Dansky Scott A Office
6910 N Kendall Dr
Miami, FL 33156 (Directions)
2.3 out of 5
Dansky Scott A Office
6910 N Kendall Dr
Miami, FL 33156 (Directions)

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2.3 out of 5
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Dr Dansky is excellent on is practice and when ever making any decision He will used always His great experience.I've been with Him for so many years and I will not go to another one.He have so much knowledge and I'm really appreciated it.
October 25 , 2017
First became a patient of Dr. Dansky in the middle 80’s with kidney stones. Stayed. With him through prostate stones, urinary infection, and prostate cancer until 2013 when I moved to South Carolina. Couldn’t ask for a better person to deal with, answered questions and a very personable individual. Would still be using Dr. Dansky if possible.
June 08 , 2018
I was in major pain. I was going to the bathroom two times an hour and in great pain. I called his office and he said there was nothing he could do until I had a test done next month at the hospital. He said why are you calling me..I am busy with patients. I was in pain 24/7 for a month and had to quit my job. He offered no help at all. I do not know what his problem was but I do NOT recommend him.
March 09 , 2009
I had a vasectomy with this office. Dr. Dansky started to cut before the Novicane hand numbed me. I had to tell him 3 times to stop cutting. When he finally did he just snickered. Terrible bedside manner. If I had it to do all over again I would never have used this office.
October 19 , 2011
After 25 years as patient, he miss diagnosed and a change to anther doctor.
May 21 , 2019
A Very inconsiderate Dr. Dansky. I went to him no more than two times. His whole approach was dis-connected, almost as if I wasn't there. I WOULD NOT EVER trust him with any of my medical concerns ever again. Maybe he's just BURNT OUT or something else. But I question his mental stability and his own Health.
November 10 , 2016
My pediatrician recommended Dr. Dansky to fix my 3 month old son's circumcism, which started to re-attach. Dansky ripped the skin apart with his bare, un-gloved hands and my son started bleeding profusely. When the bleeding was finally controlled, about 15 minutes later, we left. I took my son back to the pediatrician because I was worried about infection (Dansky's office was old and dirty) and as soon as the bandage came off, he started bleeding again. We almost had to go to the ER to get it coderized when our Pediatrician was able to finally stop the bleeding. Still, the skin was not completely separated and we need to get him seen again, but this time definitely not by Dr. Dansky! Our pediatrician also took him off his referral list.
September 14 , 2011
This Doctor is very rude, arrogant, selfish individual. He treats patients without the minimal concern of safety and security. His office always dirty. His front desk female assistant with a temper everyday. His such called" Physician Assistant" is a guy that is always very unpresentable, and leave everything behind. He sings prescriptions for this doctor. He is not even an educated man in the healthcare field. Dr. Dansky is always fighting with his assistant in front of patients. This office is far from having the minimal standards of patient safety. Doctor Dansky works on you without even putting glove. Never again. Be careful you might catch an infection or a disease from this office.
February 07 , 2016
Examined with ungloved hands!.... office was not sanitary by my humble standards. While I was waiting for the doctor I could hear doctor discussing private medical issues next door because doors left open. i felt dirty leaving office for a number of reasons. not going back.
February 21 , 2012
DR. Dansky has no bedside manner. Whenever I asked questions (i.e. we're talking about my health), his responses tended to be extremely gruff essentially questioning why I was questioning him. This was amazing because he never seemed to remember anything from my previous visits. My biggest issue, however, is significant side effects persisted after I discontinued using a drug Dr. Dansky prescribed to me. When I asked him about this, he told me he believed he knew what had happened but that he preferred not to tell me. Instead, he said I should see another specialist. I couldn't believe what I had just heard and asked a second time. Same response. I felt utterly betrayed. Imagine that -- "your own doctor" doesn't have the decency or moral courage to inform you about a potential complication you could be suffering from the medication he had prescribed to you. This is after six or seven visits to his office and hundreds of dollars paid out to him by my insurance. I later found out via the internet and another doctor that some patients do continue to suffer side effects from this medication -- even after its use is discontinued -- a possibility that Dr. Dansky never mentioned when he initially prescribed it to me. My side effects persist now almost a year later. How I regret the day I first stepped foot in his office. (Note: In order to post this message, I was required to provide an overall rating. I selected one star only because there wasn't anything lower from which to choose.)
June 03 , 2014

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