Orange County Urology Associates, Inc. A Medical Group
23961 Calle De La Magdalena, Suite 500
Laguna Hills, CA 92653 (Directions)
3.3 out of 5
Orange County Urology Associates, Inc. A Medical Group
23961 Calle De La Magdalena, Suite 500
Laguna Hills, CA 92653 (Directions)

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3.3 out of 5
9 ratings, 9 reviews
I have been with Dr Spitz for a few years. He is always courtious and takes time to listen to my concerns. He asks if there is anything else I need before we end the appointment. Another issue I like about working with Dr. Spitz is his response to lab work. He will contact me and discuss the labwork without making me schedule an appointment. The conversation is about 5 minutes, but he responds and that is what is important. The staff are usually busy but they respond to me with respect and when we are talking they dont talk to others. Keeping me as the person they are talking to is always important to me and it shows good customer serive. His nurse who returns the calls is very knowledgeable about my case and will answer any questions I have or will respond after talking to the doctor within a day or two.
July 07 , 2013
Don’t be swayed by the negative reviews here and other places, which was the mistake I made. I could have saved money, agony and time if i took my young son straight to him after seeing 3 other urologists. He was incredibly kind, compassionate, thorough and patient with our questions. He gave us other treatment plans that the other urologists didn’t. It was such a relief. Jenny, who helped set this appointment for me was amazing and extremely helpful. She went above and beyond. Jessica and Elisa (sp?) from their temporary office in Irvine were so helpful and friendly. The nurse that walked us in. Unfortunately I didn’t fit his name was just as professional and helpful. I’m so grateful and more hopeful than we were before.
July 20 , 2019
I had seen 2 other doctors (GPs) and was told and prescribed medicine for a prostrate problem. Dr. Spitz tested me and determined I had a bladder problem - not prostrate and changed my Rx. I am very relieved to be under his care and know my prostrate is normal.
December 28 , 2010
A 5-star doctor, Cornell and Baylor doctor. The best urologist in Orange County for vasectomy and vasectomy reversals. Other urologists cant compete with him.
February 09 , 2019
Told me I was too fat (in not so many words) for a nephrostomy tube. Had one on the other side 3 months prior when I was 20 lbs heavier with no problem. Granted, it was a different hospital. He canceled my surgery less than an hour before I was supposed to have it. Discharged from hospital after a day with absolutely nothing done. He has soured me on the whole group.
January 13 , 2015
Dr. Spitz has gone to excellent universities but must have cut the compassion/empathy classes. And somewhere along the line he joined the --Doctor as God-- school of thinking. I am not qualified to judge his skills as a doctor and he may well be excellent. So if you dont care about respect for a patients time or feelings, he may be your man.
July 17 , 2012
Dr. Aaron Spitz has demonstarted horrible patient concern and care. I had a outpatient surgery performed. Dr. Spitz has made zero attemps to make contact with me since the conclusion of the surgery. I phoned his office after the procedure to inquire of the outcome. I had to leave a message on the nurses line. It was 2:30 pm,it is impossible to speak to a nurse in his office. I received a telephone message five days later from a nurse stating that she was following for Dr. Aaron Spitz. I have left a second message with the nurse, I have not received a follow up as of yet.(3 days)
August 28 , 2008
This office has the rudest staff you will ever encounter. The staff is unprofessional and --snappy-- and most are quick to lose their temper. My particular experience was with a person named Maleena (unsure of spelling) They seem to have forgotten that they are working at a Dr.s office who is attempting to treat male infertility concerns where the patient is already anxious and stressed before even coming into the office. The Dr. himself is very professional but seems unwilling to investigate root causes. He seems to be focused on providing quick solutions or expermintal ones compared to investing time in understanding --why? and what should be done?--.
October 03 , 2008
I went to get some tests done, but they never call me back with the results. when I finally talked to the nurse she told me that I needed to take more tests because they found some abnormality. My wife and I got worried so we were trying to get more information but she wouldnt explain. she said that doctor will call me back and explain. thats when I started having even more issues.1, Dr.Spitz never called me back. I called almost everyday to reach him. he only had the nurse to order me more tests without any explanation!!!2. I didnt have a choice but to take a more expensive test. I called that facility and talked to the doctor there. it turns out I didnt even need one of the test. He actually had to call Dr, Spitz and had to take care of the issue for me( funny how he was able to talk to DR. Spitz with no problem when I couldnt talk to him over 2 weeks!).3. I did the test and i am still waiting for the results for over 3 weeks( I was supposed to get the result in 2 weeks) so I called the office in Boston. AGAIN!!! he tells me Dr. Spitz is supposed to call me.I give up. I am still calling him hoping I can talk to him someday but this will be my last one. I wont be coming back to that place and I highly warn anyone who even considers visiting him. think again. you are just adding to the list for his insurance claims. Dr. Spitz is one of the more irresponsible and unprofessional doctor Ive ever met.
August 16 , 2011

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Orange County Urology Associates, Inc. A Medical Group
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