Arizona Oncology Associates PC
5133 N Central Ave, Suite 206
Phoenix, AZ 85012 (Directions)
4.7 out of 5
Arizona Oncology Associates PC
5133 N Central Ave, Suite 206
Phoenix, AZ 85012 (Directions)

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4.7 out of 5
63 ratings, 63 reviews
Best doctor for Urolift ....has done the most with the best results… Very honest
March 17 , 2017
He is the only doctor I know that does all of the BPH procedures that are available out there and chooses the procedure based on your specifications. There are a couple of other doctors out there that are high on the Internet searches but when I did research on them they had a lot of lawsuits or medical board issues. Do your research!!! I did mine andin addition to be highly rated, Dr. Borhan is a five time top doctor as voted by his peers. I had my procedure and Im only getting up one time and night asopposed to seven. Thank you Dr. Borhan.
April 08 , 2017
Dr Borhan is by far the best doctor I have ever seen. Kind and compassionate and a great surgeon. Took time with me and my family and I am as good as new after the surgery. I am glad I didnt listen to my primary care and go his network referral doctor; instead I asked around and found Dr Borhan. He had operated on one of my neighbors and he raved about him. I would recommend him without hesitation!
January 20 , 2017
Great surgeon. Quick diagnosis with timely surgery and didnt even need pain medications. Great doctor.
May 26 , 2016
"Dr. Borhan is the epitome of the physician and the results we all desire in a health threating situation. I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in 11 of 12 biopsies. This was at the height of the pandemic which made the situation even more chaotic for me and the Dr.'s office. He clearly explained my options and what to expect along the way. What I found most comforting was not his assurance, but rather ..."
May 13 , 2021
I chose Dr Borhan because he was the best in Arizona and my own doctor had his surgery with Dr Borhan with great results. After an initial detailed consultation where he stayed extra after hours to talk to me, I had my prostate removed three months ago and have no leakage and thankfully am fully functional! I owe my life to Dr Borhan.
August 06 , 2017
Best doctor I have ever had. Great bedside manner. He could be a comedian. Made me feel good about my cancer diagnosis and the fact that I would survive. Wait can be long but he is WORTH it.
February 25 , 2017
Best robotic surgeon! He did my surgery in an hour and Im cancer free. What an amazing surgeon in Arizona and whats even better is his personality.
April 30 , 2019
Best prostate cancer surgeon in AZ hands down and I am a physician myself.
August 17 , 2019
So caring and excellent bedside manner. Needed no pain meds after surgery
May 20 , 2016
Phenomenal surgeon with great bedside manner and caring.
May 24 , 2016
Best doctor I have ever seen. Thoughtful, compassionate and thorough. I am happy I found him.
January 16 , 2017
Bless you Dr Ali Borhan a million times for performing my surgery and saving me from a place called rock gravel prostate misery. You truly are the best and I’m very lucky to have you as a urologist. May you live very long and prosper.
December 17 , 2020
Best Dr I have ever had. The wait can be long though but he is well worth it. Great bedside manner!
April 16 , 2017
One of the best doctors Ive ever seen. Empathic, compassionate, very easy to communicate with, it seemed like he understood exactly what I was going through. The best part was that the surgery was almost pain-free and he literally made me laugh before, and after the procedure. He is a character. Reminds me of that movie Patch! Adams
June 03 , 2017
Great bedside manner and very very bright. I am a surgeon myself and he knows how to handle other physicians and yet be compassionate. Highly satisfied.
January 24 , 2017
He is by far the best robotic surgeon in the state and frankly in the area. I live in New Mexico and upon finding out that was diagnosed with prostate cancer I decided to seek out the best surgeon in the nearby area and after an exhaustive search found Dr. Borhan. After making an appointment and meeting him, I was further reassured by his calm demeanor and his expertise. The surgery took place about 3 weeks after we met and I have frankly had a miraculous recovery. I barely had to use a pad for a few weeks and I am already fully dry and the --important-- parts work just like they did before the procedure. Amazing surgeon.
October 29 , 2018
Five years ago I became his patient to solve my own issues.Due to his high experience , skills,and throughness of examination and performance I am doing okey today. Five years ago,I went to the hospital to have kidney stones removed,during the procedure dr Borhan noticed an unusual growth,so he did the biopsy and it turned out to be urothelial carcinoma,tumor! During the surgery he removed the cancer part and ,reimplanted the ureter,he also fixed the wrongful prostate surgery done in another country. Thank you very much DR.BORHAN!
July 22 , 2022
Breath of fresh air. Kind, generous and empathic. Looked a little tired on my visit day but shared about himself and his personal experiences and I felt that he understood my anxiety and issues. Rare to get that kind of care these days...wait was a little long but well worth it!
January 25 , 2017
"Honest, talented and direct. Have been forced by mother nature to seek help from urologists for forty years. This doctor is the best I've seen. Cuts to the chase and gives you all the benefits of his experience. "
April 25 , 2022
Best minimally invasive surgeon in town. Most importantly the nicest doctor I have ever had. Great bedside manner. Wait time can be long though.
June 26 , 2019
"I never write reviews but felt compelled after my highly successful treatment for prostate cancer. Dr. Borhan guided me through the entire process without any bias of treatment while methodically explaining all my options, I found this refreshing after some previous less than exemplifying experiences with other highly recommended physicians. I appreciated his direct approach.. His precise/concise ..."
May 05 , 2020
Looked for the top rated doc in the area and found him. Did my urolift BPH procedure. outstanding!!!!
December 22 , 2016
Amazing personality and very thoughtful...he seems to know how to make you feel comfortable unlike many other docs
February 03 , 2016
I came to see him for enlarged prostate issues after seeing three other urologists. I am in my 40s and he looked at me carefully and started to go the direction of prostate cancer. I am now 42 and he diagnosed me with aggressive prostate cancer when all the other ones missed it including the guys in the bigger groups. I am a little mad a my regular doctor for sending me to his --friend-- rather than Dr Borhan. I wasted 8 months of my life being misdiagnosed. He operated on me and now I am 3 months out and everything works and I mean everything. Thank you Dr B!
July 08 , 2018
Best doctor... ever! Kind, generous, and patch adams....
November 11 , 2021
Amazing doctor and good listener! He is more interested in listening to what you have to say, hearing what your concerns are, rather than rushing into a surgery like some of the other urologist out there. Has a great --human-- quality.
July 20 , 2016
Best vasectomy doc. Felt no pain. Great surgeon. Would recommend!
June 03 , 2016
By far the best urologist in the state. Very open and honest and direct. Not afraid to tell you his opinion. Very thorough exam and gave me a lot of treatment options to think about. Excellent communication skills and empathy.
February 21 , 2018
Amazing doctor with great bedside manner! He was direct, honest and kind and made me feel at home!
January 02 , 2016
"Saw Dr. Ali Borhan at his office on Tatum Blvd in Phoenix yesterday as a new patient. They made us feel very welcome and are very nice. We traveled over 200 and something miles to see him. Our first impression of him is that he is very nice and really listens to what you have to say. Dr. Ali does not sugar coat things and tells it like it is and is very direct but in a nice way. He is caring and ..."
February 17 , 2022
Best Urologists in town hands down…Did my research and had a perfect outcome after my surgery. He is kind of funny and gifted. Wait time can be a little long.
June 11 , 2021
Kind , compassionate, and great bedside manner. Best surgical experience I have ever had. Would recommend without hesitation.
June 05 , 2017
By far the kindest, most giving, and most understanding doctor I ever had. The wait can be a little long, but its funny that his other patients tell you that its going to be OK its worth the wait. Made me chuckle!
July 07 , 2017
Amazing doctor with great hands. I had stone surgery and didnt take a single pain medication after the procedure. By far the best urologist in Scottsdale. Im very lucky to have found him.
July 28 , 2017
Amazing surgeon with a great bedside manner....Highly recommended
December 25 , 2014
Let me start by saying that I’ve had many good doctors over my lifetime, Including my oncologist, my primary doctor and a few other people on the way. I have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, which has unfortunately blocked my kidneys. I need periodic stent changes to keep them open and was getting these with another urologist. He was abrupt and impersonal and heartless. I talk to my primary care Doctor who unfortunately told me that she liked my Urologist and that he is a “good doctor.” Well that wasn’t good enough! I did some research and found Dr. Borhan. What a difference. Despite my diagnosis, he smiled at me and made me feel comfortable; he asked about my family how they were dealing with everything; he talked about his own personal experiences with cancer; and he gave me the name of the person in the office who would be the contact person so I wouldn’t get the runaround. Most important of all when it came time for surgery it was flawless. I’ve never met another doctor like him and I don’t know how much longer I have, but I’m happy to be under his care, where that word Care means something.
July 28 , 2018
Great surgeon period! He is able to relate complex medical topics using very simple and at time memorable analogies that make you --get it--; doesnt talk at you or over you. He definitely is different from the rest.
May 20 , 2017
Best surgeon in AZ hands down. Saved my life! Prostate cancer gone and EVERYTHING WORKS!
July 16 , 2018
Amazing surgeon and doctor. I would highly recommend.
April 30 , 2018
Best doctor Ive ever had. I went to him for an large prostate BPH evaluation andhe did an amazing job.I finally had to choose between the UROLIFT or the greenlight laser (both of which he is top rated doctor in Arizona) and we went with the laser procedure since I had a bigger prostate. The surgery was flawless and I was back at work within three days without any pain or bleeding or any of the other side effects I had read online and was worried about. The best part of it however was that Dr. Borhan kept the whole process stress-free with a sense of humor and his mastery of the moment. Like I said, the best doctor Ive ever had. I already thanked my regular doctor for the referral and he told me that Dr. Borhan operated on him too.
September 13 , 2017
Great doctor. Had urolift with amazing results. Honest, funny and refreshing!
February 19 , 2018
Dr. Borhan is such a great doctor! He’s professional, funny, explains everything he’s doing in detail, and is very personable which makes the visits more comfortable and the patient (me) more relaxed. You don’t always find doctors that are superior in both their practice and their bedside manner. He’s the best of both. His staff is also very welcoming and very friendly. Definitely a 5 star rating from me.
May 05 , 2021
Amazing surgeon with best bedside manner I have ever seen...
March 24 , 2016
I loved my experiences with Dr. Borhan, considering the circumstances of my visit. He is prompt, professional, and knowledgeable, has a good sense of humor, and is extremely competent. He is patient and caring, and explored all of the possible data before making a decision on how to proceed with my case. It was evident that he considered surgery as a last resort. In addition, his nurses are extremely efficient, organized, and nice. Again, considering my reasons for being there, I couldnt have hoped for a better visit. I highly recommend Dr. Borhan.
December 08 , 2019
If you are looking for a doctor with empathy and kindness he s your guy. I was referred to a different doctor in scottsdale but had a very bad experience. I felt more like a dollar bill in his pocket than a patient. I have to admit that Dr Borhans wait t get an appointment and even in the waiting area is quite long but well worth it. Its actually funny, as I was waiting for him for the first visit one of the other patients in the waiting area told me to --not worry-- and that it is worth the wait. He told me that he would take his time with me when I was back there and it was true. My case required extra time and he kept me till the end of the office visit and we chatted for another hour till I felt better. What a gem! As the other guy mentioned, WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!
January 23 , 2017
Very very good surgeon with a knack for calming you down when you are stressed. He is empathic beyond words, like he understands you. I was very impressed with both the office visit and the surgery.
September 15 , 2017
Dr Borhan is GREAT. Would recommend him without hesitation. All questions are answered so that you understand everything.
June 09 , 2023
Gifted surgeon. We were told that no one would or could do y husbands procedure but he was able to do it. Worth the two month wait!
January 27 , 2017
Amazing surgeon. Very confident and very experienced. I am a concierge patient and had been under the care of another urologist who botched up my surgery. Doctor Borhan was chosen to clean up the mess and boy did he do an awesome job. Thank you.
November 18 , 2017
I was originally diagnosed with prostate cancer in Miami, Florida. We were contemplating a move to Arizona, but I wanted to make sure that there was someone out there to take care of me, otherwise I would have the surgery done in Miami. After doing some research I realized the Dr Borhan is one of the top urological surgeons in the United States and one of the first to be trained in Robotics. I chose him to perform my surgery and them very happy I did. Surgery was a lot easier and better than I thought and I have not had to wear a diaper since day one. Best of all I am fully functional just like it was before the surgery. To make it even better, Dr. Borhan made a copy of the surgery and we had a chance to watch it during the follow-up. Definitely would recommend him hands down.
December 31 , 2018
Explains things very well. Great bedside manner and caring.
January 19 , 2019
"Five years ago I became his patient to solve my own issues.Due to his high experience , skills,and throughness of examination and performance I am doing okey today. Five years ago,I went to the hospital to have kidney stones removed,during the procedure dr Borhan noticed an unusual growth,so he did the biopsy and it turned out to be urothelial carcinoma,tumor! During the surgery he removed the ..."
July 22 , 2022
By far the best doctor I am ever had. Very easy to talk to and extremely understanding. He adjusted his day off schedule to be able to accommodate my surgery because of the pain I was having. Who does that? I was so impressed that I switched my dad to him from his existing Urologist. Dr. Borhan Is one-of-a-kind!
October 18 , 2017
Best doctor I have ever had. Kind, thoughtful, and able to feel your anxiety and address it. He had a busy office and still took all the time in the world to talk to me and after discussing my medical issue, looked up at me and asked --how are you feeling in the middle of all of this?-- I have never had a doctor ask me that and no one had asked that since I was diagnosed. I cried and he offered a tissue and stayed with me and actually gave me a hug and I needed one. Surgery went well and I have done well but I will never forget that visit. I have never had a doctor like him.
June 29 , 2016
Brilliant doctor with amazing bedside manner. I like the fact that he teaches and his current with informationand that makes all the difference in the world.
November 17 , 2016
This urologist help me with my urology problems that I had for the last three years the surgery I had with dr Borham help. But was scheduled for another surgery. But the billing office vanssia. Said 350 dollars or I will cancel your surgery. I cancel the surgery so dr Ali Borham is a excellent urologist if you have the money
March 06 , 2021
Absolutely the best doctor around. You may wait.awhile but he is the most skilled and caring doctor ever.
March 20 , 2011
Dr. was 1 hour late the 1st time I saw him & he told me to make an appointment 1st thing in the morning - he was still 20 minutes late! Also didnt call me with results from MRI 2 weeks after it was done & hadnt even read the report 3 weeks after it was done. I had to call and keep calling to get the results - I finally requested a copy of the report so I can find out the results.
July 03 , 2009
Weird is the best word for Borhan. No smiling, first visit and he’s telling me he’s gonna give me a digital exam I’ll never forget. Inappropriate. I would’t go back and certainly don’t recommend him.
February 12 , 2018
His phone receptionist is rude at best and he does not return phone calls.
August 15 , 2009
The doctor was more than one hour late to my first appointment. He misdiagnosed me and ordered the wrong blood test based upon my symptoms. I scheduled a followup appointment one week later and he decided not to see me. He actually left the office for lunch and had one of his physician assistants (PA) see me in his place. The PA could not provide any details regarding my previous visit because he had not seen me as a patient. I would advise not to visit this doctor or his practice.
August 19 , 2013
My husband saw dr. Borhan. Experience was terrible. Would recommend caution. Dr. Forced procedure on my husband. Husband screamed for dr. To stop he would not. Procedure performed in office room. Puddle of blood under my husband. Nothing given for pain before procedure. Would not recommend him . Give him 0 stars!
January 01 , 2017

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About Ali Borhan

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Medical School - Albany Medical College Of Union University, 1998
25 years
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English, Spanish
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