Steward Medical Group Inc
70 E St, Holy Family Hospital
Methuen, MA 01844 (Directions)
4.6 out of 5
Steward Medical Group Inc
70 E St, Holy Family Hospital
Methuen, MA 01844 (Directions)

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4.6 out of 5
9 ratings, 9 reviews
Doctor Baberi was a godsend for me. I am very afraid of hospitals and particularly operations. Doctor Baberi was so understanding and put me at ease. His professionalism and caring manner was exactly what I needed in my time of stress. It was an honor for my husband and I to meet him and get to take advantage of his expertise and exemplary skills. I will be eternally grateful. Gail Tucker-Little
June 15 , 2019
"Very skilled robotic surgeon."
March 25 , 2020
My cystoscopy came out incredible! I had Botox injections put into my bladder, I experienced no bleeding afterwards, none! That says a lot about this doctor when how careful he was and took his time with me. Thank you so much Dr. Bebeir, I am grateful for you! ????????
May 20 , 2022
I was referred to Dr. Babier after my doctor found that my PSA level was elevated. Dr. Babier found that I had Prostate cancer. He explained my options in great detail and I decided on robotic surgery to remove my prostate because I wanted the cancer removed. After the decision was made, he explained that robotic surgery was very precise and less invasive with a faster recovery rate than regular surgery. The surgery went great and I had no post surgery problems. If you are facing surgery to have a prostatectomy, I highly recommend robotic surgery with Dr. Babier. He has a soft spoken professional manner which I found to be comforting but was also very direct and clear about what to expect before and after surgery.
May 25 , 2019
Attended Dr. Babeir for an urological problem that was affecting me for various months. He tried a conservative method and when my condition did not respond a more aggressive treatment, always the sign of a good Doctor. Highly recommend Doctor Babeir.
September 22 , 2019
Dr. Babeir is my Urologist with whom I had two surgeries. The two were very successful, done by some who is very compassionate, very carry, love to interact with his patients something I really enjoyed. He will explain to the patient all the procedure way ahead before any intervention. One of my surgery happened when he was at Carney hospital and the second one at St Elizabeth where a successful Robotic Prostatectomy procedure was used. I am very passionate about meeting Dr. Babeir. It is a pleasure and luck for me to have Dr. Babeir as a physician. He is a man of great character and enthusiasm. I deeply like him. Samuel Tchouanguem
June 03 , 2019
I underwent a biopsy procedure by Dr. Babeir,good knowledge, and very caring.
June 20 , 2019
Dr. Babeir is a top notch surgeon and urologist. He performed a successful ureteroscopy to remove a kidney stone, as well as several pre and post-surgery appointments. Very patient and always answer my questions. I recommend Dr. Babeir highly.
May 16 , 2019
Has 0 experience with recurrent female uti's. Presribes medications that he is unable to describe or say the function of. Won't make eye contact with me (female) especially when speaking about sex (as a cause of uti's). Really seems to have no insight into recurrent female uti's, and sees them as "not a real problem" (direct quote).
January 30 , 2019

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Steward Medical Group Inc
70 E St, Holy Family Hospital
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