Hillcroft Medical Clinic
1429 Hwy 6 S
Sugar Land, TX 77478 (Directions)
4 out of 5
Hillcroft Medical Clinic
1429 Hwy 6 S
Sugar Land, TX 77478 (Directions)

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4 out of 5
4 ratings, 4 reviews
Brilliant and very skilled. Anyone looking for the very best should see Dr M. Bedside manner might not be as polished as your local GPs but then he IS a surgeon. ;-)
February 24 , 2009
I am so pleased that I had Dr. Makhlouf as my Urologist. I felt very comfortable on my first visit. He showed me, where the problem I was having was on his laptop and he gave me options to how we could address the issues. I felt like I was safe and in good hands!
June 03 , 2020
He did surgery on me, the whole process relatively painless. Follow up appointments are alright. Doctor demonstrated thorough knowledge and great experience and spent time explaining to patients.
September 17 , 2013
There are so many great professionals in the Urology department at the University of Minnesota why waste your time with this guy?A few things I can promise: 1. You will have a hard time understanding him2. He WILL treat you like a piece of meat3. He not let you forget that you are a peon compared to his supreme intelligence and degree status.If you think these things are desireable for a doctor go ahead. I personally diagnosed this man with a case of --doctor-itis--.
July 21 , 2010

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Medical School - Medical University Of South Carolina College Of Medicine, 2000
22 years
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English, Spanish
Board Certified

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Hillcroft Medical Clinic
1429 Hwy 6 S
Sugar Land, TX 77478
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