Urology Associates, PA
595 Shrewsbury Ave, Suite 103
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 (Directions)
3.8 out of 5
Urology Associates, PA
595 Shrewsbury Ave, Suite 103
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 (Directions)

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3.8 out of 5
19 ratings, 19 reviews
Dr. Christiano is a godsend for my family! He was always there, and would often put in extra hours just to see me. I was diagnosed with Calyceal Diverticulitus and INterstitial Cystitis, and although I needed to see a specialist to take care of the problems, the specialist was in Philly. Since I couldnt go for the weekly treatments in Philly, Dr. Christiano offered to cooridinate with my specialist in Philly to do the treatments at his office. He is a wonderful man, and although you might have to wait a little to see him, it is worth every minute. He takes so long because he treats every patient with the utmost care and respect. He wont leave until hes answered every question you have, or until you feel at easy with his diagnosis. HIGHLY reccommend him!
May 11 , 2009
My husband goes to him and we love him. He has a great bedside manner and he talks and explains everything to you if you have question.
April 06 , 2015
Ive been a patient of Dr Christiano for about 8 years. Hes a tremendous doctor! His professionalism, knowledge, yet friendly manner is beyond compare. I wish I could have him as my primary doctor!
May 01 , 2009
Nice guy.
November 30 , 2015
So kind, compassionate and attentive, I couldnt believe it! He spent time with me because he cared. He referred me to the perfect oncologist for my situation. He called me personally when he hadnt seen me for a while, just to make sure I would be in soon for follow up. I will never forget how he treated me. Oh, and for that patient who had a bad experience with the staff - ARE YOU KIDDING?? Each and every one was wonderful! I cant say enough about these people.
February 28 , 2014
Dr. Christiano has the best bedside manner I have ever come across. He is friendly, kind, and perseptive and understands the delicate nature of his job. Be prepared to wait a long time in the waiting room and the office staff always seems mixed up, but I put up with that because he is really the best.
February 26 , 2013
This doctor is outstanding and a very kind man.
October 29 , 2009
Dr Christiano took all the time we needed to explain and answer our many questions about my husband condition. It was like we were his only patient. Thank you Dr. Christiano
June 28 , 2019
The office has a long wait at times, but it is well worth waiting to see him. He is very caring and understanding and has a great --bedside-- manner about him. He explained my problem to me, and was very patient in helping me understand the options available to me. I would recommend him to everyone having a urological problem!
June 01 , 2011
He is currently treating my husband and is absolutely wonderful. He takes all the time you need to make you feel comfortable even if you ask alot of questions and he gives you honest and straight forward answers. I would reccomend him to anyone . . you wont be disappointed.
April 15 , 2008
Great doc, but the office is poorly-run.
September 02 , 2021
this doctor is by far one of the best! you do wait awhile in the office to be seen by the doctor. when he finally sees you, youll be surprised. he is most competitant and has the best bed-side manner ever. he is wonderful.
November 08 , 2007
love him, love him, love him. what a sweetheart of a man. he truly cares about his patients and gives you the respect and compassion you deserve. you do wait to get in to see him and the office is always behind but he is worth it. he isnt uppity but just a gem of a person. there should be more physicians like him. he is an excellent diagnostician and his bedside manner is the best! anyone treated by him is lucky to call him their doctor.
July 23 , 2009
not easy, waited long before some one picked up phone and before you can get any information you have to go through 20 question about what kind of insurance you have.
July 08 , 2014
Doctor is great , good bedside manners . Now the staff , very rude not professional and poor scheduling . Waited with my dad 2 hours after his scheduled time . And that wasnt the first time always have to wait wait wait.
June 16 , 2016
Painfully slow.. 2 hours plus
July 02 , 2018
Good doctor. Terrible staff, young girls unprofessional and curt.
March 11 , 2016
Dr. Christiano is a good Dr. if you can actually get to see him. He spends time with you and is well versed in his field. However, his staff is abysmal. Rude, short, almost mean-spirited in every sense of the way are a few of the adjectives I would use to describe them. And dont expect a call back from the Dr. either. That would be unheard of.
January 24 , 2013
the staff was terrible and rude overworked and not enough people working the office manager should be fired!
July 15 , 2011

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