Urology Group Of New Jersey
16 Pocono Rd Ste 114
Denville, NJ 07834 (Directions)
3.9 out of 5
Urology Group Of New Jersey
16 Pocono Rd Ste 114
Denville, NJ 07834 (Directions)

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3.9 out of 5
7 ratings, 7 reviews
Dr. Gellman is extremely professional, thorough in all medical diagnostics and treatments...goes the extra mile!
March 13 , 2010
Dr. Gellman has been taking care of me for 35 years. My first visit to him I was 20 yrs old and terrified about what might be wrong with me. I required surgery. He was kind, compassionate, he explained everything in detail and even drew me pictures of what was going on inside my body and how he would repair everything. He has the best bedside manner! After each and every procedure I have had he ALWAYS personally calls the following day to check up on me and deliver any news on my condition. I have complete trust in him and his staff. He has also taken care of several members of my family with the same devotion and concern.
May 23 , 2018
This doctor is really great. I've been seeing him for about ten years now and what I like is that he's very easy to communicate with and he follows up with a personal phone call giving me the results of any tests. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any man seeking a truly professional urologist.
June 08 , 2016
The best and smartest urologist I have been to in Morris County,N.J. Dr. Gellman far exceeds all the other urologists I have ever been to. He should have 10 stars in all departments not just 5. To me he is the best of all the rest. There is none better, I should know because of my dealings with others in urology.
November 19 , 2013
I have seen Dr. Gellman for many years. He is smart, kind and caring. He takes as much time with you as he needs to. For the first time in years I understood all my own issues, only after sitting in his office with him. I am currently not residing in New Jersey and I know if i need to find a Dr. where I am I wont be able to ever find anyone to top Dr. Gellman in my book
November 18 , 2013
At first, we were hopeful that this doctor was short staffed (or just having a bad week) and that was the explanation for his lack of professionalism and compassion, however, that was not the case. He neglected to return calls and when he finally did, there was not only a lack of information, but it was delivered with an attitude that no patient should be subjected to.. Ever. This is by far, the worst experience I've ever had (or heard of) when dealing with a Physician, and I wish I had been fortunate enough to read about him before dealing with him. If you've been referred to him, do yourself a huge favor and find another Urologist. I would never recommend this doctor to anyone I know.
September 21 , 2016
Dr. Gellmans office is very deceptive about the procedures he performs in his office and the billing to the health insurance. He does procedures in his office and doesn't let us know that the procedure he is doing isn't covered under the office visit... and voila - we get a bill from him for $300.00 WATCH OUT AND BE WARNED..
March 26 , 2012

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Urology Group Of New Jersey
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