As Medical PC
1781 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY 10305 (Directions)
3.8 out of 5
As Medical PC
1781 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY 10305 (Directions)

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3.8 out of 5
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A medical receptionist made me an appointment with a Dr. who SHE said was the best Urologist. He wanted to do surgery for what I believed was a simple infection which caused swelling & was indicated by blood tests. I opted out of the surgery and searched online for a second opinion, so I went to Dr. Sokol. Everything about Dr. Sokol's office is 5-star. Dr. Sokol saved me from needless testicular surgery for a simple infection. Beware of Doctors setting you up for needless expensive procedures to line their own pockets. I happen to be a Nurse Tech. Dr. Sokol KNOWS his medical protocols and occupation well. 5-STARS!
June 15 , 2012
Dr.Alexander Sokol is the best urologist I have ever seen.I had a calculus within the bladder.Dr. Sokol explained me all the procedures for removing this calculus.He made me surgery at Ambulatory Surgery Center of Staten Island University Hospital.Dr. Alexander Sokol has a high level of professional skills. Additionally, he has a very good personality.I highly recommend Dr. Alexander Sokol as super professional urologist.
November 07 , 2012
Would recommend definitely!
April 18 , 2015
December 04 , 2016
I have been a patient of Dr Sokol for over 10 years and always find he and his staff to be very professional and courteous. On two ocassions this past year he performed two different procedures on me - on both cases he fully discussed them with me before hand and the post-procedure care was excellent. There have been a couple of times when he was unavailable for a routine visit but the staff member who saw me was quite knowledgeable of my history and I was completely satisfied with them. I would recommend Dr Sokol to others.
March 22 , 2022
I have been to Dr Sokol about six times and everytime I have been there I have NEVER seen the DR I only see his PA I hope one day I get to seen him.
September 21 , 2017
Dr. Sokol treated me like a human - unlike 4 other urologists that I saw. He is attentive, knowledgeable, explained in details my condition, gave me treatment options. Followed up with me after my surgery. His office is clean. His staff gave me a breakdown of my insurance. I felt in good hands. I am writing this review because people can easily complain but they rarely take time to say thank you for taking good care of me. I no longer have horrible pain caused by my kidneys and I am grateful he revealed me out of my misery.
October 28 , 2019
Dr Sokol is an excellent Dr. I highly recommend him. Like in any place of work the girls at the front desk can sometimes be a little off center, but overall the staff is good.
June 27 , 2017
smart and friendly Doctor. The staff is very nice and friendly as well. Super welcoming and comfortable in the office.
November 10 , 2017
Dr. Sokol pushes surgery that my primary care physician was distressed about. The staff is arrogant and unable to communicate fully unless you speak Russian. They make appointments for you without inquiring about your schedule. They don't answer questions and seem annoyed that you ask any. I would not recommend him.
November 04 , 2014
This is my first and probably last appointment. Im confused and not happy because I wasn't seen by Dr A. Sokol. Doctor didnt show up! No one from the office didn't even say a word to me that Doctor not in the office! The nurse was instead!!! She didn't even represented herself, she was in a rush.. I didn't have time to answer any questions because she was running back and forth. This is not right, even she was ok, I made an appointment to see doctor not a nurse!
June 30 , 2017
Im not happy at all with this doctor...I made 2 appointments and had 2 visits...both times the doctor didnt see me but the nurse did...I made an appointment to see doctor not nurse...they also have a 24 hour cancellation fee..I dont like how il get penalized if i cancel less than 24 hours bu doctor doesnt even see me...also the receptionists are alittle condescending...easy to make an appointment and i like how they do bloodwork on site..but again not happy i didnt even see DOCTOR that i made appointment for.
November 18 , 2016
I went for a scheduled ultrasound...and had a lot of discomfort...wanted to speak to the doctor.... Staff was rude and said you can talk to the doctor You have to come back. The staff didn't even offer To call the doctor and tell him how bad I was feeling..I left the office and Will never go back...His staff has a very bad attitude and very cocky No manners!!!!
February 07 , 2020
Dr Sokol’s office staff is the rudest and the most unprofessional staff I have ever come in contact with! The doctor’s practice boarders on malpractice! Does not return phone calls, cancels appointments, orders blood work and never calls with results! Does not follow up with his patient after prescribing medications that could potentially cause cancer. Not only would I not recommend this doctor I would urge potential patients to look elsewhere all together!!
April 30 , 2018

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