Chattanooga Hamilton County Hospital Authority
1755 Gunbarrel Rd, Suite 209
Chattanooga, TN 37421 (Directions)
2.8 out of 5
Chattanooga Hamilton County Hospital Authority
1755 Gunbarrel Rd, Suite 209
Chattanooga, TN 37421 (Directions)

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2.8 out of 5
10 ratings, 10 reviews
Amazing man - fantastic Dr! He fixed a surgical error made by Dr in Canada. Cannot say enough good words about Dr Singh
May 07 , 2012
Dr. Singh is the best doctor to treat urologic cancers in the area. He performed my RPLND (a very major abdominal surgery that not many other surgeons have much experience with) for testicular cancer and my recovery has gone well with no complications. Very knowledgeable about urological cancers and highly recommended.
April 30 , 2015
Having worked in hospitals for over 20 years, with many encounters with surgeons, I would not go to Dr Singh if I needed to be stroked. That said, he has a well-deserved reputation among healthcare providers for being thorough and professional nor has he ever been sued for malpractice. He has done 2 procedures on me and the results were excellent. Recommend him highly.
September 28 , 2020
Dr. Singh appears to be all that he is rated to be, except in my case, he wasnt very helpful. He scheduled a biopsy with me, and when he couldnt perform it, he stormed out of the room with no advise except to go to a hospital for the procedure.
April 07 , 2016
he saved my kidneys and am cancer free. i am off dialysis thanks to him and his team. came to chattanooga from atlanta for him to do the kidney sparing surgery.
February 14 , 2015
How does this office stay open. They will not return calls or give test results to you. Ive had to take off work 4 times to driver there just to find out test results and what to do next. I wouldnt take a pig to this office for treatment.
August 27 , 2017
My wife had 3 surgeries with Dr. Singh. The last surgery they put a stent in from bladder to ureather. His office staff was scheduled to take it out. The day they did it the stent on the bladder end broke off in my wife. Two weeks after she was in a lot of pain. Called doctor and said something was not right. As it turns out the staff never told us the stent broke off inside my wife. They did not say she needed an immediate scan. Had to go to another hospital where they went in bladder and removed the stent along with other particles. Patient beware of this doctor.
January 27 , 2023
Never have I loathed a dr more, I drove 2 hours paid the man and he talked to me for 20 seconds, with the door open ready to run, did no tests, didnt explain a thing, treated me less than human. i have no health ins but have paid my way through 3 scans 8 docs and this horrible human. I think his kind words were. you have a 20 percent chance its not cancer, and he walked out. when i tried to ask a question, he held his hand up and said, thats not my area. oh, what a man! nd then sent me a bill for 400 dollars for a consultation. I brought all my scans all i did was pee in a cup, and he never spoke to me! what an egotistical, narcissistic butt faced miscreant.i truly think he felt he was doing me a huge favor by seeing this lowly uninsured less than human i pay my own way, ive paid for everything in fact my new surgeon has been paid in full, no one should be treated this way, no one we all have worth.
August 21 , 2017
Is a very arrogant man and cares very little for his patients.
December 04 , 2014
I'm still having the same problems.i had before the surgery.i don't know but it seems like it's all about the money.. the after care !!???.
January 27 , 2022

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Chattanooga Hamilton County Hospital Authority
1755 Gunbarrel Rd, Suite 209
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