Tri-City Urology Associates PC
1117 S Washington Ave
Saginaw, MI 48601 (Directions)
3.2 out of 5
Tri-City Urology Associates PC
1117 S Washington Ave
Saginaw, MI 48601 (Directions)

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3.2 out of 5
44 ratings, 44 reviews
Very knowledgeable and very personable. Excellent care!
February 04 , 2010
What a caring and considerate doctor. Dr Bulusu takes the time to makes sure I understand what is going on, and that I know why and how he is treating my issues. He has improved my health and quality of life.
March 05 , 2022
Dr. Bulusu takes his time with each and everyone of his patients. He is sure to answer all of their questions. He is very thorough with his discussions, and takes his time.
February 15 , 2022
Despite Covid problems Dr Bulusu performed a procedure at a medical center for me. During followup something I said lead to a another procedure during which he found cancer. He took care of it and so far everything is going well. He is kind and courteous and forthright with his answers.
April 02 , 2021
I was curious and read the 1 rated review. My father just had surgery performed by Dr. Bulusu. We were very satisfied with the doctor and the surgery. Ms. Rosalas (who rated doctor with a 1) said her mother wasnt able to make an appointment for her. This makes no sense as I call the office to make appointments for my father and have never had a problem. Ive called the office with concerns regarding prescription that listed horrible side effects which were a concern for my Dad. The officer was very professional and elevated all concerns. Im sorry Ms. Rosalas experience was not to her expectation. Ours experience has been very good. If you are expecting doctor to be overly chatty or friendly you may be disappointed. The doctor is straight foreword in his bedside manner. He always answers our questions, but it will lack fluff and hand holding. Hes pretty matter of fact. I dont have a problem with that some people need a softer approach. I dont find him rude, just business like.
February 25 , 2019
Both the staff and doctor have been terrific. None of my questions ever go unanswered. The doctor listens to my concerns and gives options for my treatment.
February 07 , 2022
Dr. Bulusu is an amazing Urologist. He is very efficient and has excellent time management skills with his pts. My fiance had a procedure done and Dr. Bulusu ensured that my fiance was with good hands and made him feel 100% confident and comfortable. We would recommend Dr. Bulusu to anyone who needs assistance with Urology. His staff are very sweet and take the initiative to make you feel welcomed from the moment you check in with the receptionist to the time you check out.
February 07 , 2022
Dr.Bulusu is very great doctor. He takes his time with each and every one of his patients. He is very informative.
March 04 , 2022
Great doctor.. he makes it easy to open up to him to get the best answers..
March 10 , 2022
Many people want in and out of a doctors office. My theory is he must be good if everyone is here to see him. You won’t be turned away if you are having a problem, if the doctor is in he will take you and take care of the problem. Dr. Bulusu is very knowledgeable and is so appreciated.
February 06 , 2022
Dr Bulusu Is an amazing Doctor , he definitely takes the time with you during your visit , He is very informative when it comes to your health needs . He definitely does not like to make you wait for appt times,if he isnt able to help you he definitely will refer you over to the correct spot with the help of his amazing staff
February 07 , 2022
Dr. Bulusu really take his time with all of his patients and worries about their well being and his staff makes sure that as a patient you have what ever need and is willing to help you
February 13 , 2022
Dr Bulusu is very knowledgeable and takes time with his patients. I personally have really enjoyed him and learning from him.
February 11 , 2022
You will always wait if you go here. He is good at what he does but his bedside manner can be rude and insensitive.
November 18 , 2015
Dr. Bulusu performed surgery on my father. I consider my father to be a lucky man. Dr. Bulusu is caring, kind and competent. I would recommend him to anyone at anytime.
April 16 , 2009
An excellent communicator with not only myself, but with my spouse. Explains diagnosis, plan of treatment and procedures necessary. Takes as much time as needed and obviously is a very caring individual.
March 05 , 2008
Very informative and professional! Addressed every concern and was willing to give alternates to having multiple biopsies which ultimately gave me a noninvasive diagnosis and helped solve many of the issues I was experiencing. He referred me over to another fabulous doctor for non-urology related concerns and has greatly improved my quality of life.
February 07 , 2022
I have family members and friends that Dr Bulusu has treated and everyone of them had said he is a Doctor that they would recommend to others if in need of an Urologist. Also that he explained what was going on and left with questions answered. I have meet Dr Bulusu and can truly say he is a pleasant person who would do what he can for all his patients. I
February 10 , 2022
Great Dr. Staff is bad, but Dr Bulusi is great.
February 01 , 2007
Dr. Bulusu is very good with all of his patients and he takes his time with them as well!!
March 01 , 2022
I am new to the area and needed to find a new urologist. Dr Bulusu was recommended. Very pleasant staff and Dr Was very knowledgeable
February 07 , 2022
Dr and staff were very nice and very helpful . I had a cystoscope done and was very nervous the nurses were very reassuring
February 06 , 2022
As a doctor, very good. As a practice, not so well. While lying there recovering from a vasectomy, had a random patient walk in while all I could do was lay there naked. Wasnt very impressed at all.
March 17 , 2014
I had a very unpleasant experience with Dr. Bulusu. He didnt ask me very many questions and immediately jumped to the conclusion that I had Interstitial Cystitis, which is a rare disease that doesnt match up to half of my symptoms. I stuck with him for eight months before I went to an OB/GYN who after an extensive visit suggested I might have chronic UTIs. After 6 months of antibiotics I feel better, no thanks to Dr. Bulusu or his staff.
October 08 , 2010
Doctor has ZERO bedside mannerisims. He seemed to care more about getting out of the room than to communicate with me. I was extremely upset and has since sought another urologist!
January 02 , 2010
VERY unresponsive staff...that gets NO assistance by the doctor for doing the --right-- thing for their patient!
January 15 , 2012
Dr Bulusu is definitely more concerned with the number of patients he sees than the quality of service he provides.
November 13 , 2019
Doctor is extremely rude, no bedside manner whatever. My husband had 2 cystoscope so in office and had to be hospitalized after each one due to infection and subsequently sent home with IV antibiotics thru a PICC line which we had to administer at home ourselves for Two weeks. When questioned about proper antibiotics before hid 3rd cystoscope, was told to contact our infectious disease Doctor as he cannot advise on this. Seems to be hes too busy to answer questions or even show a modicum of care for his patients. We are stuck with him at the present as it seems this office has a monopoly in ou r area, but this will be the very last time my we see him.
October 22 , 2015
Dr. Bulusu is very rude and so is his staff. I dont have much faith in a doctor that screams at the patients family and walks out and slams the door on someone with a TBI that cant walk, talk or defend themselves.
March 25 , 2019
The doctor was so rude. Nurses apologized over and over for how rude the doctor was and the things that he said and how he said them. I feel bad for the people that work there. It would be difficult to work for a doctor that is always hours behind. It seems that everyone would always be frustrated both the people waiting and the staff.
November 19 , 2015
Dr Bulusu does urolift in office. I had to wait over an hour then he messed up on procedure and the following week I had to have surgery for the mess up. Then when inquiring why I should have to pay any of the hospital bill he stated that there is ALWAY RISK WITH PROCEDURES and it is my responsibility. He refused to assist in the billing of 100 to the hospital. Poor bed side manners as well as his staff.....
August 10 , 2016
Is not capable of doing the urolift procedure accurately without the sales person who sold the equipment to him
August 29 , 2016
My geriatric father does not have cancer, he needed a bladder procedure, it ended up as a serious infection he did 2 procedure and he bleeding for entire year, he stated it was normal now my father has had another doctor cleaning up his mistakes. He good at vasectomys like nutering a dog, but deep complicated cases please avoid. He had doctor head also being young, and does not listen he needs to be reported! We were not happy, people please investigate your doctors before you agree to surgery.
April 18 , 2018
Lied to about charges and insurance information. Now being bullied by staff over the fact Im livid that we were told specifically --no out of pocket charges--, when obviously theres $300 plus of out of pocket charge. (Yeah, one threatened that I --could sue and claim fraud, but you will loose!--) Seriously? Who does that! --Its not our fault that you dont know your own insurance and deductible-- no, but it IS your fault that when questions about both (yes, we knew we had a deductible and wanted to make sure that it wouldnt go towards that), you claimed that you called and checked our insurance for us, and the procedure is FULLY covered and would not result in ANY charges on our end. *We asked specifically 4 times at least!* --We cannot reduce any charges, its illegal for us. We can set up a payment plan since you are responsible for your own deductible and must pay in full.-- Wow! Complete 180 from what we were first told. RUDE!!! LIES!! Passed to 3 different office girls because they didnt want to deal with me.
July 17 , 2015
The office/nursing staff needs training on how to do the right thing after their unresponsiveness caused a major issue for this patient! No accountability.
January 16 , 2012
I am incontinent and in severe pain 5 days after my surgery. Staff rude, doctor wont help. I have an infection and urine burns. Drs office says I have to pay $410.00 to see him.
June 10 , 2018
This Dr is rude to staff and patients. You are herded through like cattle and only a #$ and not a name. He walks in quickly does what he has to do and walks out. He does not like to be asked question, he will snap at you and threaten to walk out of the room. A patient on aspirin and blood thinners should be off them for at least 2 weeks, he said 6 days. An overnight stay ended up 3 nights with much bleeding and clotting because of surgery too soon after stopping meds. Feeling lucky to be alive! Too bad rating didnt start with a thumbs down in front of the stars.
February 12 , 2016
Does not know how to do procedures, especially the new urolift. He has the sales person from the equipment supplier help him. Then does not know how to operate equipment and makes excused for his lack of knowledge ie its the machines fault. He holds no responsibility for his botched up procedure even if he sends you to the hospital
August 22 , 2016
I saw him a while ago 8-9 months, he was unprofessional, rude, disrespectful among other things but worst of all he was unhygienic, he did not wash his hands nor wore gloved despite my concerns he just ignored me, He demanded I drop my pants for an inspection even though my condition does not involve my penis in any direct form but my kidneys, I refused and he became belligerent and insulting. I stated I have reoccurring kidney stones but he ignored me and wouldnt perform any testing stating I was wrong and I had a cyst or cancer on my kidneys which I know is entirely wrong. To top off the horrible visit his staff were mean, unprofessional and could clearly be heard openly remarking about patient and their conditions with very inappropriate remarks. I was also assured that my insurance would fully cover my visit without an out of pocket cost but was informed after my appointment that I owed them around $360 for my visit, The woman said I had to pay in cash but I refused with an argument and left. I have been threatened in person and in writing with legal action for non-payment but have reported them to my insurance. I believe they are scamming our insurances and committing fraud. I now live out of state and only wish to inform potential victims of his practices.BEWARE
February 16 , 2017
I do not need to be coddled, however, when diagnosed with cancer it would be nice to be given a little time to discuss options and not just handed a book on prostate cancer and shown the door. This was a new arena for me and I had many questions that were not satisfactorily answered. The office staff, also, dropped the ball by poor follow up, not returning phone calls and simply put sometimes appearing clueless. Thank goodness we found Dr. Mani Minon at Henry Ford Hospital. His staff saw to it that I was seen promptly and within a week he successfully removed my prostate with little nerve damage and I am now recovering. His staff and follow up outstanding.
May 14 , 2013
I recently had surgery by Dr. Bulusu. Been having a lot of pain and swelling at the surgical site. Called the office to speak with the nursing staff and never got a call back. Have called several times to get results of a ultrasound, again no reply. When I saw Dr. pre-op and asked about the results he said --I dont know-- he had a computer 10 feet from my bed. Every time you ask him a question he turns his head the other way and totally ignores you. In all my visits with him, he has never spent more than 3 minutes in the exam room. I got less than 2 minutes pre op. As far as the billing dept. goes, they refused to set up an appointment for me because they said I never paid for a previous office call. Thats funny, because they wont let you back to the exam room until you pay. Besides, they never sent me a bill and they sent it to a collection agency. Every aspect of this place is VERY low class, VERY unprofessional. BTW, dont expect to see the Doctor for a follow up visit, youll get the nurse practioner.
February 06 , 2015
Doctor did not communicate with me at all. Wanted to get out of the exam room as soon as possible. Doctor prescribed a drug that I had already tried before with no success - he did not bother to ask if I had tried this drug already. Corrected him on this. Then I asked if there were any solutions I might try - he raised his voice to me and said --No--. First office wait time was 30 minutes the second time the office staff did not notify the doctor I was waiting to see him! Wasted over an hour because of their incompetence. They asked if I could come back next month, I told them --oh hell no--. Avoid Tri-City Urology!
September 10 , 2012
More interested in seeing a maximum number of patients. Did not spend the necessary time with me. Walked out of the examination room while I was still talking to him. I will never see him again, and would strongly advise against using his services!
November 05 , 2009
I was in the hospital for Kidney failure for 1 week. Dr. Bulusu never came in to see me his office is about 2 blocks away. H e sent his nurse practitioner who was not very helpful couldnt answer the question I had. The radiology department handle my surgery. After I was discharged it took 2 weeks to get appointment to see him My appointment is coming up not expecting much. I think Im going to look for someone else. Worst care I can image. This Guy doesnt have the time of day for his patients. Cannot rate his knowledge never saw him
July 23 , 2018

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