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3 out of 5
Massachusetts General Physicians Organization Inc
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3 out of 5
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Local doctors messed up on their diagonosis and I ended up at Mayo under the care of Dr. Nehra. I could not have been more pleased. When I hear of the problems other men have after the removal of their prostate, I feel blessed indeed that he was the one that did my surgery.
September 28 , 2012
My experience with Dr Nehra was the most positive experience Ive ever had with medical issues. He explained every question I had with clear detail. His nurse and other staff were helpful and understanding. I have great appreciation for everything he did!
December 16 , 2011
I have been a patient of Dr. Ajay Nehra while he was at Mayo Clinic and now where he is at Rush University Medical Center. He is patient, observant, and knowledgeable regarding my medical needs. He is also friendly and concerned. He does not have an --attitude-- as is common in the medical profession.
March 28 , 2015
In 2005 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Chicago. I went to see Dr Nehra at the Mayo clinic in Rochester and on the same week I had surgery. I had no pain except a little for 3 days following the surgery, I was 2 days in the hospital a nd then back home. Now 3 years later I bless this doctor for what he did for me!! He did a fabulous job and I am now cancer free. My wish is that all doctors would be as excellent as Dr Nehra !
September 03 , 2008
I had an appointment today and it was horrible experience . Very uncomfortable place to visit . Doctor talked for 3 mins and left . I am really upset and dont recommended to family and friends .
June 05 , 2014
I have known about a dozen or so doctors in my life. To my knowledge they have made about a dozen mistakes. Nehra made 10 of them. From giving the wrong test and having to give it over the right way (and his assistants say it happens all the time), to not knowing how to use the computer and retrieve my messages, to prescribing a medication that had the opposite effect that we were trying to achieve (and devastated me medically) and lying by saying something else caused the problem when that something else never occurred and that is illogical because regardless of what caused it we know what he prescribed causes it and it occurred after taking the medication he prescribed then having someone say --If you want we can change the medication-- and that someone said the new medication was created because of the horrible effect what he prescribed has, to not responding when I wrote to tell him of a new problem, to having to stop a test in the middle because he didnt prepare the paper work . . . I think he can get the picture. Nice man, wonderful man, but he seems to be feeble minded and dangerous to patients.
August 13 , 2019
I went to MassGen because I viewed them as the best based solely on reputation of the hospital. I can honestly say, if you’re looking for a urologist who focuses on anything but cancer (at least for men) you should go elsewhere. The doctor I ended up seeing (after a few trips to the ER because of the pain I was in) was abrasive, dismissive and combative while also doing an exam that might have well been via telehealth for all its thoroughness. He further couldn’t answer my questions regarding his recommendations (since I had ultrasounds that were inconclusive except to say I didn’t have what he said I did) and refused to recommend anyone else I could get a second opinion from. I ended up finding someone else who, after taking a thorough history and doing an exam that lasted more than 15 seconds, found I had two things wrong - one of which was an inguinal hernia which, honestly, I think most interns could find if they actually tried. Then, when I reported it to the so-called “patient advocate” line - they put it to someone in the urology department to review who, since they only looked at the same records as Dr.Nehra, and didn’t do an exam either, felt that his recommendations made sense. Steer clear. In other words, I was treated poorly, my care was delayed and their “solution” was to tell the doctor to be nicer next time.
December 31 , 2020
Terrible bedside manner and gave little time for explanation and questions.
March 21 , 2012

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