Cleveland Clinic Florida Naples
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4.8 out of 5
Cleveland Clinic Florida Naples
6101 Pine Ridge Rd
Naples, FL 34119 (Directions)

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4.8 out of 5
160 ratings, 160 reviews
Dr Rosen takes his time with you explaining everything you need to know .also his staff is very good.all around great job.
July 24 , 2020
Everyone was very nice, but more important, well-informed. Dr. Rosen was very thoughtful and listened carefully to our concerns.
January 30 , 2022
Surgery and follow up. All went well , Dr Rosen Is a very good doctor in all aspects: knowledge, bed side, and ability. I am glad he was my doctor.
August 22 , 2021
It’s always a great appointment!DrRosen and his staff are very my good! Dr Risen has made my life a lot better . I highly recommend him!
January 24 , 2022
Dr Rosen inspires confidence with his knowledge, his thoroughness using available diagnostic tools and explaining results and prognoses. His office personnel from office admittance to exit scheduling are very professional.
November 09 , 2020
Only had 1 appt but so far, VERY happy. Good bedside manner, professional, thorough & attentive. 2nd appt 2moro so I'll keep u all posted! Fran
March 01 , 2023
Extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Saved my life by detecting very early cancer cells in my bladder.
September 29 , 2021
He came in prepared - had read my file beforehand. That sped things up and facilitated the discussion.
December 05 , 2021
Excellent care, very detailed explanations that are outstanding and build understanding for his patients . An outstanding physician who listens and truly cares about your medical health! I completely trust his judgment and expertise.
December 12 , 2021
Very caring, takes time to explain conditions, no rush. Excellent experience.
November 17 , 2021
Wonderful staff and friendly, appointments on time, Dr Rosen very knowledgeable, kind and on to the point. I highly recommend, 5?????????????????
August 03 , 2022
Dr. Rosen is very professional, knowledgeable and clearly lays out my test results and treatment plan. I know I’m in very good hands with him!
September 01 , 2021
I am very impressed with Dr Rosen and his Staff. He provides excellent treatment and his staff is prompt and courteous.
January 05 , 2023
Good doctor. Somewhat hurried visit. Grossly understaffed reception desk.
February 22 , 2023
I have been seeing Dr. Rosen for 5 years. He has an excellent bed side manor. Always makes time to explain and answer questions. I trust him completely. His staff is excelly.
February 08 , 2022
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Easy to understand and talk to.
January 04 , 2022
Dr. Rosen is knowledgeable and doesn’t make you feel like he is in a hurry to end your visit. It’s nice to have a doctor that gives you time to tell him your issues.
October 25 , 2020
Detailed explanation of symptoms/diagnosis and treatment plan options Provided detailed options
May 01 , 2022
Excellent and very detailed in reviewing patients X- Rays for evaluation. Great staff too.
December 06 , 2020
Dr. Rosen is very professional with many redeeming qualities. He is very caring with a great bedside manner, extremely knowledgeable in urology. He runs a very efficient office and explains everything in language you will understand so that you always feel comfortable. He is the best of the best in doctors that you will find anywhere. I rarely recommend doctors but Dr. Rosen is exceptional.
June 11 , 2021
Great Doctor, very knowledgeable. Great disposition.
February 20 , 2023
Excellent doctor. Very personable and professional. Very friendly staff.
May 16 , 2022
I would highly recommend. Great experience. Very detailed and professional!
December 08 , 2021
Been a patient for four years and very satisfied with Dr Rosen
January 23 , 2022
Excellent. Clear in explanations. Easily understood Staff helpful a courteous .
January 05 , 2022
Excellent as always . Very knowledgeable and concerned about continuing issues.
April 07 , 2022
Very clear about telling you what’s wrong. And good about telling how to fix it.
November 18 , 2022
DR Rosen is one of the best in his field five stars across the board
May 01 , 2022
Dr Rosen was very precise with his assessment of my situation and made it a lot easier for me to understand.
August 24 , 2021
Dr Rosen is exceptional! He gets right to the point, explains everything very carefully and made me feel as though he had a clear understanding right from the very first time I met him. I had met with two other Urologists in Collier County and they scared me!!! Their lack of commitment to their specialty was shameful. Dr Rosen is passionate about his work which just so happens to be an MD specializing in Uralogy! Good for you Dr Rosen!
March 04 , 2022
Dr Rosen is an excellent urologist. Kept me well informed about what was happening what to expect and had a good plan to deal with my issue. Staff was great very cordial and helpful. Best part was that I was see on time or early at each visit
March 14 , 2022
Excellent experience and care. I highly recommend him and his staff.
November 03 , 2021
Caring and understanding, knowledgeable about all urology related issues and trends. He actually listens to your comment and concerns.
September 06 , 2021
Dr Rosens is outstanding. His knowledge and expertise extends well beyond his field of Urology. I happened to mention a problem of fatigue and lack of stamina, a long term issue about which Ive consulted many doctors to no avail. He prescribed a treatment which helped alleviate the problem. Im truly grateful.
February 17 , 2020
Always on time. Explains everything very clearly. Great education and really personable.
May 05 , 2020
dr rosen & his staff are top notch!!! not a better urologist in town!!!
May 26 , 2021
As always , it was an excellent visit with Dr Rosen
February 24 , 2022
This was an annual visit. He solved a serious problem for me last year.
March 31 , 2021
Dr. Rosen was very friendly and polite. I didnt feel rushed when I asked questions. Most importantly, he wasnt condescending in the least. Some doctors Ive come across make you feel stupid for asking questions. They should lose their medical licenses for that because patients need to completely understand their ailments so they can have confidence. Dr. Rosen was able to get me in quickly and his staff is amazing (so friendly). Would recommend him without hesitation to my family and friends.
February 07 , 2021
I like dr Rosen, when I was in a pinch with my meds he helped me out by calling it in the same day. Nice guy and knowledgeable.
January 27 , 2020
My wife and I felt very at ease with Dr Rosen. Provide information and details about my issues. Scheduled followup visit. Would highly recommend him to friends and family.
April 07 , 2022
Got me in on emergency follow up to ER visit and develop a game plan
March 22 , 2022
Dr Rosen was personable, relatable, helpful regarding my medical needs & made a prompt assessment with a helpful plan of action. His staff are personable & professional. I am thankful for his medical presence & care. Cheers, Eric G. Fillinger
January 09 , 2023
Dr Rosen’s staff was excellent. Got me in and out quickly. Dr Rosen examined me , and was able to set my mind at ease. Would recommend highly.
April 26 , 2021
Excellent visit. Treated very well.
September 22 , 2022
Very helpful on walking you through the process that you have to deal with
July 06 , 2020
Very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend him…
October 07 , 2021
I am very happy with Dr Rosen and his nurse Simone who were very carrying and offered me a solution for my recurrent UTI problem. While other doctors just dismissed my discomfort they took the time to diagnose and treat me quickly and accurately. I am 100% thrilled with the excellent care that I received. I have been treated by 2 other urologists who could have cared less about me. Simone his nurse called me with my lab results so I would have what I needed before the weekend. Thank you!!
March 18 , 2021
Dr. Rosen inspires confidence with his friendly approach. Office team is very professional and waiting time was less than expected.
November 11 , 2020
Never too good when you have to see a urologist, but he is as comforting as one could be.
February 06 , 2022
All is good everything is working fine problem solved
November 11 , 2020
Hes a really great doctor. Took the time to explain everything, easy to make an appointment, and followed up on my issues until they were solved.
September 04 , 2013
Have been pleased with his expertise
December 13 , 2022
I have been a patient of Dr. Rosen for almost 5 years now since he diagnosed my prostate cancer. I have been under his Active Surveillance and I have total trust in his treatment of my condition with multiple MRIs & biopsies. Dr. Rosen & his staff are very professional and personable. I highly recommend Dr. Rosen to patients in need of a top flight urologist!
November 21 , 2022
A very truthful and honest person. Told me everything I had any questions about.
June 09 , 2021
Dr Rosen is the finest of all in all respects. Wherever I may roam, Ill return to Dr Rosen at all costs.
March 07 , 2021
My first time. No complaints. Right now playing phone tag trying to reschedule my appointment
March 01 , 2022
Pleased with visit. Very knowledgeable and punctual.
August 23 , 2021
Very professional, efficient.
November 10 , 2022
Dr Rosen was very knowledgeable about my problem and he made me feel good when he said he was going to help me.
December 17 , 2020
Awesome staff, on time appt., knowledgeable doctor. Definitely going back!
January 30 , 2022
Staff were informed, courteous and supportive and created a relaxed atmosphere.
November 14 , 2021
Young doc but still knowledgeable. allxis his nurse was very nice, and got me squared away over the phone. gals that set up my surgery were very bubbly. Dr. rosen answered all my questions thoroughly.
November 20 , 2013
I found Dr. Rosen to be caring and very responsive to my needs. Im thrilled to have found him.
April 14 , 2021
Dr Rosen was exceptional. He was spot on with all recommendations and follow up was outstanding. Never felt in better hands this his. His office staff went out of their way to ensure every th hung I need was provided and had me in to see the Dr on short notice.
March 09 , 2017
Dr Rosen and his staff are very knowledgeable, professional and responsive.
November 15 , 2021
Professional, dispassionate, knowledgeable. Explains diagnosis and provides clear recommendations. Explains
March 20 , 2022
As always my visit was on time and informative. Feel confident with Dr Rosen.
August 18 , 2021
Very professional. Very knowledgeable. Dr Rosen cares about what he does and for his patience. Excellent.
November 14 , 2019
Very professional and personal with great bedside manner
April 01 , 2022
"Dr. Rosen is excellent from diagnosis and surgery to follow up. He is ultra knowledgeable, professional and patient with any and all questions making for an overall pleasant as possible experience. I highly recommend Dr. Rosen and Physicians Regional. "
January 11 , 2021
Helpful front desk.Efficient & professional assistant.
March 31 , 2021
Dr Rosen is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. What impressed us mostly was that if you needed to see him immediately, he would fit us into his schedule. He is very prompt and his staff are competent and friendly.
December 08 , 2022
Very professional but also listened to concerns. Went to him to establish a Urologist in FL, very happy with him.
November 24 , 2020
Very informative. Excellent bed side manner. Very easy to talk to
December 15 , 2021
Excellent and thorough doctor with an efficient staff.
October 28 , 2021
Because of the Covid Pandemic these are difficult times to practice in person, non emergency medicine. Once the numbers are more safe I believe physicians will have a better opportunity to practice unhampered by restrictions and secondary concerns.
March 21 , 2021
Dr. Rosen is so nice and helpful and always listen to me to help. Glad I found him. Thank you
January 03 , 2021
Dr Rosen was friendly and professional. A good listener and easy to talk to.
February 17 , 2021
Great doctor! Very easy to talk to, good listener, took time to answer every question.
May 03 , 2021
In and out quickly and all my questions professionally answered.
October 27 , 2021
Performed a RARP surgery and the recovery and results were better than expected. Dr. Rosen gets right to the point, open to any question with a knowledgable response. Very fortunate to be referred to him for my surgery.
May 11 , 2022
I feel very lucky to have been treated for prostate cancer by Dr. Rosen. His guidance from detection through recovery resulted in excellent outcomes on all accounts.
November 17 , 2021
I have been a patient of Dr. Rosen for the past four years. He treats me with respect, give me great support and advice on my medical needs. I have recommended Dr. Rosen to my friends and close associates.
January 18 , 2022
I have been seeing Dr Rosen for 3 years. I have been extremely happy with him. As a retired health professional, I consider him to be very knowledgeable about his field and is always personable and respects my time. I was being treated for a problem for years up north. He made some adjustments to my treatment that have worked out very well for me.
December 30 , 2020
Follow up visit was fast, efficient and provided good advice
January 12 , 2022
Everything was done efficiently. Staff was extremely helpful with insurance and scheduling. Dr. Rosen was pleasant and competent.
March 07 , 2021
Prompt visit, listened & went over records to advise on my medical condition.Personable & very knowledgeable.Would highly recommend him.
August 26 , 2021
Great staff and doctor. They took good care of me.
August 27 , 2021
I am a snowbird, and from the moment I arrived until I left I felt very comfortable. Staff was very helpful and Dr Rosen was wonderful and cared very much about me and his explanation on what to do going forward do that I would totally understand.
January 26 , 2021
Dr. Rosen takes the time to listen and answer questions and address my concerns in a proffesional and knowlegable manner.
February 20 , 2022
Very nice Very thorough and easy to understand and he and his staff is very professional and always is punctual !!
November 01 , 2020
Have used Dr Rosen for four years. He has been excellent in draining the hydro electric every s 6 months.
March 31 , 2021
Dr. Rosen is thorough, very informed on the latest treatments, and extremely user friendly. If you need a Urologist he’s your guy.
April 29 , 2021
very capable and efficient - great doc for my needs at my age (80)
January 07 , 2022
Very helpful and open. Takes time to explain procedures andante answers question in a considerate manner
October 08 , 2020
I have a great deal of confidence with Dr Rosen care
January 25 , 2022
Very friendly staff and Doctor.Dr Rosen does a good job of explaining situations that I might deal with. Extremely please that I went with him.
November 24 , 2021
Very friendly & efficient staff. A thorough check-up and discussion.
April 14 , 2022
Dr. Rosen is very professional & thorough! He takes the time to explain his findings & clearly explains the options. He has a great bedside manner and a positive attitude. Alexis is very responsive to my questions that I send in via the portal. I couldn’t be in better hands than with Dr. Rosen!!!
September 22 , 2020
Excellent follow through, was specific, answered all question and was very personable.
November 04 , 2020
Excellent doctor! Extremely knowledgeable and friendly and helpful.
December 22 , 2020
Wonderful staff and friendly, appointments on time, Dr Rosen very knowledgeable, kind and on to the point. I highly recommend, 5️⃣💯💯💯💯💯
August 03 , 2022
Excellent experience. Very thought and very positive.
October 14 , 2021
Dr Rosen did an excellent job of diagnosing and resolving my medical condition in an efficient and effective manner. I felt very comfortable in his care.
November 08 , 2020
Post surgery , very happy with out come.Staff is knowledgeable and friendly and Dr . Rosen very good surgeon .Answered all ofmy question and good bedside communication.
February 27 , 2022
Dr. Rosen is very efficient and through I would recommend him to anyone.
August 29 , 2021
Dr. Rosen is an excellent urologist who was so helpful with my urologic problem and was also so very courteous. I happen to be a retired OB/GYN, and was very satisfied with his treatment of me, and I highly recommend him without question.
September 05 , 2022
Highly recommended urologist in Naples, FL. Caring, capable and clear communication.
December 12 , 2021
Dr. Rosen was both personable and professional. This was my initial visit, and he was focused, to the point, and very pleasant. First impression inspired confidence.
August 23 , 2022
Great doctor. Professional, confident, and very knowledgeable.
May 10 , 2022
Very thorough explanation of problem and need for further testing evaluation.
June 09 , 2021
Very nice spent time and answered my questions clearly
January 14 , 2021
Knowledgeable, interested in my health, listens well, punctual, great staff culminating in sound recommendations.
May 05 , 2021
Dr Rosen was able to get me in quickly as a new patient becauseI have a concerning painful, urinary/kidney health issue. He was very knowledgeable, courteous and listened to me. He quickly ordered important tests which revealed that I have kidney health issues. I will be following up with Dr. Rosen for additional testing and care. Thank you Dr Rosen and staff!
November 05 , 2022
Dr. Rosen was very helpful and knowledgeable and professional. He also responded to a message from me the following day. I feel confident having him as my doctor. The staff was friendly and efficient.
February 16 , 2023
He made me feel he was interested in what was going on with me. Right now I feel confident he was very clear. So far so good
January 14 , 2021
As a fellow physician, he was efficient, personable and knowledgeable.
December 20 , 2020
Always enjoy my sessions with Dr. Rosen, He is knowledgeable, professional and kind.
June 16 , 2020
Personal, professional and efficient I would no hesitation in recommending him friends.
January 20 , 2022
Very efficient and competent. He analyzed my problem and suggested logical solutions.
March 09 , 2021
Dr. Rosen and his staff were very prompt and friendly. I felt very comfortable with him.
January 19 , 2023
Great doctor, listens and shows true concern for my issues.
February 09 , 2022
Extremely professional.Took the time to explain everything and what procedures to take to deal with my problem.Reru attentive and knowledgeable.
February 04 , 2021
Dr. Rosen performed a post-surgery exam on 3/5/22. He was very knowledgeable, professional and took the time to explain my recovery schedule. Overall ….Solid A for his surgerical skills and good communication with patients like me….
March 16 , 2022
Efficient office visits. Personable Dr with successful outcome
March 30 , 2021
Great doctor and staff. Very knowledgeable and caring.
November 09 , 2021
Dr Rosen and staff have been very helpful and professional.
October 08 , 2021
Dr Rosen and his staff are always friendly .They answers all my questions and always keep good communication lines opened if I have a problem.
March 28 , 2022
Knows my concerns and relates to them. Has knowledge of my other medical issues.
October 13 , 2021
Reviewed lab results and quick check of prostate. On time and easy to understand explanations.
January 24 , 2021
First class doctor who has excellent skills in the medical field as well as in the world of communications.
December 01 , 2021
On going so it’s a bit premature for an overall evaluation
February 03 , 2022
I wish I had discovered Dr Rosen earlier. All previous experiences with other urologists pale in comparison. Compassionate and skilled. Highly recommend.
November 10 , 2021
Written release instructions not same as verbal. However I was not alert enough to be absolutely sure, So when I returned home I had to place a call to clarify. Seemed there was miscommunication on so m eones end. Doubt it was doctors.
September 28 , 2021
I had a very positive experience with Dr. Rosen. He was informative and helpful.
January 21 , 2022
Dr Rosen has been my urologist for close to 20 years and I really appreciate all that he does that helps me out
October 06 , 2021
The first time I visited I was on time but was told that I should have been there 15 minutes earlier and therefore could not see the doctor. I was never informed of this issue. I made another appointment and everything went well.
February 06 , 2022
Visit with the doctor was extremely short. Felt the information exchanged could have been handled w/ a questionnaire or telephone appointment with the nurs. Also felt that I could have been asked to bring a urine sample since I did not have a sufficient amount in my bladder to provide one - confirmed by an ultrasound. No suggestion to drink some water was offered. And since a cystoscopy was prescribed, if that was going to be necessary, makes more sense to me that it would have been sceduled and done during this initial visit. Now it requires yet another appointment! I have however already benefited from Dr Rosens prescription of mybetriq... for which I am grateful.
November 25 , 2021
First time visit. Will let You know more on My follow ups
October 20 , 2021
Receptionist was short and rude with every single patient.
November 02 , 2021
Dr. Rosen is personal and professional. He gave me specific and factual information in a compassionate manner, carefully explaining each finding and situation without mincing words or making unrealistic statements. Hes a good listener, asks pertinent questions, and is ON TIME for appointments. Definitely my type of professional physician!!
April 03 , 2022
Great doctor. I was very pleased and recommend him to all my friends and family
January 02 , 2022
Not the greatest communicator. Otherwise satisfactory.
May 17 , 2022
Very happy with Dr Rosen. Seemed very conscientious and intent on solving my problem.
February 23 , 2021
Would appreciate more time to have questions answered.
January 14 , 2022
Top-notch professional. Excellent doctor-patient rapport.
October 24 , 2021
Dr Rosen was on time and very efficient. Yet he answered all questions. This was my first appointment with him. I look forward to seeing him with a follow up visit.
February 23 , 2022
On time, courteous, well informed. Dr.Rosen was considering
February 02 , 2022
Very good visit with Dr Rosen. He and his staff are very professional
October 14 , 2021
Did not have time to get all my questions answered
March 13 , 2022
Dr Rosen maybe a good Doctor but is rather short Dr. Rosen might be a very good Doctor but seems distracted when he is speaking to his patients. I did not get a warm feeling that he cared for the patient just the illness. His staff is very nice.
June 20 , 2021
Would have appreciated more detailed explanations of total scope of treatment. After hospital procedure didn’t follow up with my wife nor me. Had to ask allot of questions about what was next. Overall poor communication. Appears to be very good procedure wise.
April 05 , 2022
"Staff not great. "
November 03 , 2021
Except for for the check out person. staff and Dr Rosen gave a very impersonal, uncaring attitude.
July 15 , 2023
"I had an appointment today with Dr. Rosen for a follow up visit from an ablation I had two years ago. I showed up to his office 10 mins. early to be told he had moved across the street for which no one informed me that he had moved when they confirmed my appointment. From the time I got back in my car and drove across the street to his office, it was 2:05. My appointment was at 2:00. I was told by ..."
May 26 , 2022
My husband had a CT scan and found a mass in his is absurd that because of season in FL, he has to wait 6 weeks for a biopsy. This clinic and hospital is not staffed enough for a full time resident to have to wait that long for what could be a serious condition.
March 07 , 2023
TOTAL waste of time. This man offered no solutions to my most recent issue because he would not listen to me. Barely reviewed my records which I had submitted 3 weeks prior. Demonstrated total ignorance and indifference to my questions. Could not leave the room quick enough. Save your time and money. My visit with Mr. Rosen was the worst I have ever had with a physician.
December 08 , 2022
I had an appointment today with Dr. Rosen for a follow up visit from an ablation I had two years ago. I showed up to his office 10 mins. early to be told he had moved across the street for which no one informed me that he had moved when they confirmed my appointment. From the time I got back in my car and drove across the street to his office, it was 2:05. My appointment was at 2:00. I was told by the receptionist that she hoped she could check me in because he has a 5 min. cancellation policy. She called back to his nurse and they said he could see me but I would have to wait until 3:10. I was so upset that I asked for my ultrasound results and left. Physicians Regional and Dr. Rosen just lost me as a patient. You might want to inform patients that the office has moved. So sad.
May 26 , 2022
"My review needs a negative scale, so he is getting 1 star as per this form. My visit on 9/3/2021 was to investigate a post surgery complication. My wife came to the appointment as I am very weak. The nurse denied her entry and did not offer me any assistance to get to the exam room. I have mask allergies documented with the hospital and came with a face shield. (which we know is as useless ..."
September 03 , 2021

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