Urological Medical Group Of North Orange County
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4.6 out of 5
Urological Medical Group Of North Orange County
301 W Bastanchury Rd, Ste180
Fullerton, CA 92835 (Directions)

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4.6 out of 5
45 ratings, 45 reviews
Dr. Weinberg has the expertise needed to address urology issues. He responds quickly to phone messages. He has always been very helpful, listening to my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Weinberg.
June 14 , 2020
I suffer from Interstitial Cystitis (IC), a chronic bladder disease that was diagnosed in Virginia 2-1/2 years ago prior to my move to California. After a painful three- week flare up in my condition, my internist referred me to Dr. Alan Weinberg. Dr. Weinberg has researched and gained extensive experience in dealing with my condition. During my first visit he discussed a full treatment plan to control my bladder pain. I was immediately given a treatment and started on an oral medication to manage my problem. The IC is under control most of the time. I occasionally continue to have flare ups which require in-office treatment. The office staff understands the need for timely visits for treatment and often gets me in the same or next day. I am extremely pleased with the professionalism, patience and caring-nature I have been given by Dr. Weinberg and his staff. I would highly recommend anyone needing an urologist to seek help from Dr. Weinberg.
February 05 , 2013
All I can say is that Dr Weinberg saved my life !
November 18 , 2010
I have been a patient of Dr. Weinbergs since 2006 and have been very satisfied with my treatment. I had visited several doctors complaining about a condition that only Dr. Weinberg was able to diagnose. He is very professional and knowledgeable in the field of urology and I highly recommend him.
June 19 , 2020
Dr. Weinberg is a no-nonsense Medical Doctor. He is very professional but caring. I feel very fortunate that he was recommended to me by my Primary Care Physician when during my annual physical we found that my PSA had doubled. Dr. Weinberg did a biopsy on the Prostrate and found cancer. We together decided, after a through explanation of all the alternatives, that a Prostatectomy was the best way forward. That was 18 months ago. I believe he is an excellent surgeon based on my surgery experience. I am very pleased with every interface with him before, during and after the surgery. I would highly recommend him for any Urological work.
March 09 , 2013
Dr. Alan Weinberg is a brilliant, caring doctor. He has treated and helped many members of my family over the past 13 years. My entire family is extremely happy with the care Dr. Weinberg has provided. I have complete confidence in Dr. Weinberg. He is an excellent surgeon. He accurately diagnosed my daughter and saved her life! Dr. Weinberg is brilliant, professional, patient and caring. We will always be thankful for the care he has provided.
April 17 , 2013
I’ve been going to Dr. Weinberg for over 15 years. He has always provided me with five star health care! He is very professional and I would highly recommend him. Everyone in his office is exceptional and caring.
June 11 , 2020
As a physician, it is very important for me to go to a doctor that I can trust. Dr. Weinberg is someone whom I have absolute faith in. He is an extremely competent and knowledgeable physician. Over time, I got to know him better and underneath his no nonsense tough exterior, which I happen to like, lies a very warm and caring person. Highly recommended by this fellow physician.
July 21 , 2018
I have seen Dr. Weinberg for many years. He has been consistently proactive and responsive to my issues. Most recently, he performed a TURP procedure that restored my ability to urinate after years of self-catheterization! I highly recommend him.
December 22 , 2021
If you have prostate cancer, this is the doctor you want to treat you.
September 22 , 2010
Dr. Weinberg has been my Oncologist for almost 10 years, i need to see him every 2 weeks. He is a straight talker who explains the treatment he is recommending and why. His office staff is friendly and helpful. I rarely wait more than 5 minutes to see the Doctor and I highly recommend him. My wife has been a patient of Dr Weinberg as well and has recommended him to friends based on his care.
June 13 , 2020
Dr. Weinberg has been an excellent doctor to me and several of my friends for several years. He is very knowledgeable and along with his staff provides excellent service. I have had several friends consult with Dr. Weinberg about kidney stones and they have also been impressed. I would and do recommend Dr. Weinberg for any urological problem or checkup.
April 19 , 2013
I came to Dr Weinberg about nine months ago with BPH and he started me on medication and we bided our time for a few months. When it seemed that the medication was not going to give me the relief I was looking for he recommended the Rezum procedure. While the procedure itself and the after care was something I dont really want to do again anytime soon the results have been amazing. Dr Weinberg went from my least favorite doctor to my first favorite in a matter of weeks. Also the office staff is very friendly. At both locations.
January 12 , 2022
Dr. Weinberg is an excellent urologist. I have had several conditions addressed by him. He is extremely efficient, very professional, and a nice guy to boot. I am seen on time every time, and he gets you in and out, while at the same time addressing your needs very effectively. Makes my past urologist seem like a hack....oh wait, he was a hack....nearly killed me, literally, with his treatment.
November 20 , 2014
Dr. Weinberg is direct in his approach and thoughtful in his factual delivery of information. He will provide his opinion and recommendation when asked to. He is confident and this has been reassuring for me when I have dealt with a scary diagnosis. His follow up is prompt. He took steps to educate me and gave me direction and information that allowed me to educate myself so that when we discussed legitimate options, I was prepared with knowledge and understanding. He and his staff have shown me the utmost care and respect. He is no nonsense and I highly recommend him for diagnosis, skills and personal care.
June 16 , 2020
Dr. Weinberg is the best in his field. He has helped my entire family and many friends. He saved my daughter’s life so needless to say I have full confidence in Dr Weinberg. I would recommend anyone who needs a urologist to see him. He is a compassionate and brilliant doctor.
May 30 , 2020
I went to see Dr. Weinberg today. I had a procedure done and I was scare but Dr. Weinberg assured me that I was going to be ok and he surely was right! He was so gentle! Having this procedures are not easy for me but Dr. Weinberg was do kind and gentle!!! Thank you Dr. Weinberg and for all your staff!!!!
June 05 , 2020
Outstanding doctor!!!! Do not expect warm and fuzzy. Knows his stuff!!! Patient focused. I was in the hospital for a large kidney stone. He came to the hospital on a Saturday to do a procedure!!!!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!!!
February 17 , 2013
Ive been a patient of Dr Weinberg and the team at Urological Medical Group of North Orange County for roughly ten years. I have been treated for kidney stones, bladder cancer, and BPH. I had ureteroscopy, TURBT, BCG and, most recently, REZUM (for BPH). I can state, unequivocally, that the reason I have made it to 79 years of age with all my organs (including my bladder) is due to the aggressive treatment of my cancer by Dr Weinberg. I have found DR. Weinberg to be personable,skilled and focused on the patient outcome. I am stone free, cancer free and the BPH is fading fast thanks to Dr Weinberg and his team.
June 24 , 2020
Treated by Dr Weinberg 30 years ago for cancer. Requested him again when cancer re-occurred. Excellent surgery skills and good diagnostic skills.
March 16 , 2021
Very thorough with examination and information. Listens to questions and good explanation of answers. Things went exactly as he explained them.
May 14 , 2008
Dr. Weinberg is a very skilled and competent physician. He accurately diagnosed my bladder condition and provided several treatment options for me. I am satisfied with his expertise and would highly recommend him to anyone. I love his sense of humor too:)
July 24 , 2012
Dr Weinberg has been a wonderful Dr to me. I was referred to him in 2003 and have been with him ever since. He has done several surgeries on me over the years. Several times I had to have his expertise in dealing with kidney stones which had blocked my tubes. One of those times he came back after hours to operate on me. He then followed me up diligently If you want a Dr who will hold your hand and visit with you dont choose Dr Weinberg. He is a no nonsense man who takes pride in the fact that he gets his job done efficiently and in short order. I have never felt short changed. I recommend him if you have a serious issue. He is one of the smartest doctors I know.
November 02 , 2016
Dr. Weinberg is amazing! he walked us through the entire process of prostate cancer, our options were explained in detail. The robotic surgery went perfect and he has a great process for recovery.
April 23 , 2013
Professional, compassionate, courteous, and knowledgeable. Follows a respectful protocol. Combines existing research with original, critical analysis in an innovative mode on a case by case basis. Believes that pain is real. Treats Interstitial Cystitis with respect, understanding the vulnerability that comes with vulvadynia pain.
June 29 , 2019
I began seeing Dr. Weinberg five years ago when my previous urologist retired. I found him to be very competent, direct and caring. Urological procedures can be unpleasant, but I think Dr. Weinbergs technique and skill are outstanding and I have recommended him to other men with similar issues.
June 19 , 2020
Very efficient staff and wonderful doctor.
September 03 , 2010
I came to Dr Weinberg about nine months ago with BPH and he started me on medication and we bided our time for a few months. When it seemed that the medication was not going to give me the relief I was looking for he recommended the Rezum procedure. While the procedure itself and the after care was something I don't really want to do again anytime soon the results have been amazing. Dr Weinberg went from my least favorite doctor to my first favorite in a matter of weeks. Also the office staff is very friendly. At both locations.
December 01 , 2022
I highly recommend Dr Weinberg. Ive have bladder cancer and am currently getting chemo. Hes gentle, informative, careful and caring. Youll be in good hands in and out of the hospital!!! Thank you for saving my life.
June 02 , 2020
I came to Doctor Weinberg in 1995 for an elevated PSA. Turns out that I had Prostate cancer. He did the surgery but unfortunately, the cancer had already spread to my lymph nodes. Over the past 22 years of fighting it, Dr. Weinberg has been very helpful in advising on several other treatments to delay the cancer. Dr. Weinberg is frank and to the point and I appreciate his direct approach.
November 14 , 2017
Dr. Weinberg was highly recommended from 3 of my doctor friends. He was very qualified and competent for diagnosis and treatment of enlarged prostate and OAB. He was also honest and realistic explaining pain levels and recovery times for the procedure options. I enjoyed his --quirky-- sense of humor and bedside manner but some may not feel the same way. I now have recovered well and am happy to not need further medication at this time.
October 27 , 2021
Dr. Weinberg always gives an accurate diagnosis and will follow up with you. He saved my life 13 years ago and I go for my checkups every year. We drive 25 or more miles for Dr. Weinbergs care and I would drive 100 if I had to. He is a brilliant Doctor!
April 11 , 2013
Thank you Doctor Weinberg for understanding our time is valuable. You and your staff are like watching a well oiled machine.
August 14 , 2020
I have been a patient of Dr. Weinberg since 2001 when he saved my life by recognizing and removing an Urachal abscess when every other doctor dismissed my symptoms. Since then, he has treated me for kidney stones among many other issues. He mostly recently corrected my son’s circumcision that was done poorly by another physician. He has a wealth of knowledge and goes above and beyond to take care of his patients. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
June 03 , 2020
Dr. Weinberg is an expert in the field of urology. He responds very quick to my phone messages. Dr. Weinberg is very good about listening and responding to my questions. I highly recommend him.
June 15 , 2020
Dr. Weinberg treats me for Painful Bladder Syndrome and is knowledgeable with what he does. He explains things in a way you can understand. His staff is very friendly and helpful as well
April 18 , 2013
On time, read my file before the visit, explainedd treatment options and did good followup.
June 10 , 2021
Dr. Weinberg has been my doctor for over ten years. He is an excellent doctor. After being diagnosed inaccurately multiple times, Dr. Weinberg was able to provide me with an accurate diagnosis and treatment that saved my life. He is an excellent surgeon and very patient centered with everything he does. I have recommended many friends to seek his care. I would recommended Dr. Weinberg to anyone.
April 25 , 2013
Great dry sense of humor, very knowledgeable, and extremely skilled at what he does. Would definitely recommend in a heartbeat.
February 21 , 2011
Very knowledgable, but a mass production enterprise
March 02 , 2009
Horrible bed side manner. As a new patient going in for a consultation, he was very rushed, didnt greet me, instead he told me to fix my face mask. Seemed completely jaded and just wanted to get my appointment over with. Dr. Weinberg did NOT put me at ease or allow me to feel safe to ask questions about my medical procedure. He told me hed done this surgical procedure 4,000 times and could do it in 5 minutes if I were in a rush. Extremely unprofessional and condescending. Going to look for a doctor that respects humans.
February 03 , 2022
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August 01 , 2023
In my opinion, the doctor is a capable technician but a horrible human being and a wretched doctor. During my time with him, he got so many things wrong through simple carelessness and indifference that I cant understand why he is still allowed to practice medicine. Do not put your health or the health of a loved one in this mans hands. In my opinion, Dr. Weinberg does not care at all about his patients.
October 03 , 2016
Horrible doctor. Very angry and agitated the day I saw him. He looked and smelled like he was hung over. He also hurt me very badly when performing a DRE. I walked out of his office and never went back. Stay away from this creep!
November 26 , 2019
Dr. Weinberg is a horrible doctor. He appeared to have a hangover the day I saw him. He was red-faced, perspiring and very agitated. He was rough and hurt me very badly when performing a DRE. I walked out of his office and never went back. Avoid this creep!
November 27 , 2019

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