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4.8 out of 5
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The best doctor I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He saved my life!
January 20 , 2015
Dr. Moinzadeh did my robotic prostate surgery 2 years ago. He's excellent to work with, and the results could not be better -- no incontinence or impotence issues.
September 25 , 2012
In the opinion of me and my wife Dr. Moinzadeh is excellent. His staff is also excellent. I felt in good hands before, during, and after the surgery. In short, I couldn't be more pleased with the care provided by Dr. Moinzadeh and his staff.
April 13 , 2012
Underwent radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer with Dr. Moinzadeh using the DaVinci Surgical Robot. He is simply the best, from clear, complete, and objective communication to superb surgical skills. His team is also top notch. This helps tremendously when going through such traumatic situation.
August 06 , 2021
Dr. Moinzadeh and his whole staff were terrific. They were very professional and instilled confidence, yet they still related well to personal issues and concerns. I had my prostrate removed and he explained every aspect of my treatment from prep details through recovery in a clear and precise manner. Shortly after my surgery when I returned home, I called several times with questions and every time I received a prompt and patient response. I really can’t say enough good things about Dr. Moinzadeh, he and his group took great care of me and were considerate of my family.
January 26 , 2020
I found Dr. Moinzadeh to be an efficient, skilled surgeon who diagnosed my problem and performed with high marks and I would recommend him to my colleagues.
May 17 , 2010
Dr. Moinzadeh is not only an outstanding surgeon, but a kind an compassionate man. During the entire process of my radical prostatectomy, he took the time and care to explain all the risks and details of the procedure. He put my at ease and gave me confidence that he was the right surgeon for the case. You would never know he is the Chairman of Urology at Lahey Medical Center; he leaves his ego at the door.
December 12 , 2018
Dr. Moinzadeh was prompt and thorough. My wait time was less than 2 minutes to be brought into the exam room and he came right in after the nurse was finished taking vitals, etc. He asked good questions and had reviewed my chart to be familiar with my post-op care plan with other MD's. This was comforting in that I will be requiring further therapy to mitigate future issues with my cancer. I was particularly impressed that he adjusted his follow up plan to accommodate the oncologist and my involvement in a clinical trial. As it relates to the outcome of the surgical procedure he did 3 months ago, my recovery was as explained and I feel great. My experience with Dr. Moinzadeh and everyone at the Urology Institute at Lahey Health has been fantastic. I would highly recommend them all.
November 03 , 2021
Two thumbs up for Dr. Ali Moinzadeh and the entire staff at Lahey Clinic!! I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the spring of 2012. This diagnosis was the result of a prostate biopsy after my internist noticed a bump during a DRE. My PSA had been followed for some time, and remained within the normal range for my age group. I consulted with surgeons and radiologists regarding recommended options. After a few tense and very focused months, my wife and I concluded that robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy with Dr. Moinzadeh was the best approach for me. Dr. Moinzadeh spent a great deal of time with me and my wife reviewing my condition, options and possible outcomes. He was sensitive to my concerns about balancing the need to eradicate the cancer with the desire for quality of life including sexual function. Dr Moinzadeh said he would do his best and he did. After 6 months I continue to be cancer free. I am happy to report that sexual function returned within a few months after the surgery.
July 15 , 2013
thanks to Dr moinzadeh I am a prostate cancer survivor. . Very detailed. Explained surgery. Took the time. Very kind. One of Boston's "super docs"!
May 14 , 2011
Excellent doctor. He treated my husbands prostate cancer with the robot. My husband has done very well after the surgery. He is also does I think kidney cancer surgery and bladder surgery.
January 06 , 2009
Over the course of 15 months I had two consultations followed by a radical prostatectomy and recent follow up visit. Dr. Moinzadeh is thorough, professional and takes the time to answer questions. He's very personable and easy to talk with. I feel I received excellent care, really the best. I would highly recommend him.
May 09 , 2019
My wife had bladder cancer. Dr. Moinzadeh performed robotic removal of her bladder and female organs. One year later she is doing very well. We are very pleased by his care and the over team approach at Lahey.
August 26 , 2010
I prostate surgery that was a great success. I was out of the hospital the next and feeling great. Overall recovery was remarkable and I have no ongoing problems. I had robotic surgery by Dr. Moinzadeh which has been amazing. No nerve damage and quick recovery. I would highly recommend this surgeon.
October 30 , 2013
After being diagnosed with a renal mass with 'concerning characteristics' for renal cell...I was seen in consultation at a nearby facility (to our home) and was told I was only able to have an open surgical procedure (due to the location of the mass) which has a lengthy recovery. I am 44 year old mother of two with a full time profession, and was fortunate to seek a second opinion with Dr. Moinzadeh at Lahey Clinic. Dr. Moinzadeh explained in detail, his plan for robotically assisted partial nephrectomy if I chose to proceed with surgical removal of this mass. Just as he described, surgery went incredibly well, within only a couple of days I was taking only Tylenol for pain control, and he was able to remove only 15% of the kidney, leaving 85% which is functioning beautifully. Words cannot explain the professionalism of Dr. Moinzadah and his staff. My husband and I could not have asked for better care, the hospital, the pre-operative process including testing, etc. truly phenomenal! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this potentially scarey experience...a walk in the park. I have already referred a colleague recently diagnosed with a renal mass to Dr. Moinzadeh. I also confirmed my exceptional experience with the colleague that referred me. It is a 3.5 hour drive for me one way, and worth every second!!!
September 30 , 2013
Dr. Moinzadeh and his team gave me my health back . I had robotic assisted laproscopic surgery to remove my prostate just under a year ago. Prior to my surgery, I explored the options including, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. I had a great visit with Dr. Moinzadeh and his team who provided me with great information, allowing me to make the best decision for my situation. He was kind and thorough and lightened a tense conversation with humor. I have had several visits post surgery with the most favorable results. I would recommend Dr. Moinzadeh to anyone looking for the best treatment and pre and post operative experience.
May 30 , 2018
I am a patient of Dr. Moinzadeh and recently had surgery. The overall experience far exceeded my expectations. If you are considering Dr. Moinzadeh as a surgeon, I would recommend that you not hesitate with this decision. I do not regret my decision at all.
August 29 , 2017
I feel that I got the best care possible and obtained the best results that I could get.
January 29 , 2017
Dr. Moinzadeh performed a robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy on me at the Lahey Medical Center. Dr. Moinzadeh was professional, personable and direct in office visits. He has an understated humor, and is responsive to his patients' questions and concerns. The surgery went very well, recovery was uncomplicated, and subsequent psa readings indicate it was fully successful.. I recommend Dr. Moinzadeh most highly and without reservation.
April 24 , 2017
Dr. Moinzadeh was a very kind man. He was very attentive to my questions and concerns of the surgery. He explained the procedure to me with layman's terms so I could understand. His bedside manner was so kind. I particularly enjoyed his amazing sense of humor. It really helped relieve some of the anxiety. I would recommend him to everyone who needed Urological care.
April 24 , 2014
I was discovered to have a cancerous kidney - the only serious medical problem I've had in 67 years. I was anticipating a huge incision and a couple months of recovery, until I was told the kidney could be removed robotically by Dr Moinzadeh. His skill with robotics is amazing. I was out of the hospital in 48 hours and significantly recovered after two weeks. In addition he is a really nice guy and superbly professional - highly recommended - the best!
March 30 , 2015
After I was dianosed with prostate cancer, I consulted with Dr. Moinzadeh. He explained to me not only the surgical approach, but also alternatives such as radiation, waitful watching, etc. I did not expect a surgeon to be so throughout and caring; I expected him to say surgery was the way to go. After much thought over a course of many months, I elected robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. Dr. Moinzadeh is not only a highly skilled surgeon, he is also very caring about my physical and mental rehabilitation. Six months later,it's as if it almost never happended.I made the right decision with choosing this procedure and with going out of state with Dr. Moinzaeh.
November 08 , 2012
In 2010 I was found to have kidney cancer. I was referred to Dr. Libertino at Lahey. Dr. Libertino at our meeting told me that Dr. Moinzadeh would be my best option for robotic kidney surgery. The surgery was successful and Dr. Moinzadeh has a wonderful bedside manner. I would recommend Dr. Moinzadeh to anyone with urology medical problems.
November 17 , 2011
I work in a field where I encounter very accomplished people, and meeting Dr. Moinzadeh the first time I knew that he is certainly one. I've been surprised that with as many patients as he must see he always seems to remember me and all of my specifics, and relates in a very comfortable way. Cancer surgery is very stressful, but I was completely confident in my choice of surgeon, and am happy with the outcome.
June 11 , 2012
Early 2013 I had bleeding after urinating and not knowing what was going on with me, I had several consultations and referrals with my PCP and a urologist within the network of my care. I thank God for his further evaluation and consult referral to Dr Moinzadeh who confirmed a condition I was diagnosed with called a patent urachus. Well for most people it fuses after birth. Apparently mine didn't and it bothered me in my mid 30's. He spoke with me and assured me of the available options I had to correct my condition. I chose the procedure he recommended full robotic assist surgery at Lahey Burlington. What a professional and caring doctor with a great team and my experience was nothing short of wonderful as I have healed and fully returned to my life care free of concerns from earlier in the year. All systems are go for me and I thank God for meeting this wonderful Doctor who is blessed with amazing skill and knowledge in this field. I would recommend him without any hesitation at all.
December 31 , 2013
Dr. Ali Moinzadeh performed a rather difficult surgery on me, which was successful. Consequently, as a result of the entire experience, I can state without qualification that he is a fine doctor, specializing in Urology, and an excellent surgeon. He explained clearly and succinctly what the diagnosis was, what the applicable treatment options were, what the subsequent results of the surgery where, and what follow-up was required. However, I was most impressed with the fact that Dr. Moinzadeh LISTENED to me and allowed me to state my beliefs and wants. This was a unique experience for me. All doctors I had known before always attempted to use their knowledge and position to coerce me into accepting their point of view. Some even used fear as a tactic. Although Dr. Moinzadeh did not agree with my final decision regarding follow-up treatment, and state so clearly; he did not labor the point, but respected what I wanted to do and wished me well.
February 12 , 2019
Me and my family were completely satisfied with Dr. Moinzadeh. Everything went perfectly, and just as he told us, no surprises. We are so grateful for having such a good doctor. And going to his office is great, we are in and out so fast, and everyone is so friendly. Dr moinzadeh was also at the hospital everyday, to answer any questions or concerns that we might have about the kidney surgery. Thank you to Dr moinzadeh!
September 04 , 2012
He is the BEST !
December 09 , 2016
Dr. Ali Moinzadeh is hands down by far the most talented surgeon ever. I had surgery in May my PSA was a 12 now it’s 0.01 erections were not affected at all and I have no incontinents. Dr. Moinzadeh saved my life and I am forever greatful.
January 11 , 2019
Dr Moinzadeh has an excellent bed side manner. He is very caring and an excellent surgeon
October 02 , 2013
I live in the Azores and recently came to the USA to have surgery, and I’m very satisfied with Dr. M he is great , and I recommend him to anyone that is thinking of having surgery
March 27 , 2018
12 months ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Dr. Moinzadeh came highly recommended by my primary. After reviewing my options for treatment I opted to have surgery to remove my prostate. There were numerous reasons for my decision to have my prostate removed, but the single most reason was the confience I had in Dr. Moinzadeh and his abilities to make me well and irradicate my cancer. Dr. Moinzadeh exuded the higest degree of professionalism and confidence that he would rid me of the cancer that I never doubted the outcome. We all have choices, I am so grateful that I chose Dr. Moinzadeh!
October 09 , 2013
I have been under the care of Dr. Moinzadeh for several months, resulting from a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Dr. Moinzadeh made me comfortable from day one--with his complete transparency. Dr. Moinzadeh subsequently performed a 100% nerve-sparing prostatectomy; my follow up psa was undetectable. From the Pre-Op to the Post-Op, I have nothing but high praises for Dr. Moinzadeh and his medical team. I refer to them as my "Dream Team". All of them are Personal, Professional and most important strive for "Perfection" in their procedural outcomes.
June 18 , 2019
Doctor Moinzadeh's expertise and reputation gave me confidence before I chose him to do my kidney surgery. He was referred by my urologist who gave me the name of two guys in the Boston area who he thought could remove my kidney tumor without having to take out my kidney or do it through a big incision in my side. I am sure glad I chose him. I was in the hospital for 2 days. My kidney and I could not be happier with my decision!
April 14 , 2012
A very effective communicator. He gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision regarding my options--even those not involving surgery. He instilled a confidence that we were in this together. While I arrived at a decision independently, he provided me with both the upsides and downsides of what lie ahead. I am very happy with my decision and my surgery. My recuperation was quick and uneventful. He and his staff prepared me well regarding what to expect during the recovery process. Two of my brothers also have had prostate cancer, but neither opted for surgery. However, I am happy with my decision and my surgery thanks to having someone I felt very comfortable with. Glad Dr. Moinzadeh was available for me.
July 23 , 2020
Dr.M has attention to detail, care for his patients, and a sense of humor. All characteristics are very hard to find in the health care industry, yet very important. I definitely highly recommend him for people looking for a quality Doctor. He never ran behind with his appointments but also took the time during your scheduled time so you didn't feel rushed in and out. His staff was friendly and helpful as well.
February 09 , 2018
I came to Dr. Moinzadeh after complications with a ureter resection. Ultimately we had to remove the kidney and the surgery was potentially complicated by previous abdominal surgery. The surgery was a phenomenal success. I only stayed one night in the hospital and am recovering well. Not only is Dr. Moinzadeh an excellent surgeon, he has a great and very friendly bedside manner. He answered all my questions and listened to my concerns. He has a wonderful team at Lahey and I am extremely impressed and thankful that he was able to help me.
September 23 , 2021
Dr..M provided a very comprehensive review of my medical problem that was easy for me to understand. My wife being an RN reviewed the Urologists in the area and felt he was the best-and as usual she was correct.She has so much faith in him that she let me go on my own to my last appointment with him.Highly recommended.
April 21 , 2015
Dr. Moinzadeh is the best! When a mass was found on my right kidney during an MRI, I thought my end was near. Dr. Moinzadeh inspired lots of confidence and convinced me to have surgery laparoscopically. I had the surgery two weeks ago. He removed the mass and clean margins so he removed about 20% of my kidney. I have six incisions, 5 are about 1/2 inch in length and the 6th is about 1 inch where the mass was removed. I was in pain for just a couple of days and after the first day, tylenol sufficed. Not only is Dr. Moinzadeh an expert in his field but he has an excellent bed side manner! He managed to calm a very, very nervous patient and answered all my questions even when I asked them several times over.
October 15 , 2012
I had a very complicated prostate surgery which took 7.5 hours due to previous unrelated radiation treatments. I have had no adverse side effects following this surgery and my recovery was very rapid.
July 14 , 2020
Dr Moinzadeh performed prostate surgery using DaVinci robot. surgery was very sucessful. Dr Moinzadeh was always on time for appointments. he answered all my questions honeslty and openly. i felt confident that i was making the right decisions regarding my treatment for prosate surgery. i am cured and moving on with my life thanks to Dr Moinzadeh and the staff at Lahey Clinic.
March 18 , 2012
Doctor Moinzadeh is an excellent surgeon. He removed my prostate in 2014 with positive nodes and my PSA has been undetectable since the surgery. I attribute this to the time and diligence which he spent. Almost as important was the fact that after a long procedure at the end of the day he was very kind to my wife and daughter who were waiting. They told me that some surgeons spent a very short period of time with the waiting family but Dr. Moinzadeh was very patient with them even though my wife said he looked exhausted and probably wanted to go home. It was greatly appreciated. They say your cure of prostate cancer is as good as your surgeon and he is the best.
September 07 , 2019
Dr. Ali Moinzadeh performed robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical surgery to remove my prostate at the Lahey Medical Center. Prior to surgery, Dr. Moinzadeh provided a frank and honest assessment of the potential benefits and hazards. I am completely satisfied with the excellent surgical outcomes--negligible PSA and full continence. The entire team of professionals at Lahey Urology were supportive, punctual, and highly skilled. I recommend Dr. Moinzadeh most highly and without reservations.
March 05 , 2017
During initial visit Dr Moinzadeh we reviewed in detail all options that were available. Allowing for an informed decision about choosing robotic assisted partial nephrectomy. Everything went as discussed. Would highly recommend. Also has a good sense of humor...
November 07 , 2013
Dr. Moinzadeh is a highly intelligent and skilled surgeon. I would highly recommend
February 24 , 2015
Last summer after having taken a CTscan I was told by my urologist that I had tumor on my right kidney that was most likely malignant.He told me he could remove it by cutting me open and removing the tumor, but recommended that I should go to the Lahey Clinic where I might have it removed by the Davinci method. My wife and I went to Lahey and met with Doctor Alireza Moinzedah. After talking with the Doctor we were both put at ease and totally confident in his ability to do the operation. He set me up with a date to do a partial nephrectomy. When I went in for my preop, the CTscan showed some metastasis in the stomach.Doctor Moinzadeh cancelled the operation, set me up for a PETscan and scheduled on a new date when he could co-ordinate the kidney operation with a stomach doctor, so that both could be done on the same date which saved me another hospital stay down the road. After my operation the Doctor made frequent visits and answered any questions we had. He and his staff have a great bedside manner and I looked forward to these visits. After leaving the hospital I had minimal pain and able to do short walks in 4 days. My recovery went very well and my latest PETscan did not show any signs of tumors.I recommend Doctor Moinzedah to everyone I talk with, and suggest that anyone with a urological problem seek him out. Thank you Doctor Moinzedah from myself and my family.
February 14 , 2013
Dr. Ali Moinzadeh and his team are fantastic (I had a laparoscopic radical prostatectomy Feb 2021). From our very first meeting with Dr. Moinzadeh, my wife and I were impressed by his personality, listening skills, and empathy—in our experience, an uncommon combination of qualities among the most reputable expert surgeons. Dr. Moinzadeh explained my cancer diagnosis and treatment options thoroughly and clearly--and encouraged me to consider all of them. I had already done a fair amount of homework on those options—including alternative health facilities/surgeons, treatments, etc. The remarkable degree of confidence and trust engendered by Dr. Moinzadeh made my decision-making process relatively easy. I could not be more pleased with my decision. Not only was the surgical procedure successful, but the pre-op and post-op care provided by the Lahey urology team (including Dr. Sharon O’Brien and Dr. Susan Palmer) was first-rate and seamlessly coordinated. I highly recommend Dr. Moinzadeh and his team—they’re highly skilled, professional, accessible, kind, and compassionate.
December 05 , 2021
I am very grateful for Dr. Moinzadeh and his team. I had robotic partial nephrecotomy. He is very direct, very skilled. I highly recommend him. The best.
August 18 , 2016
Dr. Moinzadeh was wonderful. And I mean it. I have been a professional for over 50 years and still practice law. Communication is the most important tool for a professional. The Dr. first of all relaxed me. We are dealing with cancer, and the Dr. calmed me down immediately with his humor and direct, no nonsense approach
February 09 , 2020

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