Metro Chicago Surgical Oncology LLC
3201 Old Glenview Rd, Suite 130
Wilmette, IL 60091 (Directions)
3.7 out of 5
Metro Chicago Surgical Oncology LLC
3201 Old Glenview Rd, Suite 130
Wilmette, IL 60091 (Directions)

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3.7 out of 5
6 ratings, 6 reviews
Staff very professional and knowledgable. One visit and my problem was gone! I really appreciate Dr. Sadah's full and clear explanation of the situation, the root cause and the solution! Thank you.
February 07 , 2014
Dr. Sadah treated my dad and performed a pretty extensive surgery on him to remove bladder and prostate cancer. He had just the right balance of medical expertise and bedside manner. He openly shared and made himself available before the surgery through the hospitalization and now that my dad is home. I trusted him completely throughout the ordeal and he was exactly what we needed, when we needed it most.
November 26 , 2013
Dr Sadah was friendly understanding and made me feel at ease. He listened to me and took care of my problem. I was very comfortable in his office. The staff was courteous and efficient. I will not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends.
February 06 , 2014
I had an overall great experience with Dr. Alan Sadah and I would highly recommend him to any and everyone. I was actually recommended to Dr. Sadah by another doctor and I am very thankful for that great recommendation. He has seen me a few times over the past year and really took his time to treat me and make sure all my questions were answered. He is a highly intelligent and yet humble person which has always made me feel comfortable and open with my treatment. Thanks again Dr. Sadah!
February 08 , 2014
He may be a fine doctor but both times I went to the office I didn't get to see him. First time - 90 minute wait and I had to leave to go to work. Second time - 45 minute wait only to be told he got held up at the hospital. My advice: if you value your time, find another urologist.
March 11 , 2009
My 96 year old grandfather had an appointment after seeing the doctor in the hospital and was recommended by his doctor to see Dr. Sadah for an urinary issues. Our original appointment time from early afternoon was changed to later afternoon because of the doctors surgeries. We arrived on time for the new scheduled appt. and sat in his waiting room for one hour. I had asked about this and was told we would be seen soon. He was sitting with his walker and a catheter bag which was becoming half full. Once we were taken back we could hear the doctor talking and chatting it up with his patients in another room. We waited almost another hour when we decided that we had waited long enough. The impression I got from this office is that the doctor is more important than the patients. If was not easy getting my grandfather to this office, as he cannot travel very well. I would not return to see this doctor again, as I cannot put anymore stress on my aging grandfather. Very disappointing.
February 24 , 2019

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Metro Chicago Surgical Oncology LLC
3201 Old Glenview Rd, Suite 130
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