Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
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5 out of 5
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
8700 Beverly Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048 (Directions)

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5 out of 5
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My son required a complicated surgical procedure when he was only 15 months old. Dr. Freedman far exceeded our expectations. We got several opinions, and even one of the other pediatric urologists advised us to go with Dr. Freedman. During the operation, Dr. Freedman had to quickly make decisions because it was more complicated than expected. And he rose to the occasion, making 5 suturing sites where he had previously expected to make only 1. Now, several years later, my son is doing great and we owe so much to Dr. Freedman. Also had an excellent bedside manner and didn't even get flustered. Highly recommend!
April 11 , 2012
I cannot praise Dr. Freedman enough! He should be called Dr. Awesome. Seriously. My 2.5 year old son had a hydrocele that needed to be removed by surgery, and our pediatrician recommended Dr. Freedman. Our consult went smoothly. We didn't have to wait long, less than 10 minutes, which is huge when you have a lively toddler on your hands. Dr. Freedman has a very calming presence. He was knowledgeable, professional, and interacted with our son extremely well. He explained everything to us in clear details and I left his office with no doubts or uneasiness about Dr. Freedman's capabilities. He is the best of the best. From there, we corresponded with Dr. Freeman's scheduler, Pat, who was really easy to work with and sent me all the necessary instructions I needed (twice! because I did not get them the first time). My son's hydrocelectomy was last Monday. We had the option of having the surgery done at Cedars-Sinai Hospital or at their outpatient facility (across the street.) We chose the outpatient facility. Our procedure was the first one of the day, at 7:15 am (since my son had to fast for 8-hours before hand!) and we were told to arrive at 6am. We checked in and had to wait about 30 minutes to be taken back. The pre-op nurse, Aida, was really sweet with our son, getting him all ready for surgery. Dr. Freedman consulted with us again before surgery, asking us further questions and explaining the procedure to us again from A to Z, and what to expect afterwards. Then we met the pediatric anesthesiologist, Dr. Hamad (sp?) who was INCREDIBLE too. Loved this guy. Definitely request him if you can. He has a very gentle, easy-going nature that a child naturally gravitates toward, (at least our separation-anxiety-ridden son did!) and he explained his procedure to us, and waited for the perfect moment possible for the "hand off". Our son was whisked away in Dr. Hamad's arms, laughing through his tears (sad to be away from mom, but laughing because the doc was tickling him). The procedure was completed within an hour and then they brought us back into the recovery room so we were there when my son woke up. The post-op nurse was awesome, very sweet and thorough, giving us lots of post-op tips to make our 2-hour drive home as comfortable for our son as possible. My son was back on his feet later that day, albeit, he was a little wobbly and loopy from the anesthesia effects. (He was saying the silliest things!) We didn't have to give him any pain medication (not even tylenol) and he was back to bouncing off the walls the very next day. If I had to go through this again, there is NO DOUBT I would chose Dr. Freedman, and I certainly would recommend him to all of my family and friends. I hope this review helps other parents out there! Good luck, and many blessings to those of you going through the same thing...!
September 06 , 2012
I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Freedman. He is not only an excellent surgeon, but he is extremely thorough and caring. My son had his surgery yesterday, it went well and he is already up and running today (he is 15 months)! I met with a few surgeons but felt so comfortable with Dr. Freedman because he took the time to completely explain my sons issue to me and how he would fix it. His assistant Pat was extremely caring and attentive to our needs as well. And the outpatient facility at Cedars was great. The overall experience was much easier because of their team.
February 17 , 2010
my son saw Dr. Freedman and he is amazingly kind, intelligent, dedicated to providing the best care.
February 23 , 2016

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