West Virginia University Medical Corporation
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5 out of 5
West Virginia University Medical Corporation
1 Medical Ctr Dr
Morgantown, WV 26506 (Directions)

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5 out of 5
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"I saw Dr. Luchey for a rare cancer that I never heard of, urethrel cancer. He was tremendous. I hope everyone can find a doctor like I found with Dr. Luchey. You never have to worry about anything because you know he is taking care of it and always being upfront and kind with you. Very highly recommended!"
January 18 , 2021
Highly recommended by my local urologist and I am so glad I found Dr. Luchey
May 23 , 2020
"A doctor/surgeon that took time to get to know me before undergoing surgery. I had my bladder and ovaries removed due to cancer in my bladder. Dr. Luchey sat down with me and my husband for over an hour to explain to me what needed to be done. What a wonderful person. Glad my urologist in Wheeling referred me to Dr. Luchey. Would highly recommend him to any person, family or friend. One of a kind!"
January 03 , 2022
"Honest, caring, trustworthy, talented, gifted. So much more could be said for Dr. Luchey than this review would allow for. He cared for my sister from diagnosis of metastatic kidney cancer, to treatment, to surgery, through further chemotherapy. He was there the entire time. He would always take the time to answer questions, no matter the hour. All the caregivers, nurses, physicians, physical therapists, ..."
February 16 , 2021
Been seeing him for the past few years for prostate cancer. Truly wonderful. 5/5 Always knew the plan when I left his office after seeing him.
June 26 , 2020
"I had a ton of surgeries when I was a child. Then 40 years later when I needed my bladder out, all surgeons said it was to difficult for them and referred me to the Cancer Center in Morgantown. Dr. Luchey has seen me through it all, right there the entire way. There is absolutely no one I trust more than him. If you're looking for a surgeon, you can not possibly do any better. "
April 04 , 2021
"I suffered for years from hemorrhagic cystitis after undergoing radiation for prostate cancer at Cleveland Clinic. I tried everything, oxygen, medications, multiple procedures. The only option I was told left was to have my bladder removed. My doctors recommended Dr. Luchey at WVU, Morgantown. I have my life to live now thanks to him and his tremendous abilities to perform my cystectomy. He is simply ..."
August 06 , 2021
AMAZING!! Simple Amazing!! Dr. Adam Luchey removed my prostate 3 months ago and Im cancer free! Continent (no pads!!!)! And erections!!! WVU is so lucky to have a surgeon like him taking care of patients at the Cancer Center at Ruby!!
June 20 , 2020
"I went into the hospital at Huntington with abdominal pain and they said I had a kidney the size of a watermelon! I wanted to go to Columbus but they strongly recommended I see Dr. Adam in Morgantown. The best experience I could ever have hoped for. Myself and my family were very scared and he helped us navigate and was there with us the entire time. What a wonderful doc!"
March 12 , 2021
I owe my life to Dr. Adam. My kidey caner was growing towards my heart. Dr. Adam got me through this life changing ordeal and was always there for me. I will always be grateful!!
June 16 , 2020
Finding a great doctor is just the best thing you could ask for. Finding Dr. Adam Luchey was even better. You just know he was always going to do what is right and what he would want for a family member. I am thankful hes in WV.
August 25 , 2020
I was diagnosed with metastatic testicular cancer. Multiple urologists send I was inoperable. Thankfully, one referred me to Dr. Luchey. Him and his team saved my life. He is a wonderful surgeon, a Gods send, and a friend. Everyday that I wake up, I am thankful for finding Dr. Luchey.
June 07 , 2020
"I read all the positive reviews before seeing Dr. Luchey. I have to say, he lived up to the expectations and then some like others have said before. He took extra time, answered all of my questions and that of my husband. Called me the day before surgery, talked to my husband after he took out my bladder, and called to check on me after I was sent home from the hospital. Just an amazing experience. ..."
April 02 , 2022
Dr. Luchey was the best. His team and him took excellent care of me. I had to drive 4 hours to see him, worth the drive and then some.
June 08 , 2020
"Dr. Adam Luchey was tremendous. He did my prostatectomy and made me feel at ease. He also teaches the residents and when I talk to them, they say that Dr. Luchey is the best! And I would agree. Would recommend him to anyone needing treatment for prostate cancer!!!!!"
August 05 , 2021
"I met Dr. Luchey after I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. He took his time with the initial visit. He answered all of my questions as well as my wife's. I was very impressed with his bedside manner and all the review I read about him were true. I had a second opinion at UPMC but will be cancelling it to have my surgery with Dr. Luchey."
November 04 , 2021
Would recommend him to anyone!!!!
December 06 , 2020
What a truly wonderful person and surgeon. Dr. Luchey took care of my kidney cancer and did a partial nephrectomy which other surgeon said was impossible. I am alive and cancer free thanks to the hands of Dr. Luchey. Brandon and Jo, his 2 nurses, are great and their communication with my concerns were always met. I echo the other positive reviews of Dr. Luchey, his bedside manner matches that of his surgical skills. World class care at WVU!!
September 19 , 2020
Saw Dr. Adam Luchey for a large renal mass. Like other of the wonderful reviews, I had the same experience with him. Took time to listen to my questions along with my husbands. Called me the night before surgery and after I went home. Definetly worth the drive as my local hospital and urologists said the case was too difficult for them to handle. I know Dr. Luchey is busy, but I truly felt as though he treated me as a family member. So glad he is here at WVU!
November 20 , 2020
Dr. Luchey had excellent bedside manner! He explained all detail regarding my grandfathers diagnosis and treatment options in a manner that was easy for the entire family to understand.
January 09 , 2011
"My local urologist worked me up for blood in my urine in Charleston. During that work up, I was found to have a large renal mass with cancer extending into my inferior veno cava (sp?) almost up my heart. They recommended I go to WVU and see Dr. Luchey. Dr. Luchey got me in quickly to his clinic and scheduled me for the OR that week. The surgery was a few weeks ago and I made a full recovery. Dr. Luchey ..."
March 04 , 2021
I would recommend Dr. Luchey to anyone that has bladder cancer. His nurses Jo and Brandon are excellent. His scheduler Judy was easy to communicate with to schedule my surgery. Dr. Luchey took the time to describe the process to myself and answered all the questions of my family members. I found a truly amazing doctor with Dr. Luchey. I had to make the drive from Ohio but never thought twice about it.
June 21 , 2020
Top notch doc!! Originally from Pittsburgh but due to COVID-19 wanted to seek care elsewhere. I found Dr. Adam Luchey at WVU for my hematuria/bladder cancer and thankful I did. He took time to explain the diagnosis, treatment, even called my family and explained to them. Called me the day before surgery and after, who does that?!?! Hes the best!
June 12 , 2020
Dr. Adam Luchey is an amazing individual, friend, and surgeon. My local urologist referred me to him for prostate cancer because his other patients had such wonderful experiences with him. It was worth the 3 hours drive and then some. He took time to not only answer all of my questions but all of my families questions on the phone (COVID). The night before the surgery Dr. Adam called me to see how I was feeling before the big day. Ive never heard of a surgeon doing that before. I was so thankful and I slept very well that day. Dr. Lucheys whole team is amazing and I would give 6 starts if possible. Even more, a week later when I went home, Dr. Luchey called to check on me. WVU and their Cancer Center is lucky to have him there. Bottom line, he came highly recommended, and well exceeded expectations!
September 07 , 2020

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