5913 Webb Rd
Town 'n' Country, FL 33615 (Directions)
3.4 out of 5
5913 Webb Rd
Town 'n' Country, FL 33615 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
4 ratings, 4 reviews
The most caring and professional Urologist ever!!!
February 24 , 2021
Great dr.
April 24 , 2021
The staff at this office is rude!!! Called to get an appointment for confirmed prostate cancer and they did not want me to come in for almost a month b/c that was my scheduled appt. They would not even listen to me. They were so rude it is just sad. As if finding out you have cancer is not scary enough you have to deal with the rude people this doctor has chosen to employ! He may be a good doctor but there are a lot of good doctors whose staff are nice and respectful!!! Unless you have minor bladder infection STAY AWAY!!!
July 29 , 2014
The ABSOLUTE WORST OFFICE STAFF EVER !!! Gave me a 2 1/2 month wait for a biopsy for the prostate cancer !! And Id would have to wait 2 weeks after for the results after the Dr got back from vacation. Phone system sucks. They give you an extension number and you cant use, hit prompt 2 to make an appointment, i talked to her and she cant make appointments !!! WTH ? Its a complete disaster. Dont waste your time.
June 17 , 2019

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About Alonso Alvarez

Education History
Medical School - University Alabama Birmingham - School Of Optometry, 2004
Residency - Jackson Memorial Hospital,
19 years
Languages Spoken
English, Spanish
Board Certified

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5913 Webb Rd
Town 'n' Country, FL 33615
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