University Of Penn Medical Group
3400 Civic Ctr Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104 (Directions)
3.4 out of 5
University Of Penn Medical Group
3400 Civic Ctr Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
7 ratings, 7 reviews
best surgeon ever she gave me my life back when everyone else told me i was fine. thank you so much ariana you are a blessed surgeon xoxo thank you is not even enough i am so blessed and thankful to you. Diane dell
June 05 , 2018
"Dr Smith performed a VVF repair on me. The VVF was a result of a hysterectomy I had by a different gynecologist from a different health system. I found both Dr Smith and MaryCRNP to be very caring and professional. They both took their time with me and thoroughly explained everything to me. They were honest and very supportive. They helped me heal both physically and mentally. Dr Smith and Mary ..."
July 02 , 2020
Excellent, compassionate urogyn surgeon. For the past year I have gone to 5 physicians trying to find the proper treatment for my bowel and bladder symptoms, I was given many different opinions on what type of surgery I needed from a hysterectomy, to a bowel resection to pelvic organ prolapse surgery. I finally went to Dr Ariana Smith. I felt that she throughly examined me and read all of the medical reports and tests by the other physicians. She asked me questions and included me in the decision-making. I felt that I was finally in caring, capable hands and Dr. Smith performed pelvic organ prolapse surgery. I think she is an excellent surgeon.
April 07 , 2015
I just had surgery and Dr smith to be very pleasant w good bedside manner. My only problem is that the per op instructions were wrong. I was told not to perform a bowel prep -was not necessary by both Dr and her staff. After my rectocele and sling surgery I was in terrible pain. Apparently food I ate night before had not all eliminated and turned hard as a rock under anesthesia when I complained in the hospital staff told me its just the pain from surgery. Wasnt determined until days of awful pain that harden stool was pushing on the area
November 22 , 2013
Each time I saw this physician she treated me with disdain, was aloof, uncaring, and not open to patient input. She is a urologist who never took time to even examine me and if you mention a complaint that does not involve a primary genital issue she says its not her area of expertise. I feel that a subsequent procedure was never explained and it cause me many problems even though it was supposed to be routine.
December 18 , 2012
Either Ariana Smith resents being a doctor or she just hates people! Her inability to be forthright and honest is shocking. Her lack of common human decency is appalling. And, her callous disregard for the well being of her patients should be a crime!
October 14 , 2014
I honestly cant think of one nice thing to say about her. As a woman, I sought out a female doctor . Big mistake . Smith loathes her patients. She has no regard for them at all. She performed what should have been a routine surgery that ended up almost killing me. While I was in ICU, she fought with the specialist who was sent in to save my life. Thank G-d for him. Smith is a nightmare that still haunts me!
September 08 , 2015

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Medical School - Albert Einstein College Of Medicine Of Yeshiva University, 2002
20 years
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Spanish, English

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University Of Penn Medical Group
3400 Civic Ctr Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104