Sutter Gould Medical Foundation Main Clinic
600 Coffee Rd
Modesto, CA 95355 (Directions)
2.4 out of 5
Sutter Gould Medical Foundation Main Clinic
600 Coffee Rd
Modesto, CA 95355 (Directions)

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2.4 out of 5
9 ratings, 9 reviews
She is the best dr, she will listen to her patients and is very concerning. She always try’s to give patients the best and if she can’t she doesn’t hestitate to find someone. I was a patient of hers in Evansville in. My husband had cancer and she took really good care of him. If I lived closer I’d still be seeing her along with my husband Keith. Don’t hesitate to go see her, you won’t regret it
October 26 , 2018
I had a good experience with Dr Sinha. I went in for a vasectomy. She was nice and very professional. Her assistant was helpful and informative. They made the procedure as painless as they were able to make it.
December 05 , 2015
Dr. Sinha was professional, knowledgeable, and direct. She answered my questions and justified the procedures she determined were in my best medical interests. I will be quite happy to have her be my physian in the future should the need arise. I would recommend her without reservation to others.
July 09 , 2013
Found her to be very short on any explanation of any problem. Also short on all remedies that could be used for the problem. Overall would not recommend her. Found nursing staff to be the best quality in this office.
June 24 , 2019
Basic information she should have known - she did not know. She failed Urology 101. Run, run, run far away from this clinician. Not to be trusted. I wouldn't take my dead dog to her.
May 29 , 2019
Her nurse is so so so ride and disrespectful! They rush you in and out and don't listen to a thing you say! They gave me the wrong medication for a week then decided to call and put me on something else! They are rude and it would be the last place I would ever go again!
December 18 , 2013
I gave the lowest rating because I never saw her. I showed up for my appointment and was seen by the nurse then the nurse practitioner. When I asked when I would see the doctor I was lied to. They said she doesn't see patients the first visit but it was that she didn't wasn't there and they failed to notify me. She could be a good doctor but she would have to show up first.
December 15 , 2017
I would like to let you know of a bad experience my father in law, mother in law and I had with Dr. Sinha and her nurse. I don't think people should be treated the way we were treated. We brought my mother in law over for a visit to Dr. Sinha from a nursing home. When Dr. Sinha came into the room she never ask my mother in law any questions or even touch her in any way to examine her. I had to even suggest that she do a Cat scan on her. She let us know she was not a "miracle worker". My father in law and I are highly educated people and should not be talk down to. When she left the room and the nurse came back in she had the same bad attuide that the doctor had. My mother in law was in much pain in her back and needed to urinate often but was unable to. Dr. Sinha suggested we just take her back to the nursing home without any thing for another week or two at that time she would do a cystoscopy. I guess we were to take her back home and let her suffer it out for the next week. Really???? I wonder what Dr. Sinha would do if she was in pain.
June 26 , 2013
I am a doctor and I am suffering from bilat kidney stone with hydronephrosis almost two weeks and I was able to do MRI today and I had some information about my health condition that I shared with her and I asked her to help me ,I asked her I am not trying to get IV fluid and pain medication and I will bring by MRI in hospital to see and do evaluation and treat me i said i am going to hospital but i just don.t want pain medication.,although she rejected me ,and she treated me very unprofessional and then hang up the phone on me.THANK YOU DR.SINHA FOR PATIENT CARE ESPECIALLY YOUR , hospice will call with she is COLLEAGUE.
December 30 , 2018

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Sutter Gould Medical Foundation Main Clinic
600 Coffee Rd
Modesto, CA 95355
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