Tenet Florida Physician Services LLC
1411 N Flagler Dr, Suite 3800
West Palm Beach, FL 33401 (Directions)
3.7 out of 5
Tenet Florida Physician Services LLC
1411 N Flagler Dr, Suite 3800
West Palm Beach, FL 33401 (Directions)

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3.7 out of 5
13 ratings, 13 reviews
"I had been so sick and I was so frustrated before Doctor walked in room. Phenomenal bedside manner. Spent great deal of time going over what was diagnosis. How/why it happened, and plans fix it. I was beyond emotional over tube in kidney with pee bag for over 3 months. Helped me see humor in a very sensitive/sad situation. We even named it(Ray). Couldn’t be more grateful for him and the magic robotic ..."
July 28 , 2020
Love this guy. Intelligent information with Sence of humor It was like he knew when to arrive and tell us the next steps.
January 19 , 2019
He is very patient and makes sure you know what's going on clearly before he does anything. He follows up as needed and doesn't forget about you like so many Dr's do. Top customer service from his staff as well.
August 23 , 2022
Very calming,put me at ease,looking forward to next visit.
September 10 , 2010
"My second visit with Dr Beltran at his Stuart office. This is a first class doctor ! He knows his business, explains what he is doing - any why. I highly recommended him ! Lee Cort"
December 01 , 2021
Been his patient since he went on his own practice. An excellent experience.
June 15 , 2016
Dr. Beltran is just what you are looking for.....Great bed side manner, knows his stuff, and is sensitive to what can be a very sensitive subject!
March 23 , 2017
Good man good human being!
January 02 , 2016
Dr. Beltran has the most wonderful attitude, takes his time to explain things, and treats the symptom as well as his patients. As far as the front staff at Traditions. Two words, HOLY COW, the worse I have ever encountered. Rude and discourteous, cannot even get my fathers name correct when you spell it to them 3 TIMES
September 16 , 2015
GOOD DOCTOR POOR STAFF After my first blood test failed to reach Quest I went for a second time and again it was not there. After the first failure I even gave them the direct fax number of the local Quest and they still couldn’t do it correctly. Luckily someone at my GPs office actually answered the phone (Beltram never does) while I was at Quest and was kind enough to submit it online. Their phone system is antiquated with no ability for separate provider access (Quest tried). The portal only accepts billing/insurance messages. Won't be back.
October 24 , 2022
This specialist couldnt diagnose a simple kidney stone. I SUFFERED for over 2 months with it, even after I told him and his partners I had one. But they couldnt accurately read a CT scan or X-ray. They prescribed several unnecessary medications and recommended unnecessary invasive procedures. And did not seem to care in the slightest about my pain. It took my new urologist about 30 seconds to diagnose my kidney stone, he removed it two days later, and my suffering was over! Even after notifying Dr. Beltran that he misdiagnosed me, he never even called me back.
April 25 , 2017
Dr. Beltran did not prescribe an antibiotic after my husband had a kidney stone crushed. He mistakenly ordered an antifungal. My husband ended up in septic shock and near died.
September 07 , 2019
"My 87 year old mother has been suffering with cronic UTIs for over a year now. Her primary care doctor encouraged her to see a specialist so she went to see Dr Beltran on the Primary's recommendation . He seemed to be very attentive to my mother's issues. He put her on a very strong antibiotic and a another pill for incontinence, then scheduled a CAT Scan for the next day. See saw the Doctor on ..."
July 24 , 2021

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