuff and unlike a few other male Doctors Ive dealt with he does take the time to listen and does not seem obsessed with golf ;-) I like the fact that he explains things clearly in ways I can understand them. As with most doctors getting in touch between appointments is not easy but it is possible. I expect that things like My-Chart will improve this a lot. Male Urology can be a very embaressing issue but he has a good bed side manner so its not too awful getting poked and prodded. I think his procedure is very --exact-- for in my opinion he clearly dots all the is and crosses all the ts. One complaint is that he has a very busy waiting room thus appointments can slip and this can be a bit annoying if your seeing him later in the evening. If the busyness of his waiting room is any indication he is a very good Doctor.
November 29 , 2006
A bad match for me. I ended getting a second opinion. I probably would not suggest this doctor to others but.... It may simply be that the particular problem I had was not one he had dealt with much and that he is ok in treating more mainstream issues.
March 28 , 2008
Wrong diagnosis and arrogant attitude. I had to end up getting a second opinion.
January 09 , 2013
At first Dr. Milbank seemed to be very personable and helpful. In later appointments, it became apparent that he was very stubborn about the care he wanted to provide. His lack of willingness to answer questions, as well as his pompous, and --know it all-- attitude were extremely annoying. We decided to get a second opinion, as he was unwilling to share information, and was extremely stubborn and obnoxious. I would not recommend him for complex issues.
March 31 , 2009
I wouldnt know how Dr. Milbank is because I never saw him. I got tests done through his office and his office staff is absolutely horrible at returning calls. You never actually get to speak to an actual person, you leave a message and someone leaves you a message back but they keep giving us the results to the wrong tests. A simple semen analysis should never take weeks to get back. I cant believe that he is Harvard trained, if he had any business sense at all he would fire his office staff and allow clients to speak to a live person, not a recording. I would never recommend him or his staff to anyone and we ended up going elsewhere where a simple test only takes two days to get results and you actually speak to a live person.
August 26 , 2013
If you need a urologist he is the best smart and kind.
May 02 , 2015
Very pompous, doesnt seem to care what the patient wants or needs. The staff take ages to return calls. He has a patronizing attitude, and just so happened to tell us a blatant lie about the test results, we specifically asked, and he said there was nothing wrong. The next urologist we went to told us the truth, the results were definitely not ok, and this doc had mentioned them in the visit summary, but failed to tell us. How can you trust someone whos dishonest?
August 06 , 2009

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