Orlando Urology Associates PA
9430 Turkey Lake Rd, Suite 106
Orlando, FL 32819 (Directions)
4.1 out of 5
Orlando Urology Associates PA
9430 Turkey Lake Rd, Suite 106
Orlando, FL 32819 (Directions)

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4.1 out of 5
8 ratings, 8 reviews
Dr. Ong is wonderful!!! His office can work you in right away for emergencies. He has great staff, as well as bed side manner. Furthermore, he even took the time to personally call my ob/gyn to explain how he could not find anything urology wise with me, and as a result my ob/gyn did a diagnostic laparoscopy and proved to be an ob/gyn issue. Thank you for all your help!!!
June 26 , 2014
I called this office after I had an unpleasant experience with a different urologist. The staff fit me in the next day. I was late for my appt due to traffic and even though the dr had a procedure planned, he took the time to see me and review my test results. While the other urologist basically said call me when you need me (I have two kidney stones...one fairly large), Dr Ong has scheduled me to have the stones removed. Why wait for the pain he said. I am so satisfied with this office...not only Dr. Ong, but the staff and the xray technician. If only all doctor offices could be like this. Thank you Dr. Ong and staff for a wonderful experience!
July 03 , 2014
Very professional and great to work with. Nothing but good things here
September 16 , 2014
Dr. Ong diagnosed my husband with a mass requiring removal of one of his kidneys. He promptly scheduled the surgery and it went very well. Dr. Ong visited every day and answered all questions. He was pleasant and informative. When the nurse called him about a concern, he called back promptly and made an additional trip to visit him in the hospital. He has now made a complete recovery, to which we credit Dr. Ong.
December 28 , 2021
"I have worked with Dr. Ong in surgery as a staff member In Beaumont Texas and hold him in high regard as a man of moral character and good skill sets. A very caring ,intelligent man who continually seeks knew knowledge to improve patient care and out come. He is both a mentor and a servant to the staff he works with. He demands a high expectation of the staff in the O.R. and is kind , and likes ..."
January 24 , 2020
Excellent. Caring and very thorough.
July 30 , 2020
He said you have to live with your pain for the rest of your life. There isnt much I can do! Never going back!!!!!! Do not recommend not even if they paid me!!
August 21 , 2017
Terrible!! I was scheduled to see Dr. Omg rather than my regular Dr and it was an awful experience. Very rude, did not listen to me and dismissed my questions. I would never see him again. He refused to listen to me and I left the office in tears.
January 21 , 2018

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Medical School - UCLA School of Medicine, 1999
Residency - John Hopkins Hospital, 2005
24 years
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Orlando Urology Associates PA
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Orlando Urology Associates PA
9430 Turkey Lake Rd, Suite 106
Orlando, FL 32819
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