Tucson Physician Group Holdings LLC
630 N Alvernon Way, Suite 251
Tucson, AZ 85711 (Directions)
4.4 out of 5
Tucson Physician Group Holdings LLC
630 N Alvernon Way, Suite 251
Tucson, AZ 85711 (Directions)

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4.4 out of 5
46 ratings, 46 reviews
On 27 October and 3 November, I had appointments for a couple of diagnostic procedures. Kevin and Marina were great during the first tests, and Marina when she prepped me for the second. Marina is a STAR! Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and has a great ability to put the patients at ease. With a completely first-rate team in that office, Marina is a standout. Doc Nazaroff is the best urologist I’ve had in the last 20+ years.
November 06 , 2021
Dr. Nazaroff is an excellent urologist who will resolve any problems you have. His staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. If you value expertise and professionalism then you will choose Dr. Nazaroff as your urologist!
January 22 , 2015
Great Doctor, very informative, easy to talk to and caring. My procedure completed without any issues.
July 28 , 2020
This Dr. Is proficient in all areas and helped resolve all urinary issues that I had for years. Highly recommended.
February 11 , 2017
Very pleased with the result of my surgery. Doctor Nazaroff and his staff are very knowledgeable, professional, and explain all procedures very well. I strongly recommend him to anyone having urinary or EDS problems.
January 09 , 2018
Finally a urologist that knows what he's doing. Fixed a problem that I had for years and I'm forever grateful. Excellent staff too.
January 01 , 2018
When it became clear that I needed corrective surgery to improve urine flow through the prostate I prepared myself to endure what I assumed would be at best, an uncomfortable, at worst a painful process. With Dr. Nazaroff and his very professional staff it turned out to be the most agreeable and satisfactory medical care I have ever experienced. They explained in detail every step in the process. It started with comprehensive testing conducted with care and sensitivity and the results were discussed with me in detail. The performance of my responsibilities at home before and after the surgery were carefully explained and easily carried out. Before, during, and after the surgery I did not experience more than the mildest discomfort. The result: the quality of my 86-year-old life has significantly improved. In retrospect I regret putting off this medical event for several years.
February 07 , 2018
AWESOME DOCTOR :)very nice,neat, pretty office, wonderful staff
June 03 , 2011
Great Doctor I found Dr. Nasaroff to be a professional and caring person. I was very pleased with my treatments and the friendliness of his staff. I would recommend him in a heart beat. Casey Garcia
October 30 , 2018
Excellent Doctor and staff. I am so glad that I changed my doctor.
July 20 , 2017
Great doctor, friendly staff. Dr. Nazaroff is a very knowledgeable and professional doctor, while still a --regular guy-- who is very approachable, and listens to the patients concerns.
February 26 , 2015
Great doctor and great staff! He cleaned up the mess made by other urologists. He is straight forward, extremely knowledgable, capable and compassionate. I was lucky to find him.
April 19 , 2014
He is very straight forward and can be blunt at time. When I came down with a staff infection from a procedure done at the SV hospitable. he referrd me to a doctor in Indo CA. He and the other doctor came up for cure and he redid the surgery.
June 28 , 2009
Dr. Nazaroff provided me with excellent care. He thoroughly diagnosed my condition which I had lived with for 8+ years. The surgery he performed has changed my life. It corrected a condition that was not only stressful but was often embarrassing. The improvement was immediate and the result was better than expected. Dr. Nazaroff was always professional and comforting. I am extremely grateful.
October 06 , 2020
After deal with urological issues for several years, I was referred to another doctor. That doctor told me I would have to self-catheterize for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I decided to see Dr. Nazaroff. He was able to surgically fix my problem. He is professional, knowledgeable, caring and meticulous in his approach. He explained everything to me through each step in the process. His staff is also professional, caring and efficient. I high recommend Dr. Nazaroff.
June 23 , 2020
Doctor Anthony A Nazaroff is a very knowledgeable Physician with second to none bedside manner...........Larry B Nesbitt Jr
May 14 , 2018
Dr Nazaroffs knowledge and confidence immediately put me at ease. He was very through in setting up and administering the various test in order to determine exactly what my problem was, and what course of action needed to be taken to remedy it. I am quite happy with the results, and would recommend Dr. Nazaroff to anyone.
August 10 , 2016
The staff is very professional and friendly. Dr Nazaroff never rushes you out of the office and takes time to explain all questions and concerns. I highly recommend him!
August 19 , 2013
I had excellent results from a bladder sling procedure with Dr Nazaroff. Dr Nazaroff explained the procedure in detail prior to surgery, preformed testing in advance to ensure that I was a good candidate for the surgery and performed the surgery with excellent subsequent results and with no adverse effects . I was treated with kindness and respect by Dr Nazaroff and his staff.
July 13 , 2017
Dr. Nazaroff and the staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Nazaroff took time and explained to me in great detail about the procedure that I wanted, and I am happy with the results.
January 26 , 2013
Dr. Nazaroff and his staff are total professionals. During the pre -op visits, my symptoms and my options to correct them were fully explained. Post-op, thanks for his expertise, I had absolutely no pain or problems. If any one needs to see a urologist, make this doctors office your first choice.
October 29 , 2018
Dr.Nazaroff and his entire staff are helpful, caring & professional. Dr. Nazaroff made sure I understood everything about the procedure I was having done, i.e. down time, pain, etc. He called several times during the next several after my procedure to make sure I was doing okay. He made sure I had an appointment within a few days after the procedure to make sure I was healing as expected and was happy with the result as I was healing. The staff really went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable.
August 27 , 2013
After dealing with urological issues for several years, I was referred to another doctor. That doctor told me I would have to self-catheterize for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I decided to see Dr. Nazaroff instead of accepting that opinion. Dr. Nazaroff was able to surgically fix my problem. He is professional, knowledgeable, and meticulous in his approach. He explained everything to me through each step of the process. His staff is also professional, caring and extremely helpful. I highly recommend him.
June 23 , 2020
Dr. Nazaroff did the green light therapy treatment and I got total relief. I would 100% recommend this. I am a 65 yr old male & fully functional now. Harry Wilson Tucson, AZ
November 05 , 2020
Great doctor and great staff. I had juvederm done on my face and it looks amazing. I was afraid at first because I wanted it to look natural, not too overdone. It looks perfect! It made me look younger without looking like I had something done. I highly recommend Dr. Nazaroff. Best Juvederm place in town.
February 23 , 2014
I assumed that when a guy got older, you just had to live with decreased urine flow. And I was concerned about possible cancer. I received a referral to Dr. Nazaroff and I could not be more pleased with the care and treatment that I received from Dr. Nazaroff and his staff. He explained his proposed plan of analysis and treatment and answered all my questions. Even the dumb ones with grace and throughness. After several testing procedures, I had green light laser surgery on my prostate. This helped my urine flow considerably. I can easily and unreservedly reccommend Dr. Nazeroff to help you figure out whats going on.
October 09 , 2020
I have been a patient with Dr. Nazaroff for over a decade. His knowledge and professionalism are second to none. He has treated me for a number of urology issues and each time his diagnosis was spot on. Dr. Nazaroff creates an atmosphere of caring and safety. He is without fail a caring and highly proficient doctor. There is no other urologist in Sierra Vista that I would want to see. If you have a urology issue, go to see Dr. Nazaroff. He will take care of you in a caring and professional manner.
August 10 , 2018
Best urologist I have found. In three states. Four doctors none of which were comparable to Dr Nazaroff.
July 27 , 2017
Friendly staff, didnt wait too long, figured out the problem. Hes a great doctor in this county
April 15 , 2013
Been a patient of Dr. Nazaroff for over two years. When he relocated from Sierra Vista to Tucson, I followed him. Why? The care he gave, the confidence I had in him and his superb “bed-side” manner. Given the opportunity again, I’d Place my urological needs in his hands. He is frank without frightening, promoting trust and confidence. B.Neff. Major SF (Ret).
August 13 , 2019
My experience with Dr. Nazaroff and his staff can only be described as exceptional. I was always greeted with a smile and never felt uncomfortable or ill at ease. Dr. Nazaroff took the time to explain all of his planned procedures and seemed happy to explain it as often as requested. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my surgery and he seemed genuinely motivated to make me happy. I was treated with great kindness and respect by his staff members, who always should concern for my wellbeing. I would recommend Dr. Nazaroff and his staff to my friends and family.
February 05 , 2014
August 07 , 2018
My son had an accident at school and the nurse said i should send him to a Urologist. I was amazed that we were able to get a same day appointment. Dr. Nazaroff conducted an ultrasound in his office and determined there was nothing serious. I was absolutely impressed with his caring and concern. The doctor explained the procedure in detail. This is the only doctor I have been to that I felt comfortable with. My son was never nervous nor embarassed. We were well taken care of.
April 05 , 2012
I was told by a friend to go see him after my old Urologist ( down the street ) did not have time to see me I brought my CT scan DVD into his office and I was told to have a seat Dr. Nazaroff saw me after hours he came up with a plan to fix me as I had 3 kidney stones 1 was big 17mm BIG after 2 surgery's they are gone The folks at the front desk are AWESOME too !!!!
August 08 , 2018
Dr Nazaroff has been my urologist for the past 10 plus years and I trust him completely. His staff is warm and caring and efficient. His office is immaculately clean and he is gentle and professional during procedures. I have the up most respect for his abilities as a surgeon and as a urologist. He is through and takes the time to explain everything in a way that is understandable to anyone. He is always direct and cheerful and a joy to visit for my annual exams. He is the only urologist that I would consider going to.
April 02 , 2014
He was complete and thorough, and caring.
December 10 , 2019
I waited over 45 minutes for a scheduled appt. for which I arrived well prior to. Dr. was very matter of fact, explained why my situation MIGHT be a symptom of a more serious problem, though I was not convinced and was not satisfied with his answer. I believe he ordered medically unnecessary tests for my condition. When asked why so many tests he abruptly explained why they were deemed necessary. Sadly, he spent more time trying to sell me his cosmetic procedures/surgery than addressing the issue for which I came in. As many others have stated, I do believe and sensed he was very money driven. The staff was wonderful.
January 17 , 2013
I had a procedure to help me urinate more easily, I wasnt informed that there was a risk that I might not be able to ejaculate after this was done. Well now I cant and feel like half a man. Im not saying hes a bad doctor just didnt do me right. I have never sued anybody but thinking about doing it for this. I lost my manhood and feel useless.??
March 18 , 2015
Needs to be aware of patients pain and discomfort during procedures.
March 05 , 2009
Appointment was scheduled for first of day, yet still had to wait for 32 minutes to be seen. My appointment was suppose to be a --consult-- for skin damage, yet ended up being a 12 minutes sales pitch for a skin product he sells. When I left without purchasing on the it, I was told the consult fee was $75. I had previously asked what the consult fee would be and was told they didnt know. The whole appointment was borderline unethical and --flaky --. I was never should alternative products or was could only use the -- consult fee of 75 dollars toward a purchase on one item he was selling. I will be following up with a complaint to AMA as well as The Better Business Association.
April 01 , 2012
Dr. Nazaroffs office staff are very helpful and friendly. The doctor however is a Type A kind of guy who seems intent on not listening to the patient and more interested in his gadgets used in his practice. Im seeking out a more caring and hopefully knowledgeable urologist for my prostate!
March 09 , 2010
The Dr. seemed to be happy to do surgery without first trying other alternatives. He has the P.A. conduct a lot of the procedures when you would expect it to be the Dr. His bed side manner was very rough and so were his procedures. He has no intrest in his patients except for the surgery/money.
January 15 , 2012
Extremely stuck up. Does not want to hear from the patient ever.
March 07 , 2009
His bedside manner is extremely brisk and tart. He is a --know it all-- who doesnt seem to have time to listen to me, his patient. I asked him about some drugs that I had researched on the Internet and he seemed to want to ignore my questions and get on with seeing the next patient. He is after money; doesnt keep up to date on medications and is very uncaring and full of himself.
March 09 , 2009
July 03 , 2018
His office is willing to tell you they accept your insurance then after running around to get things in order and filling out paper work they causally say they don't. I made sure to inquire ahead on this issue and a male assured me that they did accept that insurance. Be very careful here careless office people.
June 14 , 2017

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