Sansum Clinic
4151 Foothill Rd
Santa Barbara, CA 93110 (Directions)
4.9 out of 5
Sansum Clinic
4151 Foothill Rd
Santa Barbara, CA 93110 (Directions)

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Rating and reviews
4.9 out of 5
56 ratings, 56 reviews
"Dr Rogers was very professional, she let me ask questions and she seemed to be very concerned about me."
September 07 , 2021
"Outstanding - excellent - "
September 05 , 2021
"excellent - this is the3rd time you've asked "
September 09 , 2021
Dr Rogers combined expertise and efficiency, explained the origins and treatment of a problem I’d had for years.
October 20 , 2021
"It was great and it’s working thanks"
August 31 , 2021
Total care from my first visit to my last visit. that includes the procedure. THANK you.
April 16 , 2021
"The doctor and her staff were prompt, efficient, to the point; very approachable and relatable."
August 30 , 2021
Professional and reassuring
November 04 , 2021
Great bed side manner. Empathetic. Solution oriented.
April 13 , 2021
Pragmatic and simple approach to patient care.
May 21 , 2019
Awesome professional!! Dr. Rogers is efficient and explains the procedure before it is performed at least twice to be sure what and how it is done is understood by the patient. She answers all questions. Her staff is also efficient, able to answer questions and concerns. Sansum Foothill is spotless and always paced, never crowded in my experience.
December 11 , 2021
Dr. Rogers has completely changed my outlook on urologists. She was able to diagnose and put me on a treatment path that has worked wonders. I feel like a new person!
June 05 , 2014
First visit was great. Felt very comfortable with Dr Rogers . Answered all my questions
September 22 , 2021
Dr. Rogers just gets me and from the first time I saw her professionally, I admired her skill, attitude, and amazing insight. She is the best urologist I could hope for and have 100% confidence in her.
April 17 , 2021
Ive tried so many options over the years for my overactive bladder. Dr. Rogers provided excellent guidance for controlling this embarrassing issue. Ive signed up to join her eCoin trial - which is a 20-minute procedure where a small electronic device is implanted in my lower leg and can control my bladder urgency. So excited to be trying out this new technology!
December 01 , 2018
Great doctor and staff at Sansum Clinic. Well organized, explains what’s going on, follow-up and referral if needed.
December 06 , 2021
Upbeat, knowledgeable about current advances in technology to make the best diagnosis as opposed to set ways other doctors seem to practice. Anxious to follow up with this doctor.
January 19 , 2018
visited twice in past two months. everything at office in top order. good protocol and bedside manners.
March 13 , 2019
Great doctor. Very positive and doesn’t give up on you. Always moving, very fast. The stand-up desk in her new office fits her.
April 15 , 2021
Needed to be evaluated for an chronic issue. Good experience. Feeling better already.
March 08 , 2019
Dr. Rodgers has been by my side since I started my treatment for overactive bladder. She has guided me with her expertise and provided a clear roadmap for me to follow. My OAB continues to improve over time. I am very thankful to have such a good co-pilot for this often stressful journey.
June 23 , 2018
This doctor has helped me so much. I was in a lot of pain with my bladder, and now Im not. Very knowledgeable.
April 15 , 2021
Great doctor. She was thorough, provided therapy suggestions and reassurance. Her primary area is bladder incontinence. Best experience with a doctor in several years. Felt I finally found someone could really understand the problem and issues.
November 02 , 2021
Best doctor I’ve seen for OAB. She is very knowledgeable and to the point. I’m expecting great results
November 10 , 2021
Dr. Rogers is awesome! I appreciated her knowledge of the bladder and my MS issues. All is working much better now??
October 25 , 2021
Dr. Rogers is good at providing support and available options. She is positive when reviewing treatments I have received and resources that may be helpful.
December 01 , 2021
"Just had my first visit. Firstly, her office ran exactly on time which seems rare anymore. She has a great bedside manor and she seems very knowledgeable. I am going back. "
August 26 , 2021
Great as always
January 14 , 2022
"Dr. Rogers is more than wonderful - exceptionally outstanding doctor."
September 02 , 2021
Dr. Rogers is very friendly, helpful and, of course, informed.
November 01 , 2021
Dr Rogers is prompt, courteous and experienced. She offers many therapies and lets the patient input guide the path of healing. We are fortunate to have her in Santa Barbara.
September 16 , 2021
Saw Dr. Rogers within a few days for hematuria. I have complete confidence in her ability and know we are very lucky to have her in Santa Barbara. She is an excellent doctor!
January 18 , 2022
Very thorough and pleasant doctor. I have great confidence in her.
October 25 , 2021
Awesome doctor. I have been through a lot over the years with having UTI’s. She found that it was something else and now no more antibiotics or problems with so called UTI’s. I have been getting treatments for my bladder and never felt better. Dr. Rogers is the greatest for knowing how to treat my problem when no one else did.
November 01 , 2021
My sincere thanks for the care that Dr. Rogers provided me over the past few months. Im grateful for everything she has done for me.
March 16 , 2019
I had bounced around to several urologists until I found Dr. Rogers. She is a breath of fresh air. Funny, honest.
April 09 , 2019
Excellent service. Very informative and personable.
October 16 , 2021
I received thorough and kind treatment from Dr. Rogers and her staff. I highly recommend her.
October 10 , 2021
Dr. Rogers was simply amazing!!! I would tell anyone to go meet with her so they can have any questions answered!
September 30 , 2021
I have met with Dr. Rogers twice now. She seems very knowledgeable and supportive in her approach to a personalized treatment for me.
April 10 , 2021
"Energetic, smart and passionate is what I would say about Dr. Rogers! She's amazing. She loves her job and it's evident! Dr. Rogers, should be your first choice!"
September 05 , 2021
Dr Rogers and her staff (Nanette and Wendy) are always terrific and supportive—my procedure was difficult for me and they took extra care reassuring me and making me as comfortable as possible.
October 31 , 2021
Dr Rogers is up on the latest therapies and has a cheerful bedside manner. I am lucky to have her as my urologist.
September 14 , 2021
By far one of the best doctors Ive ever seen. I feel very lucky to have such a caring and thorough practitioner.
November 11 , 2018
Dr. Rogers was great, very informative, knowledgeable and explained all the options available for my diagnosis. I highly recommend her and look forward to my next visit.
October 25 , 2021
Dr. Rogers was able to diagnose my over-active bladder and put me on a customized program to alleviate my symptoms. It took me about 6 weeks - but I am now dry and have regained control of my bladder.
March 04 , 2019
"I found Dr. Rogers to be efficient, refreshingly direct, professional, caring and knowledgable. "
August 24 , 2021
Dr. Rogers was personable, informative and reassuring that I will have a quick and easy solution for my problem - I am already experiencing relief after only 3 days!
November 12 , 2021
Very efficient as always. Dr. Rogers explains thoroughly and answers any questions in language which can be easily understood. Her staff in back are like she is: efficient and thorough. One receptionist, female, dark hair came at me when I answered my phone for work and told me I needed to take it outside; voice and speech were very harsh and made me feel like I was about to have my phone yanked out of my hand. I am oncall 24/7 and answered the phone automatically when I noted who was calling
January 09 , 2022
She was very professional and very satisfied with her services.
March 05 , 2022
I have had urgency problems for the past 20 years and Dr. Rogers is without a doubt the best Dr. that has ever treated me, she always listens to my concerns, takes action and always has my best interest at heart.
May 29 , 2014
Dr. Rogers was my second opinion for a chronic bladder problem. She evaluated me throughly and determined several paths for me to try to improve. In the end, I was a good candidate for Interstim and Dr. Rogers dialed in this device and completely changed my urgency issues. Im leak-free for 1.5 years and can now walk and play golf without any worries!
June 01 , 2018
I have been Dr. Rogers patient for 3 years now and Im so amazed at her ability to listen and offer solutions. I went to her when I was desperate for a solution to my problem. Dr Rogers offered me options which she thoroughly took time to explain the pros and cons of each option. Her energy is amazing but yet, she never rushes through your appointment with her. She is caring, and wants to genuinely help you get back to your happy, healthy life. Highly recommend her as one of the best doctors at Samsun.
April 22 , 2021
Easy to talk to understands my issues and concerns. She listens and we came up with a great solution
October 29 , 2021
Solve my painful bladder problem in just 2 visits.
November 20 , 2018
This doctor is cold blooded mean and dishonest! Spare yourself and don’t go see her!
October 04 , 2019

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