Lakewood Urology Limited Liability Company
1374 Whitehorse Hamilton Square Rd, Suite 101
Hamilton Township, NJ 08690 (Directions)
4.8 out of 5
Lakewood Urology Limited Liability Company
1374 Whitehorse Hamilton Square Rd, Suite 101
Hamilton Township, NJ 08690 (Directions)

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4.8 out of 5
33 ratings, 33 reviews
Dr. Gotesman was able to help me when no one else could. He got my cat scan approved when the insurance company denied it. He was able to diagnose me and I am doing much better now!
July 05 , 2017
Dr. Gotesman and Dr Gazi are great surgeons because they are highly skilled and take the time to explain details about surgery and answer any/all questions. Very personable and kind. The office staff is also very professional and have great attention to detail. Fit you in if you need a last minute appointment. I highly recommend this office.
May 09 , 2016
Sweet compassionate doctor> No Urologist ever spent this much time to tell me what my condition was . He really cares.
November 09 , 2015
Best , most kind and knowledgeable Urologist.I was apprehensive about having prostate surgery, but there was no need to be. The procedure was painless and the outcome completely corrected my problem. Dr. Gotesman& Gazi and his office staff treat patients with enormous courtesy and respect
April 05 , 2015
excellent, expert dr. wants to heal, also polite and courteous
November 02 , 2017
â??To echo the other 5-star reviews, the doctor and his staff have been extremely helpful to me with a variety of my issues. Despite having a busy practice, Iâ??m almost always able to schedule an appt. within a few days of my calling and receive a response to my email or phone questions often the same day. Iâ??ve consulted many MDs in my life, and itâ??s rare Iâ??ve found one as knowledgalble, accommodating, and concerned as Dr. Gotesman
July 21 , 2016
This doctor is a gift to his profession
November 12 , 2019
Super doc! Staff was good! I hate going to the doctor but these guys at Dr Gotesman’s are great!
August 01 , 2018
The Best Urologist I have ever seen
February 17 , 2017
Hes great and so is his staff. The real indication of a nice and very diligent doctor. I agree with all of the positive comments written by others.
March 28 , 2018
Even with his stellar reputation, he takes his time to listen discuss and answer any questions you may have. He is compassionate gentle and responsive. He is one of the best physicians I have ever met.
November 22 , 2017
Doctor know everything about Urology. Diagnosed my problem in minutes!
December 06 , 2019
Hes an amazing doctor with great bedside manners. He performed surgery on our son and we wouldnt have had anyone else do it. He calmed us down when we were so stressed and did a great job on the surgery. Our son loves him.
August 29 , 2017
Very Knowledgeable about Urology helped me and was so compassionate. You do not see nice competent doctors like Dr Gotesman and Dr Gazi .
March 04 , 2015
Very knowledgable Very Kind My other Dr. Linder was incompetent
October 23 , 2013
Excellent doctor!!! He is very smart and was so kind and gentle. His office staff is also very very helpful
July 08 , 2018
Very compassionate
November 02 , 2020
I want to say that you are a very special, kind and caring doctor, and you made this a very pleasant experience for my husband. The nurses and staff at the hospital were exceptional also and very friendly.
January 10 , 2018
I saw Dr. Gotesman at the Toms River Office and he was a direct and incredibly educated doctor. He gave me all my options for treatment and diagnosed me perfectly. I am able to pee again without a catheter!
February 11 , 2017
He is one of the best doctors in his field. He is professional, caring and excellent at what he does. You can not go wrong putting your care in his hands.
December 19 , 2017
This doctor spent time with me and even helped me walk to the exit. I use a walker. I don’t believe any negative comments about this doctor or the practice they are all a class act. They have no shortage of loyal patients !!!
July 12 , 2019
Excellent Dr. With calm and plesent bedside manner. My wife and I went to him for infertility issues which can be a very sensitive subject. He put us both at ease and took the time to really explain everything to us. My wife is now pregnant. Would recommend him to everyone
October 23 , 2017
Very thorough Urologist caught my rising PSA values and was able to get a MRI of my prostate and it helped me get biopsied and diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer. All the physicians including Dr. Gazi Dr. Rosario and Dr. Qassab are amazing doctors. The staff is so pleasant to work with it’s amazing.
May 23 , 2020
Dr. Gotesman and is warm, accessible, caring, and skilled. I had a complication left by the prostatectomy surgeon, which he handled with good judgement, and which resulted in correction and a successful implant by Dr.Gotesman and Gazi I have confidence in his skills, and I am satisfied with the results
April 17 , 2017
Simply put this Doctor is a nice very well qualified amazing human being. He personally called me to talk about my condition. He is a Great Urologist. The other Urologist across the street Dr. Lind** dont want to say his name was so. bad. I saw Dr. Gotesman and Gazi and Nazmy they are all wonderful!!!
November 18 , 2015
Very thoughtful and knowledgeable. Was so Kind to my mother best urology group on Freehold !!!
August 10 , 2019
He clearly had a very booked schedule, but took the time to chat about unrelated topics to make me feel comfortable. Hes charming and personable! He was also open to talking about holistic and non-prescription health treatments, which was important to me.
April 11 , 2016
Great all around ! One in a million, very compassionate and accomplished educated urologist
June 21 , 2016
I am a patient of Dr. Gotesmans for almost 2 years. I was referred to him by members of my community, all of whom said he has an excellent bedside manner, and explained issues surrounding prostate cancer in a way nobody else did. After I met with him, I agree wholeheartedly. He spent a lot of time and effort to make sure I understood all the issues and questions I had, and he did it in a very clear and informative way to a --lay-- person. I cant imagine anybody would think otherwise.
August 17 , 2017
This doctor is perhaps the most kind and sweet doctor I have ever met even walk to me to and from my exam Minasian room he made sure I got all the care I needed and his staff is actually wonderful. His office manager Mo actually called me to help me schedule my CAT scan what an amazing experience
December 16 , 2016
Very knowledgeable and attention to detail. Very meticulous in his explanation of my illness. He knew the problem and fixed it immediately.
July 19 , 2015
Seems like he’s in a hurry and can’t wait to leave the room to go to next patient. Wants needless tests done and then the wait is 8-10 weeks for appt.
May 23 , 2019
Waited over an hour sat with nurse. Told nurse all about my issues. Dr walked in looked at my Private parts. In 2 min then told me my nurse will come back in and tell me what to do . Took no time to talk after I said I had Questions.
June 12 , 2019

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