Urology Group Of Princeton PA
134 Stanhope St
Princeton, NJ 08540 (Directions)
3.4 out of 5
Urology Group Of Princeton PA
134 Stanhope St
Princeton, NJ 08540 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
10 ratings, 10 reviews
One of my favorite doctors.
September 19 , 2019
I have been a patient of Dr. Vukasin for several years and had several surgeries done by him. I found him to be knowledgeable, warm, and very committed to the the patient and healthcare process. I think he is one of the best in NJ.
December 10 , 2018
Has determined issues when previous physician overlooked or missed
October 15 , 2019
Careful, learned, compassionate care. He and his nurse Jean are real winners. I was diagnosed today with Prostate Cancer and although worked in the field he treated me with the utmost of respect. He took time to explain everything and carefully listened to all my concerns. He is a real “mensch” !!!
June 27 , 2019
Staff is totally incompetant. Dont know how to schedule a busy office. Dont know how to provide patient instructions, paperwork or even mail anything to a patient. Too busy chatting. You get what you pay for.
August 01 , 2012
Dr. Vukasin, Chief of Urology at Pton Hospital, at Penn Med Ctr, assisted by Dr. Joshua Sterling, his resident, was able to do for my wife what no other urologist in the hospital was able to do....even after the other doctors made THREE attempts and visits to the OR. We are not --out of the woods,-- yet, and there is still more to do, but we are very happy that Dr. Vukasin stepped in, and took over my wifes care. We are very hopeful that she will ultimately be completely whole, and healthy, and trust Drs. Vukasin and Sterling to see that it is so.
April 25 , 2019
Nursing staff lacked regard for their personal appearance---not very well groomed for such a --so called-- high scale practice.Reception at front window were preoccupied with conversing with each other rather then assisting patients. A doctor whose name I will not mention,became rude and impatient when asking why a diagnosis could not be determined with the specific symptoms and complaints I provided.Overall, a very unpleasant and negative atmosphere.
February 15 , 2012
October 29 , 2011
I was scheduled for a procedure in office, but 3 hours beforee the appointment, the office called and informed me that I would have to reschedule in the groups outpatient surgery center. I made an appointment. One day before that appointment, and less than an hour before the drs office closed, the drs office called and said I had to go to the office and get pre-operation forms, and get the testing done in the afternoon before the operation. Any idiot can make one mistake in scheduling, but this doctors staff is both idiotic and cavalier. I will find another doctor.
March 05 , 2013
DR Vusakin has been the worst inhuman person that I have ever met. I went to the emergency room on Sunday early afternoon with my 74 yrs old mother. She has a sonogram and Dr Vusakin finally came to see her on Tuesday afternoon! He claimed that she has a tumor in her kidney. After the hospital found out that my mom’s Medicare Part B is not active, he told me to go home and come back to do further testing when she gets her Medicare active. Not to mention that didn’t care that she’s 74 yrs old & disabled with Rheumatoid Arthritis and in intense pain. I was devastated that the hospital and Dr Vusakin told me that she can’t get medical attention because she doesn’t have insurance. I would never go back to Penn Medical & specially to DR VUSAKIN. He only cares about money not helping patients. I told him to go forward with further testing for the tumor but she told me NO to my face, she needs to have her insurance active. Shame on Dr Vusakin. I wish him nothing but the best & to never forget that money is not everything in life. God bless him! FYI my mom is a US citizens...
May 17 , 2019

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Urology Group Of Princeton PA
134 Stanhope St
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