Medstar Health At Mitchellville
12158 Central Ave
Mitchellville, MD 20721 (Directions)
2.6 out of 5
Medstar Health At Mitchellville
12158 Central Ave
Mitchellville, MD 20721 (Directions)

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2.6 out of 5
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I was referred to Dr. Parks by my urologist. From my 1st visit until now has been nothing better than a wonderful experience. Ms. Parks made me feel like I was her friend, not just another patient & I love that. Her staff, same thing, very helpful explaining things & even when I called back when I had forgotten some things, I talked to Mrs. Parks. Her bedside manner was so warm and friendly!! I felt her genuine compassion. She even called me the following day after my surgery. If I ever had to go through this again, I pray I can have her as my physician. God bless her!! She's awesome!!
May 04 , 2013
Very professional, provides plenty of information, no pressure, no rushing, great bedside manner. I am extremely glad that I chose Dr. Park as my physician and surgeon! Thank you, Dr. Park, for doing what you do so well!
June 22 , 2017
I had surgery with Dr. Park. A surgery that isnt common but was told by Dr. Park it was a piece of cake. I regret having Dr. Park perform my surgery. Not only am I in more pain than pre-surgery, I left each visit with Dr. Park in disbelief of her atrocious bedside manner. She is rude and disrespectful and could never give me a definitive answer to my questions.
June 30 , 2017
I regret selecting Dr. Park as my surgeon. I was in more pain after Dr. Park performed my surgery than pre-surgery. Also, after each visit I left discouraged, frustruated and with more questions and concerns. At times Dr. Park can have a light hearted personality (with the occasional joke), but majority of the time it seems like she is in a rush, she can't provide me with concrete details regarding my surgery and condition, and her comments can be insensitive. After a few visits, I located another doctor who is correcting the new problems I have occurred after Dr. Park's surgery.
May 31 , 2017
I saw Dr. Park for recurring UTIs. She prescribed 6 months worth of anti-biotics and asked that I also take cranberry supplements on a daily basis. When I had a UTI, she prescribed Z-packs. I'm still suffering recurring, ongoing UTI/UTI symptoms. My new doctor in Los Angeles disagreed with all of this. She said she only prescribes on-going daily anti-biotics to older patients (I'm 25) and now I'm probably lacking so much bacteria that this is also responsible for the on-going UTI symptoms I'm still suffering. Then the cranberry supplements make my urine more acidic and only make the UTI symptoms feel worse. MY new doc said that was WAY overkill. Further more, she said she's never once in her career prescribed a Z-pack for a UTI, because Z-packs are most effective for upper-respiratory infections NOT infections from the waist down. My new doc told me to immediately stop the 6-month regiment of antibiotics and cranberry pills and instead get on PRObiotics to everything back to normal. Then she wants to look at my bladder and will probably prescribe an antibiotic to only take post-coital and then change his anti-biotic every 6 months to make sure the medication is effective. Really disappointed in the care I received from Dr. Park, especially after receiving this INCREDIBLY helpful second opinion.
September 09 , 2012

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Medstar Health At Mitchellville
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