Urology Clinics Of North Texas, PLLC
7777 Forest Ln, Suite A230
Dallas, TX 75230 (Directions)
4.4 out of 5
Urology Clinics Of North Texas, PLLC
7777 Forest Ln, Suite A230
Dallas, TX 75230 (Directions)

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4.4 out of 5
16 ratings, 16 reviews
She takes you health & making you better very seriously. She is very sweet & caring & knows exactly what she's doing.
October 01 , 2015
Great doctor what every good doctor should be
August 14 , 2012
Very professional and understanding of problems
July 19 , 2016
Great doctor and staff. Really put you at ease during what could be embarrassing exams.
September 22 , 2015
Caring and professional on all levels.
September 27 , 2018
Dr. Tran explained everything so that I could understand why she needed each test, how each outcome fit into the puzzle of pain I was experiencing, and then how best to proceed at every step. I had to wait a couple of weeks to see her the first time, but she was well worth the wait. She even gave me samples of each medication so that I could try the results before paying for a prescription, and asked that I call her if any problems came up. Dr. Tran even postponed my surgery the day before it was scheduled because my gallbladder started acting up. A lot of other doctors would have been more concerned with their surgery schedule, than my safety. I am very grateful that Dr. Tran is my doctor and I will recommend her to my family and friends. She is easy to talk to and truly cares about her patients! Thank you, Dr. Tran!
February 11 , 2012
Am daily grateful for her expert care and my improved quality of life.
April 25 , 2012
Dr. Tran is delightful...if you can cope with her office staff. I visited both Plano office & Med City and experienced office staff that ignores you until they need something. I work in healthcare and know the importance of customer service. These young people need to learn manners & how they are representing a business. I would pick another dr. if I had not already started treatment.
October 23 , 2012
I love Dr. Tran she is so sweet and easy to talk to and take very good care of me. I love the fact that she knows most of her patients by name and or face. I love her nurses they all have been go great. I have never had an issue with getting appointments. I plan on staying with Dr. T for as long as I have my issue. Thanks Dr. Tran for being such a great person.
October 23 , 2013
Dr. Tran has exceptional bedside manner! She explains everything thoroughly and takes time to be sure that all of the patient's questions have been answered. While I had to wait for quite a while, I think it was worth it to have this top-notch, professional, and genuine doctor.I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone needing a competent urologist.
July 02 , 2011
I have been seeing Dr Tran for about 1 1/2 years. She is always very professional, welcoming and attentive to my personal situation, making me very comfortable to talk openly about anything that is going on. I have had one procedure, Dr Tran made certain I knew the details of the procedure, why it was recommended and left me knowing exactly what to expect. I was please with the outcome, as it went as planned. Her nurse is very knowledgeable and friendly, the staff is helpful and efficient. The wait time has always been reasonable. Communication and follow-up is also very good, giving me a portal to log into as an option, allowing me to see results or ask a question. I would highly recommend Dr Tran to any family or friend seeking a Urologist.
October 20 , 2019
Very determined to make you feel better by conducting many tests to get to the root of the problem. She picked a very good Nurse too! Together they make a great medical team that truly care for their patients. Only problem is getting an appointment sometimes because the word has got around she is exceptional and has a gazillion patients. Sometimes it takes 15-25 minutes to see her only because she gives everyone 110%.
September 20 , 2017
Very thorough Great bedside manner Candid
February 03 , 2016
"Wasted my time and sent me off telling me I don’t have a stone! My Dr’s office sent me for a second opinion and I really appreciated the other Dr explaining to me about the stone and location. I wasn’t going to give a review but The group she is with sent a survey, I couldn’t lie. I wish Dr Tran well, she needs to Improve with her patients."
December 03 , 2019
To start off, I must say that I am the type of person that always seeks the best of the best when it comes to my healthcare providers. It was very easy to book an appointment with this Physician. The staff, is definitely not the most courteous bunch...SPECIALLY when you are on the PHONE with them. They are very quick, snippy, and pretty much rude. If you have any questions for them be prepared to have them cut you off. It also seems like they lack some communication skills among their staff when it comes to their patients information. Dr. Tran, I would have to say, did not know how to accurately diagnose my husband. She opted for several procedures that were very unnecessary, and put him on medication that he did not even need!! She is not too friendly, she is a pretty serious person. I must say she will spend her time with you, and try to talk about your needs, and symptoms. Although, she does not come up with enough questions to ask you! Her and her staff do not follow up with you after a visit. I had to call their office several times just to get them to transfer my husbands medical history to a new Urologist. Would I recommend her to anyone? NO. There are better, caring, friendly, and knowledgeable urologists in the Dallas area.
April 01 , 2015
My daughter was treated dismissively and rude. By reception and doctor.
June 24 , 2020

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