Public Hospital Dist No 1 Skagit
1400 E Kincaid St
Mount Vernon, WA 98274 (Directions)
3.2 out of 5
Public Hospital Dist No 1 Skagit
1400 E Kincaid St
Mount Vernon, WA 98274 (Directions)

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3.2 out of 5
40 ratings, 40 reviews
I have been a patient of Dr. Arisco's for several years. She is highly knowledgeable and a brilliant surgeon. Her management of my case has been great. She always gives me options and listens to my concerns. Terrific doctor!
December 01 , 2022
Dr Arisco has been great to work with. Always professional and approachable.
May 03 , 2022
Dr. Aristo was sincere, patient, and did a very thorough exam of my bladder today; I highly recommend her and am happy she comes to Oak Harbor, Wa closer to my home
June 11 , 2019
My recent visits with Dr Arisco have surely been positive experiences. She is attentive to me as a patient, also professional. I would most definitely recommend her to my friends and to others who seek a quality Urologist. Also I think the staff is courteous, and I would know, as I have communicated with them for various reasons lots of the time. So with that being said, I look forward to my next visits with my Urologist. Thank You Dr Arisco.
September 25 , 2016
I have been in Dr Arisco`s care for almost 2 years. She is very easy to understand and answers all of your questions. Extremely intelligent and up to date. Highly recommend!
July 27 , 2018
I have been seeing Dr. Arisco now for about six years. She has always been very professional caring and answered all of my questions. Her treatment program was excellent and her mannerisms were perfect for my needs. Would highly recommend her.
November 08 , 2022
This was my first visit with Dr Arisco. She was very pleasant and listened to everything I said. She reviewed my history and gave specific instructions for ongoing treatment. Her experience and knowledge is very evident in how she presents her opinions. She gets right to the point and does not waste time with needless chit chat which is what I prefer from my doctors. Very happy to add her to my growing list of specialists.
December 15 , 2021
I have been seeing Dr. Arisco since 2013. I always appreciate her thorough explanations of issues & treatment options as well as her friendly, open, candid, and relaxed yet professional demeanor.
February 16 , 2022
I have been a patient of Dr. Ariscos for several years. She is highly knowledgeable and a brilliant surgeon. Her management of my case has been great. She always gives me options and listens to my concerns. Terrific doctor!
January 12 , 2022
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April 17 , 2022
It was good prompt service informed me of my status and updated me on future care.
February 10 , 2022
Dr. Arisco has been my urologist for some time, she is very professional and puts me at ease whenever I see her. It is my pleasure to highly recommend her for urology needs.
April 26 , 2022
Everything was great from the time I entered the practice to the time I left. Staff was friendly, professional and very helpful.
March 30 , 2022
Dr. Arisco is a brilliant physician who always puts her patients first!
January 11 , 2022
Psa was down .. many problems resolved
September 16 , 2021
I was referred to Dr. Amy Arisco 3 years ago, and have had a yearly appointment since that time. I have found her to be very pleasant, and she listened well to my concerns! I will continue to see her as my urologist. Her staff were all very pleasant as well!
November 12 , 2019
I am a patient of Dr. Arisco and have been for many years. I appreciate her straightforward approach to explaining my lab results, making them clear to me, and what my options are. She is always professional and always friendly. I am lucky to have her as my urologist.
April 28 , 2022
First time seeing Dr. Arisco, found her engaged and informative. Look forward to continuing to see her.
December 10 , 2022
Dr. Arisco and her staff are very professional, fun, knowledgeable and on time, if not early. I was referred to Dr. Arisco from my primary doctor and could not be more pleased with the results.
August 17 , 2018
All my questions were answered. Surgery will follow putting me at ease
April 12 , 2022
Highly recommend someone else if you are in need of a specialist to help with a difficult case. Was told certain things looked good when found out they were not. Also, test sample was lost and was never informed about it while sitting on the edge waiting for results. Staff is not mean but the ladies up front always show tension from obvious stresses. It gives a feeling of being an inconvenience, when already feeling discomfort and helplessness.
March 02 , 2012
Clearly this woman is in the wrong profession. Rude, condescending and no compassion. I felt like I was intruding on her time. Shameful and unprofessional patient interaction. Appalling bedside manor and disrespectful to patient needs and concerns.
July 05 , 2021
I believe Dr. Arisco is an accomplished doctor in the field of urology. However, my interactions with her have left me concerned about her doctor-patient demeanor. She may not even realize it, but her somewhat snotty tone of voice left me taken aback and intimidated enough that I felt uncomfortable asking questions.
April 19 , 2021
Dr Arisco was extremely rude, she interupted me constantly, rolled her eyes, and even mocked me with baby talk. In the end I will have to start over with another Urologist because I will not return to this office. I do not recommend this doctor to anyone.
February 04 , 2022
Shes rude and doesnt listen. Will not return to her.
September 10 , 2018
She barely spent two minutes, told me my other issues were chronic though she just met me , wrote a script and said see you in 6 weeks. It was a waste of my time and resources and she was so rude I could not recommend her.
April 29 , 2022
If I could submit a zero star for this “doctor” I would. I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy a visit with her. The moment she walked into the room she was condescending and as if I was wasting her time. She wasn’t going to do further testing until I pushed with my concerns. Several procedures and a prescription were to be called in and after a week with no follow up or scripts, I called her nurse and was told I would be contacted. Over a month later and still nothing! GO ELSEWHERE!
July 11 , 2018
Office staff were efficient and very welcoming. Dr. Arisco did not want to hear the symptoms that had brought me to the clinic. She said I was saying the same thing I said 14 months ago after my first UTI. She said I was fine and refused to listen to my questions. I have made the decision that I will not see her again.
May 17 , 2021
Terrible experience. Staff was uninterested and discourteous. Dr. was insulting, vulgar, uninformed and useless.
December 10 , 2014
I have never met a more rude doctor in my life. She was curt and demeaning. Instead of making me feel comforted and safe I felt scared and attacked by her. She stood at the door and talked down to me for about one minute and then left. I was shocked. And I was referred to her due to urinary retention after surgery. Horrible doctor in every way. Choose someone else and NEVER go to this urology clinic if you are smart. I am filing complaints with the state.
May 10 , 2017
Not helpful over the phone
July 04 , 2020
I wish I had read the reviews of this doctor prior to my first appointment. I can confirm the negative ones! She did not address my symptoms or concerns. In less than 5 minutes I felt worse than when I came in the examining room. She is very rude and NON-EMPATHETIC. I will not return for further treatment!
May 27 , 2018
I have never had such a rude physician. I am 56 years old. I was not heard, not believed. She had no bedside manner what so ever.
May 06 , 2019
In our short, 5 minutes or less contact with Dr. Arisco, she was hostile, sarcastic, resistant to answering questions, and inspired fear and confusion. We changed doctors after our negative experience with her, as we could not face dealing with her for the follow-up procedure.
April 19 , 2018
I have seen several physicians at SRH, but she was horrible. Office staff was pleasant, but I was called by the RN 25 minutes past my appt time, than waited an additional 15 minutes for the Dr. I agree with several other people in her, she was very dismissive. This was my 1st visit with her and it was if she didn’t even look at my chart. I have a chronic condition, but she acted as if I had nothing wrong. Physicians tell you to trust your body, but when I was explaining things to her, her only response back was “I don’t know what I can do for you today.” I felt like I had to beg and plead for a simple antibiotic RX.
October 17 , 2021
Dr. Arisco sat down for maybe 3 minutes with me. She tried to get up and leave before even asking if I had any questions or giving me a chance to respond to her treatment recommendation. When I inquired about the long term side effects of taking a medication she was prescribing, she kept redirecting and avoiding the question. It was truly a bizarre interaction. It was a simple and straightforward question. She acted like I was wasting her time. In reality, she wasted my time. Her nurse was more attentive, showed more competence and human decency than she did.
June 17 , 2022
She was rude, dismissive, did not explain things thoroughly, blamed me for --forgetting-- things when she had actually made mistakes and didnt give me all the information on my health plan and I believe has made an inaccurate diagnosis. I do not trust her or her clinical decisions.
March 17 , 2018
No bedside manner. Did not make us feel at ease about our situation. Said she couldnt do anything. Was very argumentative and did not want to listen. BEWARE of this doctor.
January 23 , 2018
Horrible Doctor and bedside manor, I laid in a hospital bed for days for her to come in and say --you dont have kidney stones what do you want from me, I can do a useless surgery if thats why your here-- after having stones since I was 15 and admitted on another Drs behalf due to them
November 03 , 2015
While having surgery she nicked the inside of my upper thigh. She was not going to tell me about it until I noticed that I had a patch of blood and rough spot where it was glued shut. She never could look at you and always had her eyes elsewhere. Would not recommend this doctor
August 22 , 2018

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