Urology Of Greater Atlanta LLC
290 Country Club Dr, Suite 100
Stockbridge, GA 30281 (Directions)
4.6 out of 5
Urology Of Greater Atlanta LLC
290 Country Club Dr, Suite 100
Stockbridge, GA 30281 (Directions)

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4.6 out of 5
51 ratings, 51 reviews
Dr. Gilchrist is an excellent doctor!!!
October 21 , 2022
Sadly there are many ob/gyns who dont tell women about their options about surgery to repair pelvic floor issues after having a baby. I did a great deal of research when I was searching and found this brilliant doctor. She did an absolutely beautiful job putting me back together after my second child and greatly improving my quality of life. If you are looking for help with pelvic floor collapse or other issues, she is the absolute best! Thank you Dr. Gilchrist for changing my life!
September 11 , 2019
I trust Dr. Gilchrist with my care and feel more hopeful after I see her.
March 30 , 2022
"Very attentive to my problems."
May 01 , 2022
"She made me feel very comfortable and I am pleased with her as my doctor."
July 22 , 2022
Dr. Gilchrist made me feel comfortable immediately. She listened to my concerns, asked me lots of questions and at every turn she asked how I felt about everything. The office staff was also kind and courteous. Looking forward to my follow up in 2 mos.
April 13 , 2022
The wait was a little long but clearly worth Dr. Gilchrist’s attention when it was my turn. She is knowledgeable, professional and decisive in her medical approach and treatment.
September 17 , 2021
Dr. Gilchrist was great! This was my first visit and Dr. Gilchrist addressed my concerns and answered all my questions.
November 14 , 2022
"She was the best I have seen in a long time very professional and listen to you through enamine I would recommend her highly "
May 11 , 2022
"Very good listener and excellent understanding of neurogenic problems relating to MS. High recommendation. She has a great staff and it’s very easy to work with this practice. Quick response to every question in person or by phone. "
May 23 , 2022
I saw Dr. Gilchrist due for an urgency problem. I had reconstructive surgery earlier, and it only was effective for a few years. Since that Dr had moved out of state, I sought help from another urologist in The Notth Fulton area who was extremely rude and condescending to me. She walked out of the office when I asked to seek a second opinion for an implant in my hip and told me there was nothing else medically that could be done. Meeting with Dr. Gilchrist was a total opposite experience. She was positive, caring, and knowledgeable about MS patients. She offered me SEVERAL suggestions for treatment and the implant was NOT one that she would recommend. In fact, the implant would have rendered me unable to have MRIs for my MS! I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Gilchrist!
July 24 , 2017
Dr. Gilcrest is knowledgeable, incredibly personable, kind, and empathetic. I am so grateful to have her as a member of my care team.
September 21 , 2021
An amazing, smart, detail oriented physician.
August 12 , 2016
"She was nice & professional."
May 13 , 2022
They say first impression is everything. My first impression went above and beyond what I expected. Dr. Gilchrist was super friendly, relatable, caring and knowledgeable in the areas of my issues. I felt an assurance that I would be well taken care of. I LOVED her, and have no hesitancy in trusting her with my healthcare needs.
July 12 , 2021
Dr. Gilchrist and her staff were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. They provide excellent, caring service.
February 25 , 2022
Dr. Gilchrist is warm and personable as well as deeply knowledgeable in the latest medications and treatments for bladder incontinence. She’s prescribed me new medications that are helping my condition tremendously, in ways that I didn’t before think possible.
January 24 , 2023
Spent time explaining her plan for my treatment and answered all my questions.
August 11 , 2021
Dr. Gilcrest is an outstanding physician. She is knowledgeable, personable, and patient, and she gives me all the time I need. I have been a patient for years, and I have relied on her help and expertise on dozens of occasions. She is simply the best.
January 17 , 2023
Dr. Gilchrist reviewed the results of my tests with me personally. She explained in detail what our next course of action would be and prepared me for the throughly for the procedure.
September 24 , 2021
Always pleasant to interact with. Is genuinely concerned how her patients are doing and is interested in feedback about results. I would highly recommend using Dr. Gilchrist for all your Urology needs.
August 03 , 2022
Dr. Gilchrist treated me several years ago and it was a blessing to have her then. I immediately knew I wanted her to be my dr. again when surgery presented itself. She was kind, prompt, knowledgeable and understood the immediate need for attention, despite the holidays. It is worth the 1 hour drive to be treated with kindness and dignity.
January 07 , 2022
Dr Gilchrist is always pleasant and takes time to explain what is going on. She genuinely cares about patients and never rushes you.
September 19 , 2022
Dr . Gilchrist is professional , gentle and listens to hear my concerns . I never feel rushed . Thank you !
August 11 , 2022
I feel good about MYSELF after seeing Dr Gilchrist. And I feel even better to call her MY urologist. She listens, is patient, offers a variety of treatments, has multiple ideas and invites me to join her in decisions about my care. I feel like I am on the right path under her care.
September 21 , 2021
So glad she was recommended to me.
June 03 , 2019
Dr. Gilchrist is the second urologist that I have seen. She took the time to listen to my medical history and answered questions. She agreed to my request and not duplicate a procedure for which I had documentation of 4 months ago. Dr. Gilchrist suggested two products specifically by name that could be purchased directly from the supplier. The prior urologist suggested probiotics but with no specific company and brand name. I am very satisfied with my first visit.
October 19 , 2022
She is a great Dr.! Great bedside manner. She very knowledgeable and very thorough with her treatment plan. I highly recommend her, especially if you have complicated case.
October 28 , 2022
Dr. Gilchrist is a superb urologist. She is thorough, kind, knowledgeable and tenacious in finding solutions for women’s urinary tract problems. I’m so glad to have found her.
March 02 , 2022
Thorough and explanatory
November 16 , 2022
Dr. Gilchrist is an excellent physician. She continued helping me get to what was wrong. Thank you.
August 26 , 2021
Dr. Gilchrist did reconstructive robotic surgery on me four months ago. It was an amazing experience. I was very apprehensive about the procedure, but she helped me work through my anxiety. I never experienced any pain or complications. I credit Dr. Gilchrist's skill with my successful outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Gilchrist.
December 13 , 2022
Very concerned with me and all my medical issues.
October 05 , 2015
Outstanding physician! Knowledgeable, thorough, compassionate… absolutely the best!
November 10 , 2022
Dr Gilchrist is excellent urologist, physician and person. She truly has her patient’s interest at heart.
March 30 , 2021
Always thoroughly and excellent in every way
May 17 , 2021
Dr. Gilchrist is always exceptional. But I waited for two hours to have my very quick procedure done. I have had long waits before, but this visit was a nightmare. The staff works very hard, but someone needs to evaluate the office and tell them how to improve. I don’t want to change doctors.
September 21 , 2022
"My visit was great the doctor was very kind and informative "
July 22 , 2022
Excellent Service!
December 15 , 2022
Very thorough and easy to talk to about a difficult problem. A long term resolution to my symptoms is very appreciated.
August 10 , 2021
"Outstanding physician "
August 11 , 2022
Very thorough and gentle doctor. Explains well and lovely approach
November 09 , 2021
provided excellent care and explained next steps for treatment.
September 19 , 2022
I appreciate the time Dr. Gilchrist is always willing to take with me. Answers my questions; offers suggestions; explains whenever I dont understand something.
July 13 , 2021
Dr. Gilchrist & staff was wonderful as always. However, the office & its staff has so much red tape & processes that they dont even know whats going on....
June 23 , 2021
"It was great, Dr Gilchrist is the best. She is very attentive, friendly and professional. "
May 15 , 2022
"Poor experience as a new patient. I waited an hour past my appointment time before seen by Dr. Gilchrist. Office staff is rude with visible burnout on their faces and poor patient engagement. Poor follow through about lab results. Other concerns were mediated through medical assistants on the portal. No direct patient/doctor communication after the appointment. "
May 24 , 2022
Misdiagnosed condition. Did not listen to patient. Duplicated lab tests that were performed day before. No follow up. Horrible experience with a doctor and her PA.
July 16 , 2014
I was so excited to meet a new doctor, but I was terribly Disappointed! She rushed in like a Tornado talking non-stop. Not only did she not answer questions but she didn't pause to look at me. It was the fastest Specialty consult in history.
December 15 , 2022
"I loved her ... until I didn't. Long wait time to get an appointment, long wait times for follow-up appointments, long wait times while in office waiting to be seen. That was still okay, because she seemed very nice, until a series of mishaps on the part of her office (nurse 'forgot' to order a pessary, said it "was in stock" at supplier, 2 weeks later said it "wasn't in stock", offered no alternative ..."
August 07 , 2022
Extremely long wait, try 3 hours for her time of 20 minutes. Misdiagnosed , and made me have two Cat Scans for NO REASON!! I felt rushed, like a number and very confused. Nurse call backs were awful, lack of information from nurse. I beg any women to avoid her please!
February 24 , 2016

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