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3.1 out of 5
New Jersey Urology LLC
501 Iron Bridge Rd, Suite 5
Freehold, NJ 07728 (Directions)

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3.1 out of 5
23 ratings, 23 reviews
He has excellent bed side manner, and he knows what he is talking about and what the best treatment is. He has always been there for us.
November 24 , 2011
Dr. Kirshenbaum is an excellent doctor. He is very caring and keeps up to date with new treatment methods. He diagnosed my problem exactly the first time. I had been suffering from my condition for 4 years and went to 3 ineffective urologists before finding the miracle worker Dr. Kirshenbaum. Keep doing such a superb job, as people need such excellent doctors as you.
September 09 , 2010
He is the BEST!!!!!! I wish to all doctors in world to be like him..then we will not have any health problem at all!!!!!He is very knowledgeable and have very outstanding analytical skills...which most important to determine the right cause of the problem and then treatment. I am very much appreciate my friends who recommend me Dr. Kirshenbaum !!!!
July 23 , 2013
I would highly recommend Dr. Kirshenbaum for kidney stones diagnosis and treatment. Excellent Care -Good Surgeon - Very Comfortable Environment.
September 21 , 2020
I came to see Dr. Kirshenbaum for a second opinion (I originally went to see another urologist affiliated with his hospital). Dr. Kirshenbaum was extremely knowledgeable and gave me a list of options to choose from. He did not push any one option on to me. I ended up leaving the original urologist and asked Dr. Kirshenbaum to perform my surgery (I chose the surgical option out of the numerous choices given by him). I was VERY happy with the outcome of the surgery. I have since referred my friends and family members to see Dr. Kirshenbaum and they are all very grateful. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kirshenbaum for any urological problems.
July 05 , 2010
Went back to the emergency room for the 3rd time and once again was misdiagnosed. They did recommend Dr. Kirshenbaum. He found the cause of a severe pain issue in 5 minutes that eluded many Dr.s for almost 10 years. A defect in my left ureter which felt like I passed a few stones a week for years. He downloaded my CAT Scan to his notebook and five minutes later defect located. A week later he inserted a stent and all pain is gone. Surgery to permanently fix problem to follow. After visiting many expensive Park Ave specialists I would say dont waste your time. Dr. Kirshenbaum is very analytical and made his determination using empirical data. Not the word of an inept emergency room diagnosis or the previous useless info collected over the years.
January 18 , 2012
Thoughtful, engaging - thorough - overall very satisfied with the results so far
October 03 , 2016
"Great care, knew exactly what to do, trust in his knowledge base and skill level, Marc"
January 16 , 2020
Great Dr., did my kidney stones operation. Excellent work
August 23 , 2012
I had my first appointment with Dr. Kirshenbaum this past Thursday.
July 25 , 2020
I highly recommend Dr. Kirshenbaum. I was forced to see a urologist due to multiple kidney stones, and he was recommended by the ER. He has been exemplary in treating my condition. If I have to deal with kidney stones, I am glad I found him to help me through. He has a great bedside manner, and is clearly competent.
October 19 , 2011
He was OK, but a little impersonal and with no personality. Didnt smile. Spent a lot of time talking into a recorder, which made me feel more like a test subject than a patient. While I didnt think he was bad, I wasnt left feeling like he cared much.
February 02 , 2019
does not explain procedure nor does he or his staff explain what they will be doing like to scare pntaints has no bedside manners at all never met a more arrogent doctor
July 09 , 2020
Dr. Kirshenbaum pushed for me to have a prostate biopsy, without doing additional testing to determine whether it was necessary, or it it was necessary, to target the area to be biopsied. Feeling he was interested in making money from doing the prostate biopsy, I went for second opinion, which confirmed I was correct. The urologist I went to suggested a prostate MRI be done first, which showed I did not need a biopsy. Stay away from money hungry Dr. Kirshenbaum.
December 13 , 2020
I found him to be uncaring and with poor bedside manners. He didnt answer my questions knowledgeably or accurately. I was pain free when I arrived to see him at his office (just had an urological condition I wanted corrected) but left in pain from his lousy procedure. His unforgiven answer to my complaint was --no pain, no gain--. I wasn’t given instructions on what to do after the procedure nor how to relieve post-procedure pain either. When I called after-hours (was about 6AM) with severe pain, his on-call buddy doctor never returned my call, and when I called the office after 9AM, Dr. Kirshenbaum never cared enough to call me back and instead relayed his response thru an office clerk. He never followed-up in the evening or next day either. It seems he uses to his advantage the fact that his practice are the only urologists in a 1 hour driving radius; they have no competition so they feel free to treat patients any way they want. Instead of his surgical coordinator calling me (standard in the medical industry) to schedule the follow up procedure, the office staff gave me her business card for me to call her. His office was overcrowded with his patients (he was the only practitioner there), so, many of his patients, some in their 70s, had to stand outside in the cold because there were no chairs left nor any more standing room either in the waiting room. I will never return to this so-called doctor.
November 07 , 2018
Said I had an 9mm kidney stone based on ultrasound he did and X-ray he ordered even though I had no other symptoms (pain). He wanted me get scheduled for lithotripsy the next week. I went for 2nd opinion at NYU where Dr asked why no CT scan was done. Dr there ordered CT scan that showed 5 small 1 mm stones in same area and said lithotripsy will do nothing for such small stones and recent research has shown could actually damage kidneys in diabetics a he suggested we just moniotr them since they are asymptomatic. I felt dr kirschenbaum did not spend enough time with me or order the right tests to get a complete picture before rushing me to get a $7500 procedure done. I waited over hour each time to see him and the whole office environment has the feel of a patient factory with little time spent on each patient. I would go to another dr as I did.
December 13 , 2013
What a cold physician! After messing up an appt. time by a considerable amt, for a full consult, this Dr. did not physically EXAMINE me - whatsoever! Not even a blood pressure check. Not to touch the area of pain. NOTHING. He spoke to his recorder more than to me, and the one thing he said while making semi-eye contact was dismissive and insulting. He then had the AUDACITY to have the nurse schedule me for a procedure, but never had the courtesy to tell me HE wouldnt be doing it! (At least TELL your patient if this is the case, and offer a valid reason WHY). The nurse put down some other doctors name from the office and when I looked him up, this doctor had a VERY low --rating-- on line -- I guess passing on new patients is the way to give this doctor MORE patients? Wow. Not cool Dr. Kirshenbaum. Worse, when I tried to ask the Dr. himself WHY he wasnt going to do it (especially when my family Dr. personally recommended him), though he knew I was trying to ask a question, he deliberately turned his back (picture a waiter who doesnt wish to acknowledge a table seeking a water refill) and hurried into the back, out of reach of my getting an answer! Oh, I also asked if I could get the results of a --dip stick urine test-- while in the office, and he said, --no - I dont have the time--. Uh, last I checked you could get the result of that test in under ONE minute - more likely, within seconds. Dont walk - RUN away from this office and seek medical care elsewhere. I know I am.
February 08 , 2015
The doctor wasnt caring, rushed me through the consultation, and didnt spend enough time with me nor explained his findings in plain terms. The receptionist insisted in taking my pic (which I refused), and his staff & himself make a fuss because of my refusing. His 40+ y/o heavy set nurse in eyeglasses was uncaring and bossy and confused my urine sample with that of another patient. The waiting room was stuffy and patients stood outside in the rain because the doctor had scheduled too many patients for the same time slots. His receptionist was rude to the point of being mean. This doctor seems bent on profits more than care. I will not return to his office again.
November 08 , 2018
Not a doctor you can have confidence in. He is not qualified to be a surgeon. Needs to go back to school..
June 17 , 2016
He is not a doctor, but a butcher. Go see another urologist.
July 21 , 2016
Horrible office staff. Made an appointment and arrive for them to tell me I do not have one. They tell me to come back in a hour and still wait another 45 minutes and was never seen. Walked out and they did not even offer to give me back my Co pay. Office staff also ordered a test that is done at a different lab that my insurance doesnt cover, I asked for a new script and they refused. Avoid the office staff like a plague. Dr Kirschenbaum is an excellent doctor but shame on him for having these incompetent women working there.
April 15 , 2015
rude, and hard to understand accent..doesnt seem to be interested in patient.
August 20 , 2013
Horrific bedside manner - probably one of the MOST arrogant doctors Ive ever met - and that says a LOT!
April 28 , 2015

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