Pediatrix Medical Group Of Florida Inc
3200 SW 60th Ct, Suite 104
Miami, FL 33155 (Directions)
2.9 out of 5
Pediatrix Medical Group Of Florida Inc
3200 SW 60th Ct, Suite 104
Miami, FL 33155 (Directions)

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2.9 out of 5
10 ratings, 10 reviews
Dr Labbie is The Best. I was born with bladder extrophy. He has been my doctor since I was born 18 years ago. Not only is he The Greatest Doctor ever he is also very Caring. You have become part of our have Inspired me to become a Urologist and help children like me. I love and honor you..
February 17 , 2012
"I can’t say enough how grateful I am for Dr. Labbie and his team. Our 1 year old son needed surgery and we were new to the state- we asked around and Dr. Labbie came highly recommended by more than one doctor. Due to covid, we did a virtual visit- during the visit, he seemed confident and knew what he was looking at before we explained. His team kept us updated with information and unexpected changes ..."
October 08 , 2020
Dr Labbie has been with my son since birth 18 years ago when my son was born with Spina Bifida. Dr Labbie would stay late at the hospital just to explain things to us. He has even made some personal phone call to us just to check. We travel over 2 hours to keep him as our DR. He has performed surgeries and well care for us. Dr.Labbie KNOWS what he is doing. We both love him. & my son is doing well.
June 15 , 2011
Este Doctor da la impresion de ir a lo suyo y nada mas pero No,el opero a mi hijo(nada urgente ni complicado) y es muy buen cirujano y preocupado por el post operatorio.En la oficina(Miami Childrens),todos muy amables tambien.Gracias Dr Labbie!!!
December 02 , 2010
Dr. Labbie is the best, but he knows it. He often lacks compassion
January 29 , 2015
I was referred to this practice for my infant son, the office over books appointments especially new patients, which had us waiting over an hour before being called out of the waiting area. A nurse came into the patient room and was very pleasant, she examined my son and said the doctor would be right with us. Dr Labbie came into the room after 10 more minutes of waiting and trying to entertain a 12 month old from crying and not wanting to be there. He did not wear gloves nor did he wash his hands before touching my son's private area. He then examined him, asked a couple questions and told us that we will need to come back when my son turns 2 years old. Before leaving, he turned the water on, rinsed his hands with no soap then shook his hands over the sink. I was also charged $247 at the time of the visit and the office also charged me $233 to my insurance which my MRA paid out. I have been trying for nearly 3 months to be refunded, which the billing dept in Miami has made numerous excuses and promises the following week I will have my refund. Very unprofessional and disappointing overall.
September 22 , 2015
He is a pediatric urologist, but he never asks children how they feel, he is very rude and unprofessional.
September 24 , 2019
This has got to be the rudest doctor I have ever seen. He was very sarcastic and mean to me and my daughter. Will never see again.
June 17 , 2010
We took our 2 month old son to a circumsicion with Dr. Labbie. Not only did we wait over 2 hours, to a point where the anesthesia wore off, but when they did the procedure, we could hear our son wailing from the waiting room. To top it off, the receptionist at the front (who wore sweatpants and a sweatshirt - no uniform!) commented that he sounded like a "cat having sex" (in SPanish). THE NERVE. I will report this anywhere I can. When the doctor came out with our son, he handed him to us like a package and ran through instructions without taking time to comfort us or explain the procedure. We will NEVER go there again.
May 20 , 2011
He came in three hours late for the initial visit with my 13 months-old appointment, and when I asked why he was so late, his answer was "Oh, I am always late, that's who I am", very arrogant! So, be ready to wait a great deal
May 20 , 2015

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Pediatrix Medical Group Of Florida Inc
3200 SW 60th Ct, Suite 104
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