Georgia Urology
33 Upper Riverdale Rd SW # 105
Riverdale, GA 30274 (Directions)
4.1 out of 5
Georgia Urology
33 Upper Riverdale Rd SW # 105
Riverdale, GA 30274 (Directions)

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4.1 out of 5
11 ratings, 11 reviews
Dr. Shanta is so thorough and found my husbands Kidney Cancer early. thanks you Dr. Shanta. We love you
September 13 , 2018
Dr. Shantha is a superb physician. He treated me with care, great expertise, and I view him at the very top of the scale.
June 13 , 2016
I love this practice. Dr. Shantha is very thorough, takes his time to explain everything, all options. His staff are top notch. All are so friendly and professional in their approach. Would HIGHLY recommend!
January 18 , 2018
Probably only 2nd Dr's office I have been to that the feeling was welcoming and everyone was happy to help you.
April 22 , 2016
I am a satisfied patient of Dr. Shantha for about 5 years. There have been very few occasions of a long wait time due to unexpected emergency patients otherwise the wait times are reasonable. Dr. Shantha's staff is the most friendly and understanding making your visit a very pleasant one.
March 14 , 2016
I have been a patient of Georgia Urology since the 1970's. The quality of care has never been anything less than first class. Dr. Shantha and his staff are deserving of my highest recommendation.
June 09 , 2016
After seeing another doctor for years with my kidney problems I felt it necessary to change doctors after I was told it would be six days before I could see a doctor, even after I told them I had been to the emergency room and what they found. I contacted Dr. Shantha's office and was seen the next day. I was sent to the hospital and my problem was taken care of the following day. I am soooo very thankful for a caring doctor and staff! They are all always smiling, happy, and show compassion for me. I would recommend this team to anyone!
August 20 , 2016
Dr. Shantha has been my urologist approximately 6 years. He and his staff have been very accommodating, professional and pleasant. I consider myself very fortunate to have him as my doctor.
August 27 , 2016
He's a good Dr. Say's what needs to be said and go's on. If you have question's he will answer them. He' is late to surgery but is well like by the staff.
September 15 , 2015
Dr. Shantha treated me for prostatitis, which as it happens, I never had. I have two problems figured out by another doctor: a slightly enlarged prostate, cured by meloxicam, and arthritis in my hips. Dr. Shantha is a nice guy, but no test ever showed bacteria, but he kept giving me antibiotics. Another doctor told me I didn't have prostatitis - they treated me for two separate issues listed above. I spend most of 8 months in grinding, horrible pain because he was looking for something he treats - he's a urologist, so he saw a urological problem. I did have a simple urological problem he just couldn't fix. He should have told me it could be something else and told me to see another doc to get a second opinion. My Kaiser doc did just that, and I got started on the right road quickly. Be aware that he's going to see your problem as urological, even if it isn't Another doc told me all docs do that. They see what they treat every day. Also, horrible wait time - hours. That's because doctor Shantha won't sign forms his nurses want him to sign before going into rooms. I started paying attention one day as I waited in the back for hours. I opened the door and listened. They kept closing in, and I kept opening it. The nurses are nice, but I can't recommend this practice. It's a bit of a trainwreck. I think Dr. Shantha would be better in a research role.
April 13 , 2017
He recommended a procedure and the staff highly encouraged me to go elsewhere. It scared me to death and i never went back. This was 2 years ago. Hope things have gotten better. I got the impression something serious was going on.
April 15 , 2015

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