Fair Oaks Urology, L.L.C.
3700 Joseph Siewick Dr, Suite 101
Fairfax, VA 22033 (Directions)
3.2 out of 5
Fair Oaks Urology, L.L.C.
3700 Joseph Siewick Dr, Suite 101
Fairfax, VA 22033 (Directions)

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3.2 out of 5
6 ratings, 6 reviews
Office visits were fine; diagnosis accurate. He removed a kidney stone surgically, but did not install a stint, which caused a couple extra hours in recovery and a couple days of continued pain. But at least I did not have to endure removal of the stint.
August 14 , 2009
Great doctor. Took care of my problem. No more difficulties.
October 28 , 2019
very professional and warm. He was very informative regarding my options for bladder infection and kidney stones
December 25 , 2010
During the first visit Dr. Vara was great. He knew how to improve my condition. The second visit was good too and we were on the right track. Dr. Vara gave ma a prescription. After three moths I went to see him again and talk about my diagnosis and results of the treatment. Dr. Vara was very surprised that he gave me the treatment as it worsened my condition. Now i am not sure whether Dr. Vara know /remembered why i actually came to visit him. I would not recommend this doctor.
November 09 , 2015
He has a very chauvinistic attitude toward female issues. Really, a very shallow grasp. I regret that I wasted a year in his --care.-- I am on the right track now with a different doctor.
October 05 , 2011
Dr. Vara is a horrible doctor. Not knowledgeable, very dismissive to patients, and is always running behind. From the beginning Dr. Vara did not see the urgency or seriousness of my husbands concerns/pain but Due to his earlier availability we went to him for my husbands orchiectomy. Dr. Vara did not brief him on steps to take before an orchiectomy like sperm banking. (This was our first time dealing with anything like this and only later on after we switched doctors were we told what we should have done). Now when my husband is having post op issues Dr. Vara disregards them and fails to listen to his concerns post surgery. Dr. Vara doesn’t believe these issue are related to surgery and won’t help find solutions to them. At the office there is always a 45 minute (or longer) wait past the scheduled appointment time! For the follow up appointment after surgery he didn’t even look at the incision site. Just asked questions! (Something that could’ve been done with a virtual call).
February 13 , 2021

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Fair Oaks Urology, L.L.C.
3700 Joseph Siewick Dr, Suite 101
Fairfax, VA 22033
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