Mount Sinai Medical Center Urology LLC
4302 Alton Rd, Suite 540
Miami Beach, FL 33140 (Directions)
3.5 out of 5
Mount Sinai Medical Center Urology LLC
4302 Alton Rd, Suite 540
Miami Beach, FL 33140 (Directions)

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3.5 out of 5
9 ratings, 9 reviews
"Dear Dr. Nieder Re: Allen J. Shaw, DDS Prostrate Surgery Admission 5:30 am 8/12/20 to Scolnick Surgery. Easy transition to 6th floor with a view. All the personnel were efficient and responsive to my needs. Your mambo queen, Dr Perez, phone consultations were marvelous. I was treated royally during all my further visits to Scolnick and the emergency room over 15 days . Thank you Dr. Nieder, Allen ..."
September 06 , 2020
great doctor. very nice office and delightful staff
May 03 , 2013
Brilliant, caring, compassionate and a really GREAT surgeon. Busy and extremely hard working he always stops to check in personally on his patients. Hes also funny with a great sense of humor. Brought me through many serious surgeries in 17 years. 5 Strars all the way.
April 17 , 2019
Excellent Dr for urologic surgery. I had a RC for bladder cancer results, were excellent.
August 22 , 2013
Very Good bedside manner, asked appropriate questions, listens, prompt
August 13 , 2019
This dr. Did kidney stone surgery 2x for me- same large stone. He left a stent in my kidney and it became infected. I had horrible pain and a high fever of 104. Dr Neider insisted I had the flue - I knew otherwise went to the hospital despite his telling me not to- called a friend who was an infectious disease specialist and learned what I suspected- that my kidney was infected and the infection had spread to my blood. I was hospitalized and cared for by the infectious disease team. Dr Neider saw me once and was very defensive for almost killing me. Stay away from this guy- he might be a capable surgeon but if anything goes wrong he is nowhere.
June 22 , 2014
Worst of the worst. Arrogant , uncaring, pompous. Pushed to do operation, did it wrong , lied about what he didn’t do that he was supposed to.
October 25 , 2019
He is awful. Cold and uncaring. He botched my surgery and Ill never recover.
September 03 , 2015
Dr. Nieder promised to call me back as soon as he retrieved some information from another doctor. He never did. I made several call to his office. I didn't get any response. All I got was a bill of near USD $ 300.00 for a tele consultation that lasted less than 10 minutes. I do not this doctor exhibited a professional behavior.
September 09 , 2020

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Mount Sinai Medical Center Urology LLC
4302 Alton Rd, Suite 540
Miami Beach, FL 33140
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