Baptist Health Centers LLC
3400 Hwy 78 E, Suite 412
Jasper, AL 35501 (Directions)
4.6 out of 5
Baptist Health Centers LLC
3400 Hwy 78 E, Suite 412
Jasper, AL 35501 (Directions)

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4.6 out of 5
7 ratings, 7 reviews
Dr. McCool was extremely professional. His examination was complete, He gave me his undivided attention even though he had others waiting to see him. He diagnosed my problem and discussed the treatment plan, making sure I felt comfortable and understood every aspect of the plan of care.
May 27 , 2013
Great physician. Personable and very thorough.
August 29 , 2014
Due to the backlog at the VA, my Dad was referred to Dr. McCool. From the initial visit when Dad, my mother and myself met Dr. McCool we felt very comfortable with him. He took the time to answer all of our questions and there were many. Dr. McCool preformed a CYSTECTOMY AND ILEAL LOOP DIVERSION. Dad spent 9 days in the hospital and is post surgery now by 3 weeks. Today was his follow up to remove staples and have his post check up. Dad is on track for a full recovery from this major surgery! Dr. McCool went over and beyond, especially with his staff to make sure that the VA authorization was in place before surgery. This was a BIG deal to us and we greatly appreciated him making sure this happened with his staff. We were extremely happy with Dr. McCool and would highly recommend him.
January 07 , 2013
Dr McCool was very kind, thorough and professional during the time he treated me for stress incontinence. Since the surgery, I haven't experienced this problem anymore! I am so grateful!
September 05 , 2012
Dr McCool is the greatest. He did my husbands prostectomy in 2009 then in 2010 he did a penile implant. For some reason a few months ago it failed. In the meantime Dr Mccool had moved from DOTHAN Alabama back to Birmingham and practicing at Brookwood Baptist. So with the confidence we had in Dr McCool we decided that no other doctor would be performing this surgery on Jerry but Dr McCool. So we drove 5 hours from Ga. to see him. He greeted us as he always does with a smile and a how can I help you. Jerry has since then had his surgery and did very well. Dr McCool was wonderful at the hospital and in his office. He is so kind and he really cares and wants to help his patients. So if anyone reading this review has any doubt abt Dr McCool set your mind at ease and don’t hesitate and go see him. You will not regret it. Thanks a Million Dr McCool.
February 19 , 2019
He is very --QUICK-- and doesnt take up alot of time in the visit with his patient. He will tell the truth if a patient has received an injury from another person or source. So I respect and trust his judgement and care. The office he works in is hard to get an appointment with. I have had to see 4 different doctors. I would rather be able to just see Dr. Mccool so that he can keep track of my medical problem and see me through to recovery. He seems to care more than the other doctors in the office he is in.- this is my opinion
February 06 , 2012
I think as a surgon he tends to want to do intrugsive procedure not as a last resort when other options may be avalible. I think he relies on staff more than one may wish.
May 30 , 2012

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Baptist Health Centers LLC
3400 Hwy 78 E, Suite 412
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