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3.7 out of 5
New York University
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3.7 out of 5
22 ratings, 22 reviews
I am very satisfied with the advise Dr. Katz has given me regarding controlling my prostate cancer. He was the 2nd of 5 treatment specialist I interviewed after being diagnosed and I returned to Dr. Katz after my last interview. The other physicians were ready to radiate or perform surgery immediately. Dr. Katz recommendations of diet and lifestyle changes to rebuild my immune system has not only stabilized my problem but has vastly improved my entire health. Cannot recommend him too greatly.
August 01 , 2012
Great staff from the moment you enter the door greeted by Pam and her great personality to his medical assistant Angela who truly went above and beyond to ease my nerves. She is such a kind hearted woman. And of course dr katz I trust you with my life and recommend you highly.
August 11 , 2016
Never met a more approachable, competent physician ever. He is current on the newest procedures and treatments available!
February 20 , 2012
I was refered to Dr. Katz by my prime care Dr. Mintz, My daughter who lives in Fl. a friend of hers who is a doctor also gave her the number of Dr. Katz to call. I was very impressed with him and I am not sorry that I used him.
January 19 , 2019
He was punctual, courteous, compassionate and asked all relevant questions. He showed empathy and was able to arrive at a diagnosis quickly, while giving great followup information. I highly recommend.
October 29 , 2015
My husband was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and we have been had several opinions before seeing Dr. Katz. I can honestly and sincerely say that Dr. Katz was the most passionate, caring and professional physician we have seen, He has an incredible caring manner and very knowledgeable about all of the treatment options. We both felt that he was giving us an "individualized" approach to my husbands cancer, and that he was not tied to any one treatment. We had seen two other doctors that we felt were pushing us into radiation immediately, and when we walked out of Dr. Katzs office we felt so much better and more informed than ever, and also we felt very hopeful that my husband is going to do well. ALthough we traveled 3 hours to see him, I highly recommend anyone with this condition to sit down with him and get an opinion. Thank you Dr. Katz!
February 23 , 2013
After having read Dr. Katz's book, my wife an I flew to NYC from Wisconsin for an opinion about my prostate cancer. We knew that he was intelligent but we were both impressed with his personality and demeanor. He was thoroughly professional and engaging. His advice was sound. (I never did have surgery or any other allopathic treatment, the holistic approach is working.)
October 29 , 2012
I live 1,000 miles from Manhattan but have no regrets having gone that far to see him and I would visit Dr. Katz again.
February 16 , 2015
I am a retired research engineer and scientist who has had his fair share of doctors who should not be practicing medicine. So I am very particular about who i choose as a doctor, especially urologists. In many instances I knew more than the Dr from whom I sought medical attention for my enlarged prostate and 2nd opinion for a trans-urethral removal of a papillary tumor in my bladder. I got lucky when a dear friend of mine ,who had been treated for prostate cancer with Winthrop's Cyperknife, recommended i see Dr Aaron Katz. I did and it turned out that Dr.Katz is a genius at what he practices most,urology. He invented some of the painless endoscopic procedures he uses and his knowledge of his specialty is definitely genius level. And trust me I know a genius when I meet one because in 1953 ,I was classified as a genius by the USAF. So I guess you might say,'it takes one to know one,and Dr. katz definitely is a genius. And also,like me ,a nice guy too. He helped me a lot,so I honestly feel I owe him. So here I am hoping I can help you too. John P Feltman PhD,math and physics, inventor of the ultra high speed gas centrifuge rotor for separating uranium U 235 isotopes in gas centrifuges and at 88 I need Dr.Katz more than he needs me.
July 03 , 2018
I would recommend him. His credentials are excellent. I feel confident when he treats me.
January 16 , 2013
I chose Dr. Katz after some recommendations and having read an article he wrote. I liked his holistic approach. Right from the moment we met, I knew I was in good hands. He solved the problem created by two different doctors saying opposing things regarding my diagnosis with prostate cancer. I look forward to being under his care.
April 18 , 2013
He is truly a leader in the field and uses holistics, cryosurgery, and if surgery is needed he will suggest a top doc in the field. I have the greatest respect for Dr, Katz. He is an example of the best of medicine in the US
July 07 , 2011
He was very kind, compassionate and he took his time with me. I was so impressed when he sat down and went over my biopsy report and explained in detail about my cancer and then presented all the options as well as the integrative medicine ones,,and this was incredible as NO other doctor explained this to me. He is really fantastic!
February 20 , 2013
I have been seeing Dr. Katz for 2 years plus since my diagnosis of prostate cancer. He has been a supportive advisor, and suggested surgery when my biopsy showed cancer on all sides of the prostate. This despite not using his treatment. I will go back to him to get his opinion after my surgery. I highly recommend him.
December 07 , 2018
Appears knowledgeable and can be nice but often curt and hurried (2 minute consults) & hard to reach by phone. Other urologists are doubtful of his prostate surveillance style. Strangely sure of his holistic approach and supplements given lack of research and that prostate cancer remains a mystery to medical science. Doesn't believe in biopsies & relies mostly on PSA., which may not be the best evidence of non-progression if there's malignant cancer (according to other urologists). Doesn't talk much about the basis for his opinions or ideas. Hard to know whether his ideas make sense.
February 09 , 2018
Only my retired previous famous doctor was in his class
September 22 , 2015
I did cryotherapy of my prostate for low grade cancer and it was the biggest mistake of my life. I realize there were complications but Dr Katz was never around for any of them! He had me seen by his PA and was never available after the surgery. I moved my care elsewhere.
May 05 , 2016
Recommended zyflamend to me then it caused balance problems which led me to fall in my bathtub and off my bike. Now I have a broken tailbone and a seriously injured knee. It's your fault because you told me to take it! I fell because of you!
November 19 , 2015
Cryotherpay crippled me, Dr Katz didnt make me aware of all this side effects, its been 1 year and im miserable, I should have done the robotic surgery. learn from my mistake.
January 13 , 2015
won't write a prescription for another doctor if he doesn't insurance coveragepushes surgery even for early stage pc
May 24 , 2011
because he was brusque and barely spent any time with us. He seemed to have no opinion to offer on what he thought would be the best option for us. We went to see him because we were told that he was reputed to be the specialist in holistic active surveilance (which is not just about watching psa but also altering diet, etc). He did not even take the time to talk to us about that whole process, what it entails and how it works, etc. Seemed like he wanted to kick us out the door with an attitude that said "do whatever you want". I've seen all the positive reviews and can only conclude that it must have been an off day for him. Now granted we were his last appointment of the day and we all know that nobody is perfect, but as a potential new patient, it was not a great first impression. I remain hopeful that if we see him again, we will be able to have the positive experience that some of the other reviewers referred to.
July 30 , 2013
I was patient #35 for the day & it was only 3:15pm. He spent 5 minutes with me and that was it. His treatment plan I found out for prostate cancer is ADT - androgen deprivation therapy. This depletes a man's testosterone, increases his risk of heart disease and gives him ED. I'll pass!!!
September 15 , 2022

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