Urologic Specialists Of Central Florida PLLC
575 S Wickham Rd, Suite A
Melbourne, FL 32904 (Directions)
3 out of 5
Urologic Specialists Of Central Florida PLLC
575 S Wickham Rd, Suite A
Melbourne, FL 32904 (Directions)

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3 out of 5
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Dr. Saracino is an excellent Urologist that was my doctor for the last 10 years and unfortunately today I lost him because of our wonderful bullcrap healthcare in this country. He has taken excellent care of me over the years and I appreciated his excellent diagnosis and resulting fixes. You cannot go wrong with this great doctor.
October 28 , 2016
Caring and excellent doctor
August 05 , 2010
Amazing Doctor and staff. I went in with a huge kidney stone and needed treatment as soon as possible. Being that I dont have insurance I was limited as to what I could pay. Dr. SaracinoS Office Manager, Kandis, went out her way to get me the best possible price to include anesthesia and it worked out great. I then ended up having an additional surgery per Dr. Saracinos advise. He gave me an excellent price and even went out of his way to contact the CFO at the hospital to make sure I got an affordable price. Dr. Saracino again have me an excellent price for his services and both procedures included my follow up appointments. He has an amazing office manager. This is one office I was very pleased with. I will spread the wotd.
March 25 , 2016
I personally rated this doctor today out of diapointment, forgive I was wrong. I also said the place was cruddy and should burn down. One should not make reviews when they Are disapppinted! Forgive me. I hope I find a way to make this better. This site would not let me alter my initial review
October 11 , 2016
August 05 , 2018
Doctor Saracino and Doctor Prody are both 5 star plus surgeons! Best healing in my support group from all over the world. I was 6.5-- the night before surgery and now have a very proud 5 7/8--. Only lost 5/8--! Much better than the 1 inch plus standard industry average. Very very pleased. Thank you for making me whole again!!!!
September 19 , 2018
Good Doctor, have known him for over fifteen years. Sometimes overbooked, but he does his best to help the patient and address any issues.
February 18 , 2016
Absolutely marvelous physician and surgeon!
April 21 , 2016
My first appointment with this busy doctor. I met an appliance rep., Doug. He presented the implant components, features and so forth. I had done quite a lot (20+) years of thought about my problem and I had done research and testing of options. I believe he is competent but being a new patient, Im reserving my final review till I experience more precious time with the Doctor. Based on my initial contact, Im ready to go all the way!
September 22 , 2015
The Doctor was caring, accurate and mad a diagnosis that was missed by another Urologist in town. I read the other reviews and cannot disagree with these more.They obviously had him on a bad day. He is number one in my book!
March 03 , 2011
Excellent Doctor
February 27 , 2009
Competent and compassionate. His staff is equally as great.
August 31 , 2016
A busy and efficient Dr but easy to talk to (try to figure out your questions ahead of time) and (if you check his credentials) an extremely talented and well respected within his profession. In my case, all of these --complaints-- proved not so true and are completely overwhelmed by the mans competence.
January 13 , 2016
I have had him for 12 years He got me through some tough times.
September 17 , 2014
I have been a patient of Dr. Saracino for about 10 years and I have been satisfied with his knowledge and friendly manner at all times. I have undergone several surgical procedures over the years and have no complaints. If there is any problem, it is that he has so many patients that whenever there is a medical emergency, he gets behind and has to work quickly and rush to catch-up with his appointment schedule. That seems to be the case with all GOOD doctors these days, especially when they work for an HMO like Osler Medical.
January 29 , 2013
I am flat out stunned at the few negative - even hostile - reviews about this doctor. My experience started with a helpful and pleasant staff and an on time examination. Dr. was friendly, informative to the point of giving me comfortable confidence in his experience and knowledge, and just an all around good guy. Very good vibes. Make no mistake, the Dr. is efficient (some have interpreted this as too fast) due mostly, imo, to his extensive experience within his field. Im thinking, could my positive experience have to do to the office location? MaMaybothers have had their appointments at another location. I saw the Dr. at a Wickham Rd location close to 192. Again, highly recommend.
June 17 , 2015
If you go to a Doctor and He/She is not very busy you should run! Dr. Saracino is very busy and he is in and out of patient rooms quickly because he is skilled enough to do so without making mistakes. He and his fantastic staff helped me through a tough time including surgery that the Dr. Preformed flawlessly. If you are the type of patient that needs a Dr. to stroke your ego and hold your hand for an hour to make you feel special he may not be the right guy for you. If youre looking for a Knowledgeable Professional a Skilled Surgeon that will find your issue and fix it quickly you could do a hell of a lot worse.
May 16 , 2013
After seeing this Doctor for several years, Iam beging to see a lot of problems with his operation. Ive surive two surgeries. No problems with the first, but he diagnosed me with cancer of my left kidney. After several delays the operation was performed. To make a long story short, I was in the hospital for 8 days and had to have 6 pints of blood.
November 04 , 2009
always in a hurry
March 20 , 2008
This doctor is too busy heards /patients in like cattle is an understatement, he had a staff of very wonderfull woman, but it seems they all got smart and left. At my last appointment I asked to speak to a manager and was told she would call me..she never did This office is a mess I would go to a Vetinarian before I would go to him
July 30 , 2012
The doctor is a knowledgeable and caring human being. I have read the other trash above and these are upset individuals in that they had to wait for a doctor that is worth waiting for. They need to go to MacDonalds if they want fast service!
January 21 , 2009
Dr. Saracino is great. But he is really busy and wont spend more time than he has to. Be prepared with questions and he will give you an answer you can understand. I found he will always answer any questions I have fully and make sure I understand. His staff seems a bit scattered and forget about being on time. Prepare for at least an hour. But I still highly recommend him is you need a first rate Urologists.
August 30 , 2016
Dr Saracino and Prody really know their stuff. In 2018 had IPP surgery. Unfortunately my soft tissue caused severe distal migration. Went home partially inflated and about 3 inches short. Then as soon as I deflated had severe distal curving. Had to have my pump surgically moved that Dec by another surgeon. Took 9 months VED but finally recovered lost length. Very rocky start but stellar finish. Thanks guys! Job well done.!!!
November 26 , 2022
office staff need new courtesy training class,answer the phone, writte down patients information, redirect phone call to the appropiated person at the office,understand patients news and fellings.
April 17 , 2009
Dr. Saracino has the knowledge however it does not reflect in his office staff.
February 18 , 2015
Did not have a good experience when I had kidney stones. He did not explain causes and my options. Did not feel like he educated me on the condition. Was very short and aloof. I saw him for about 2 or 3 visits and then I was out of there. Sadly my father tried him and had the same disappointing experience.
March 23 , 2010
Waited forever and then was only seen 5 minutes or so and told my diagnosed medical problem Ive battled with for a few years was wrong and his assumptions were right about what was REALLY wrong with me. Gave prescriptions that I was bewildered to receive including very strong pain killers I didnt need and disgarded. I was herded in and out like cattle. I wasnt impressed although the herding could have been a busy day which was the only time I went as I quickly found a new doctor. On the good side hes very friendly and seems genuinely concerned. I questioned everything else including the URINE TEST.
March 04 , 2009
Im not the patient my husband is but his staff is not on top of things and they reflect poorly on the doctor. We generally have at least an hours wait. The doctor himself is like a runaway car. My husband really liked him until he had to insist on having a PSA test and it resulted in a biopsy and prostate cancer. Now hes rushing to remove the prostate. For a second opinion hes sending us to his partner (?) This is my opinion.
April 24 , 2016
His notes do not agree with what we discussed. He failed to discuss tests with me. His office staff is polite but very slow to follow up. I felt be did not see me as a patient but as a dollar sign.
May 30 , 2016
Dr. Saracinos waiting room is like a factory. Each patient is required to leave a urine sample--no matter what his complaint is. (I went to have staples removed after surgery and had to give a urine sample. The doctor supposedly did the surgery, but told the nurse there were no staples (and I had 16 of them.)
March 05 , 2008
Ugh, this guy is genuinely the worst. Run, dont walk away from him. He has zero time to spend with anyone. Hes rude, he curses, and he just does not care. I have had kidney stones for 2 years now which is why I was seeing him. He is way to quick to want surgery. I was in pain for almost a month after my surgeries. Zero empathy with this guy. He literally spoke with me from the hallway this last visit, didnt even come into the room. He broadcast my situation to the whole office! The staff is friendly, Ill give him that. Though, he doesnt treat them well.
January 05 , 2017
Over years of visits, I find Dr. Saracino to be short with details and in a rush to get to the next patient. After an ER kidney stone and TERP stay, I found him increasingly irritating. After a second TERP recommendation, I forced a session to finally get to the bottom of what was going on and why. Looking for another Dr.
November 12 , 2019
As a person, Dr. Saracino is a very nice man. I dont have any issues with him as a person. However perhaps because he has so many patients, I have to agree with another post on here. I felt like part of a herd of cattle. The office staff seems very unorganized. I saw him 2x for kidney stones. Both times I was almost operated on the wrong side. I had to correct them at the surgery center because the orders were completely wrong. I think hes too busy for his patients, and the patients suffer. Medical files are open everywhere. I had access to several private medical notes on other patients (but didnt read them, of course). Now I wonder who read mine. One time I was told to not eat or drink anything after midnight because they wanted to admit me to the hospital for surgery. When I went into his office to pick up the orders I was told he had already done all his surgeries that morning. They sent me home and rescheduled the surgery. Thats just one of the MANY issues Ive had!
September 13 , 2010
If you want to hear information about your other doctors that you shouldnt know, this is your doctor. If you want to wait for up to two+ hours after your appointment time to finally be called back, this is your doctor. If you want to have many unnecessary tests and being overcharged, this is your doctor. And if you like rude, manipulative, untruthful office staff. This is your doctor.
August 20 , 2021
Very poor communication with patient. Poor follow up on treatment plan. Office waiting room not clean and very unattractive place to wait.
June 13 , 2013
Although I continued to visit the Dr. for over a year, I found him to be consitently curt, rude,overbearing ( he became absolutely hostile on the rare occasion that i questioned his teatment and would answer previously prepared short questions regarding my general treatment regimen ) and equally curt and abusive of his staff which exhibited an alarming turn-over rate. Upon deciding to seek help with another Dr, i requested my medical record to be forwarded to my new Dr. as well as to myself.Records were forwarded (which proved to be incomplete and inaccurate) to my new Dr. but were denied being offered to me. Finally Dr. Saracinos sympathetic Office Mgr. gave me a partial list of my records. These records were blatantly incomplete, omitting several prodedures performed by the Dr. as well as medications prescribed. The records indicated that the Dr. had spent lengthy time with me on each visit which as a lie. There were other issues but I have run out of space.
May 17 , 2009
Highly inattentive to patients needs.
March 13 , 2017
I was quite displeased with my visit. First, as a new patient I had to fill out many forms (which is normal). I am quite careful regarding anything I sign; on one of the forms there were several acronyms I didn’t recognize. So I ask the receptionist who gave me the forms what they meant. She said: “don’t worry about them, just answer the questions”. Wrong answer. She had no idea what the acronyms represented nor did anyone else in the office to include a nurse. Bad start. I was referred to this doctor for BPH. When I saw him he was quite friendly. But after exam, he said I need to have a test, the checkout desk would set it up, then out he went. I didn’t have a chance to ask other questions I asked. When waiting for checkout I saw him in the hall so I stopped him for a question. He answered it in the open and quite loudly where others could hear. I was mortified. After finishing with the answer he immediately turned and went on to the next patient. So at checkout, the attendant said she’ll set up all the appointments. I asked for what given that the doctor said I needed “a test”. She said, he ordered four tests. Again, I’m mortified because he never mentioned any additional tests (some of which are a bit invasive). I get home, do some research and wonder what in the world do these tests have to do with the reason I came to this urologist. So I decide to seek a second opinion. My general doctor (who did not refer me to Saracino) told me what I thought: the additional tests aren’t usually used for the condition I have. I’m displeased. First, staff weren’t knowledgeable. Second, the doctor is in a rush to get to the next patient. Third, the doctor is not up front regarding treatment. Fourth, the doctor clearly doesn’t include you (the patient) in planning your own care. Fifth, I thought it was very rude for him to speak loudly of my condition in a hallway. If you want to be considered and involved in your own care, this doctor isn’t the one to go to in my opinion. If you are seeing him and you have appointments upon appointments and tests upon tests, make him explain exactly what’s going on. I cancelled all my appointments and will not return.
August 16 , 2020
My appointment was canceled 4 times, twice with less than an hours notice. Finally, I was told he was again at the ER while I was in his waiting room at 11am. We were told hed return at 1pm - he arrived at 1:30, then we were told he would be returning to the ER for a 3pm surgery. His waiting room was full, so he was certainly going to walk out on most of these people again after they had waited many hours. This man has no business running a private practice! Hes committed to the ER, and too busy for private patients.
May 14 , 2016
Not a good experience. i would not recommend to anyone.
May 21 , 2018
Doesnt spend enough time or want to answer questions. Becomes fidgety and almost upset when I have been able to get a question in before hes out of the examination room. I have been seeing Dr. Saracino for almost 3 years with no answers to my cronic Urinary Tract Infections. The only answer Ive received has not been explained and while Im doing everything I need to do in order to prevent another infection I still am getting infections. The wait time is horrible and his waiting room is ALWAYS packed full of patients waiting to be seen. Ive asked Dr. Saracino what could be causing my infections to only get the answer of --you have a nuerogenic bladder and its not uncommon for people with neurogenic bladders to get multiple UTIs a year.-- Ive had it with this guy. Hes a joke and not very good at his job. Hed be better off finding a new career than expect me stay a patient.
November 09 , 2010
Poor urological management, Large hematoma for a minor hydrocele within 24 hours, after a dramatic large operation. Bleeders may have loosened or not tied. It was drained after 30 days( in fear of 30 day red flag, post op complication.) Fentanyl was ordered but I refused. Again another Hematoma in 48 hours post draining. Offered another open drain, I refused and asked for another opinion, useless as opinion is not different. Drain site became infected causing further hospitalization. Dr. Saracino wanted to enter my room to apologize, prefer to send him away offering another operation. Infection cleared up after heavy IV antibiotics for 6 days. Willing to forget everything including log friendship. Glad I got better and not think about calling other services.
June 17 , 2019
No. bed side manner at all.His office is too busy. Will not go back to him.
July 26 , 2018
Terrible doctor. Absolutely terrible. Two procedures to fix the damage he caused.
October 17 , 2019
Dr. Saracino is a good guy, but his medical practice is unmanaged and very unprofessional. For example, I was ordered to drink 32 ounces of fluid 1 hour prior to my 830 appointment. By 900 AM my bladder was bursting, and still no technician to perform my bladder ultrasound. I had to empty my bladder by 1/2 (but was full again when the tests began). The ultrasound technician offered a --family emergency-- excuse when I complained. In addition two other ultrasound tests were performed that I had not been informed of. During one , an unannounced female --technician-- just appeared while I was disrobed. No introduction, purpose, etc. Some of the office staff are not helpful, and insultingly ignorant, as well.
July 17 , 2008
Worse first visit I ,ve ever had with a doctor. All information forwarded to this doctor had never been looked at. Stafff was terrible, I called to make sure everything had been looked at, nothing had. This doctor may have great intellect, but his caring/compassion left years ago, And btw...burn this crappy office down!
October 10 , 2016
This doctor is a Thief. I was referred to him by the Department of Veterans Affairs. He is getting paid by the VA . He whats a waste of time. You want to treat me for stuff that I dont need. And eventually send me back to the VA to perform tests. I asked a VA to change him as my urologist to a new one because this. This was on May 2017. Today Aug 2017 I receive notification from Medicaid not doctor Saracino send them a bill. And that I may have to pay a portion of it. I never give them.my Medicaid information, not even mentioned because I was referred by the VA, and they paid for 100%. He is not only getting paid by the VA, he bill Medicaid too. Double dipping ! I wonder how many others he is doing the same. I will bring this situation to the attention of both agencies.
August 19 , 2017
DO NOT GO TO HIM.. Patients beware.. awful and threatening.. Find a different doctor. RUN from this office
October 02 , 2014
Dr saracino asked me a question & before I even answered he said I needed a test. He left room. I was waiting. Nurse came in & said front desk will schedule. I said doctor said I needed a test. Yes - front desk will schedule. I thought doctor left room to get test equipment & chaperone. No - he was done. No conversation. No exam was performed. Didn’t even use stethoscope to check if I was breathing. Didn’t even allow me to answer his question or permit me to express my concerns. I definitely don’t need a new patient office consultation (2 minutes) for MD to say I need a test. Highway robbery. $289 billed to health insurance company. Did not return. Did not undergo tests. Sought care elsewhere.
May 14 , 2021
Crazy! May 12th, 2021, Me, an 84 year old USMC Veteran was in Melbourne, Florida home hospice care after being operated on and diagnosed by this urologist.The home hospice care in Florida had made an appointment and transported me from my home to Dr. Saracino's office at his request to remove and replace an old folly tube that he left in my bladder since March,10, 2021 and because of his scheduling that day he refused to perform the office procedure and told me to reschedule. Now over a year later I receiving bills from him for a $35 co-pay for an office visit procedure that he refused to do
September 20 , 2022

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