Harvard Medical Faculty Phys At Beth Israel Deaconess Med Ctr Inc
330 Brookline Ave
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3 out of 5
Harvard Medical Faculty Phys At Beth Israel Deaconess Med Ctr Inc
330 Brookline Ave
Boston, MA 02115 (Directions)

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3 out of 5
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I have had the good fortune to have been referred to Dr Singla. I have found him to be most interested in me and my case, and worked with me incessantly, to solve my problem via surgical intervention. I find that his attitude towards banishing my re-occurring problem was greatly appreciated, along, with being most comforting. I would not have any hesitancy re referring him to anyone with a urological problem. Thank you Dr Singla !! JR
July 31 , 2020
I had a very pleasant experience during my visit with Dr Singla. His staff was very curteous. Dr Singla took time in explaining every thing in detail regarding my problem. He gave me both non surgical and surgical options. I will highly recommend him to my friends.
November 21 , 2010
Referred by the VA to see Dr. Singla to resolve my inconstance problem after a prostatectomy in 2018 by another Urologist. Although the pandemic prevented fixing the inconstance with other Urologists, I was able to get an appointment within 3 weeks and a ASM 800 system implanted in a few weeks thereafter. Implant procedure went well. Dr. Singla understood my concerns, and recommended a solution that improved my quality of life 100%. He has taken the effort to contact me after my procedure several times to check on my recovery. I have asked a few online questions to him, and he responded the same day I asked. We are going to meet again to discuss an adjustment plan as I continue to recover.
December 02 , 2020
You can count on getting the best treatment from Dr. Singla. He is at the top in his practice of urology. Superb surgeon.
February 28 , 2019
I was a Patient for four procedures.
December 05 , 2020
I was in a very bad shape mentally until I got transferred to mass general and meet this doctor he is an angel very caring explain everything to me. I just got a surgery a month ago, it was a very successful surgery he calls me to fallow up , he is really amazing
December 02 , 2020
I had a procedure performed by Dr.Singla. It went extremely well. He listened to my concerns and he was very helpful.
December 03 , 2020
I was referred to his office from the pain clinic. He only wanted to do surgery and said he couldnt help find out why I was in so much pain and having erectile dysfunction to a severe degree. He tried to refer me back to the pain clinic. This went back and forth for 3 months while I was suffering. Dr Singla was made well aware of my desire to find out whats wrong before I came in. For some reason he dismissed everything and told me he didnt know why I was having pain, despite almost every doctor sending me his direction. There are unfortunately many Urologists like this, stay away from them! I called and was switched to another provider of my choosing. Should have done this in the first place since I saw his awful reviews before I came in.
March 23 , 2019
Too arrogant to pay attention to important information provided by his patient (eg. relevant health history, current meds, recent labs), and too disinterested to address pain mitigation. Considering the inconvenience of traveling to Boston/MGH to see this doctor, the unpleasantness of this experience (including the surly receptionist and equally disinterested medical assistant), and the fact that there are certainly other Urologists who are at LEAST as competent as Dr Singla and his staff, I plan to --take my business elsewhere--.
January 04 , 2019
The most unprofessional and horrible doctor Ive ever had the displeasure of meeting. Didnt provide any advice on condition or managing symptoms. Essentially said there were no solutions to my problems, and he could not help. outright malicious.
January 23 , 2019
He didnt show on my appointment instead his assistant came and my proscription required prior authorization and dr/ his office unable to provide the authorization from last 4 weeks. If called to his office the concern persons never comes on line. They says he is not in or not available & inform me he will call you today. Today never came in last 3 weeks.
July 25 , 2018
I visited regarding incontinence surgery. This Doctor exemplifies NONE of the qualities that anyone would expect in a dedicated physician. Gave me a prescription without looking at my current script list. I looked on the web and found that it dangerously interacts with my blood pressure meds. I was unable to get a response regarding this and threw his meds out. During my brief visit he left the office for whatever -- and left me sitting there waiting for over 30 min. The only way I got to finish the appointment was to walk out in the hallway and find a nurse. He finally came back for 3 minutes -- would not look me in the eye and left without answering any questions. Im surprised that MGH would allow such an unprofessional person on their staff.
July 08 , 2019
I do not want to go to the urologist first off. He didnt take my symptoms seriously. He downplayed the condition. He explained why the radiologist made too big a deal of the images. He just explains a bunch of irrelevant stuff and essentially talks and talks you into submission. I regret being referred to this urologist. He is full of it and gets off on seeming like he knows what hes talking about. He doesnt focus on symptoms and really think like a good doctor should.
February 17 , 2022
Dr. Singla should choose another profession. If you dont follow what Dr. singla wants such as; if your uncomfortable with going through a procedure and want to think about it, Dr. Singla then does not want to have nothing to do with you. Its his way or the highway.
May 18 , 2010

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