Urology Centers Of Alabama PC
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4.5 out of 5
Urology Centers Of Alabama PC
3485 Independence Dr
Homewood, AL 35209 (Directions)

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4.5 out of 5
48 ratings, 48 reviews
"Great doctor always answers any questions followed up by asking me questions to better understand my condition or concerns, his office staff is very friendly and the wait time is less than 5 min , would highly recommend Dr Andrew Strang"
July 02 , 2022
Great Dr.
July 22 , 2022
Great Doctor
December 19 , 2022
I have been a patient of Dr. Strang’s for a while and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good Urologist. He is very thorough when he is explaining things to me.
December 27 , 2022
Nurse drew blood painlessly. She was very friendly and professional. Dr. Strang is caring and concerned with my medical problems.
April 27 , 2022
Timely, Courteous, Knowledgeable and Professional
April 04 , 2022
I arrived early after preregistration and filled out information at the kiosk and was seen before my appointment time. No wait time to sere Dr Strang after the nurse got BP and vitals. He was very thorough and listened to my concerns and was out of the clinic after labs BEFORE my appointment time! GREAT!
March 07 , 2022
Outstanding care from Dr. Strang.
January 24 , 2023
Dr Strang made me feel comfortable and was very professional in a stressful time.
December 16 , 2022
Exceptional professionalism
December 27 , 2022
Awesome!!! Would recommend Dr. Strang to anyone looking for a good Urologist. The staff is awesome. Didn’t have to wait long.
December 27 , 2022
Dr. Strang is amazing! Although Renal Cell Carcinoma were scary words to hear, he made me feel comfortable, and confident that everything would be ok. He saved my life!
October 06 , 2015
Since my father is hospitalized I recently accompanied my mother for an examination with Dr. Strang, to whom she had been referred by a local ER. Dr. Strang was exceptional, He took the time to clearly explain my mothers issues and conditions and gave referrals for doctors to address some of her other health-related issues. He was friendly and accessible, answered questions in an easy-to-understand manner, and seemed to be genuinely concerned about my mother and her well-being. In addition, the staff was courteous and professional and patiently spent time trying to arrange follow-up appointments with Dr. Strangs referrals. It is rare to have such a painless and pleasant doctors appointment.
January 21 , 2016
He is one of the best, if not the best. He explains things thoroughly and makes sure you understand. Professional and friendly in every way. If you need a urologist, then I highly recommend Dr Andrew Strang!
December 20 , 2022
"Dr. Strang always listens to me and answers my questions. He is one of the best!"
June 29 , 2022
Dr. Strang gave a diagnosis that was easy to understand. He reassured me that my issues werent life-threatening and with time it would get better.
March 26 , 2022
Very pleased with Dr Strang and his team. Everyone is professional and caring. First visit.. Dr Strang explained and helped us have a plan of going forward. Would highly recommend him. He is a blessing..
November 01 , 2023
Dr Strang was very thorough and personable. Explanation of condition was excellent. I now have a permanent Urologist.
April 15 , 2022
March 29 , 2022
Dr. Strang is very personable. He was very thorough and answered all my questions.
December 29 , 2022
October 12 , 2017
Dr Strang Is an excellent physician He helped me with kidney stone surgery
January 23 , 2023
I have been coming to Dr Strang for several years. I am very pleased with his service. Everyone is so nice and helpful. I would recommend him to my friends and family.
December 19 , 2022
December 19 , 2022
I have been seeing Dr Strang for over 10 years now and I am very pleased .
February 17 , 2022
Arrived early and they got me in and out quick. Very professional. Go back for another check up in 6 weeks.
March 28 , 2022
Arwdome Dr.
May 04 , 2016
"Excellent physician!!!!"
July 26 , 2022
Dr Strang is very calm, patient and explains everything very well. I did not feel rushed at all as he was willing to answer all questions I had. I would definitely recommend him.
December 19 , 2022
Great and prompt treatment
April 05 , 2022
Great visit very personable listens attentively to your needs
December 16 , 2022
Dr. Strang provides/provided a professional, knowledgeable, focused and caring experience. Well pleased.
March 10 , 2022
personable quick visit
March 15 , 2022
Dr Strang and his staff very professional, answered all questions. My father in law had prostate surgery and was quite pleased.
February 21 , 2018
Very kind and helpful.
March 01 , 2022
My first visit with UCA , Dr. A Strang excellent !! gave me the most reassuring news I needed.
April 13 , 2022
"Dr Strang has been treating me for bladder cancer for a year. He had done an excellent job and I have been completely satisfied with his performance. He is helpful, friendly, professional and has an empathetic manner."
January 24 , 2021
I was a rare case for Dr. Strang and the care he provided was superb. He attention to detail allowed him to be set apart. Dr. Strang showed true empathy and compassion towards me
September 09 , 2018
He asked the right questions and was receptive to responses
March 02 , 2022
"He was on time and informative. "
December 10 , 2021
Incredibly kind and a great listener. Very kind staff! Called back quickly and got detailed information about my condition,
January 16 , 2023
Busy but fast... I arrived early but even though they were busy I was seen before schedule... Dr Strang has a great bedside manner. Everyone was professional... I would give five stars but the lady that drew blood needs a better deposition..!
January 16 , 2023
Absolutely loved this Doctor. Was very caring and attentive. Helped me.
December 30 , 2022
I traveled 1 1/2 hr to see dr.strange. My apt was at 10:30 I got there at 10:40. They told me to have a seat, by the time they got back to me it was 11:00 and I was told there is no way he could see me. Very disappointed that he is a doctor that could not go a little out of the way for a patient that did the same. Would not recommend for patient quality care.
February 18 , 2016
Visited the Dr. twice with no firm diagnosis and no firm treatment options. I feel like I did a better job of diagnosing myself than he did. He spent very little time with me and rushed to judgement without performing any tests. I would definitely not recommend this Dr.
April 24 , 2019
This was a waste of my time and money. I explained my issue with this man to n avail. First appointment he said I had a UTI and prescribed me antibiotics. Next appointment was for a cystoscopy. He said it would be done in office. NO anesthesia just some lidocaine and lube would be enough to numb me from any discomfort. Id already told him several times about the pain and pressure in my bladder and urethra. That is the reason I decided I needed to see a urologist. Well I could barely let him put the lidocaine in and the scope was even worse. I couldnt even be still long enough for him to get a decent look. Im was cursing and squirming the whole time. Well guess what he says he doesnt see anything wrong. Im sure he didnt see anything at all because I was moving the whole time. Shouldve never listened to him telling me it would just be a little discomfort. Id never recommend him to anyone. Now Im stuck with a bill for nothing.
November 14 , 2019
His momma did not teach him manners to speak to other people
September 27 , 2019
Dr strang has no idea what I have been through to get my medicine transferred to my pharmacy his staff has lied to me the sad part is he has no idea his nurse canceled my prescription because of lie they told me and put people in there on office in a uncomfortable situation at this point I would also say I’m not sure the nurse can even do that I will and am in the process of checking on that i will talk to dr strang at some point and relay this info to him it’s really sad cause he his a good doctor and a nice person
January 28 , 2019

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