100 Monroe St
Bridgewater Township, NJ 08807 (Directions)
2.4 out of 5
100 Monroe St
Bridgewater Township, NJ 08807 (Directions)

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2.4 out of 5
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Went for Kidney Stone problems and I was impressed. He spent time and seemed concerned with my problem and brought it to a successful conclusion. He is Chief of Uroglogy at Somerset Medical Center and I can see why. I highly recommend him. He has been around a while and has the knowledge and expierence.
November 08 , 2007
I dont like doctors who waste my time. Dr. Feldman made an appointment for me for a procedure and, after I came to the office, he changed his mind.
November 12 , 2007
PLEASE dont go to this doctor. I went to him because I have a past with kidney stones and was having burning when I urinated. He looked at my xrays and told me that I had no kidney stones. Then he did a culture of my urine which showed that I had no infection. He told me that I must have an infection and gave me antibiotics. A week later I was in the emergency room passing a kidney stone! I then went to a Doc in NY out of Columbia Presbyterian who said I had 10 kidney stones and should me all of them on the XRAY!! How does a urologist miss not one, but 10 stones!!! Dr. Feldman was WRONG WRONG WRONG and rushed me the entire time. Find a better urologist! I really expected more.
October 11 , 2009
NO! Do not go here there is something wrong with him. He is a quack. He told my 71 year old father to google prostate cancer treatment ops. Did not fully cover all options and when my dad asked if he could call him with questions his replied --Well if it is one ok, but I dont have time to be on the phone for 20 mins--. His paperwork is filled with --CYA-- terminology. I think its a discgrace he thinks were stupid enough to not see this. I think its time for him to hang up his coat - he does not seem interested in his patients. Also, he was texting and IMing people when he wsa talking to us. So, no I took my dad out of there and we will not return to him. We are going to NY.
May 15 , 2013
I used to see him for Kidney Stones which eventually passed and he would have me come back every 6 month for a follow up. At one point I could not hold my urine and I had pain. He said he couldnt see me and sounded like a Urinary Tract Infection. He called in pain killers to hold me over to the weekend. Well the pain so bad I had to go the hospital and turned out I had E-Coli. He spoke to me on the phone but would have the time to have me come in to be checked out. He couldnt care less. Dont waste your time with him all he is interested in making the money.
June 26 , 2014
Went to him w/CT Scan showing multiple stones in ea kidney the lgest 3mm. I have had these stones since 8/11 w/2 attacks recently obviously they are not going to pass Ive been on pain meds for this long and need to get off or it will cause damage to my liver, stones must come out. I told him I was in terrible pain his reply was --I dont understand why you are in pain and you shouldnt have that much pain--. I asked him plz put me in for a Lithotrypsy he said no. I have no ins but have charity care I asked him if he was denying me med treatment he said it was his prof opinion to go to someone else if I dont like it. I asked if its bc I have charity care and told me he was offending. Im not asking for a trip to Disney I wouldnt ask for the procedure if I didnt need it Ive had stones many times. HORRIBLE DOCTOR, HE IS SNARKY, has no empathy. He doesnt live upto the Hippocratic Oath. I am reporting him to the a relative who is a high politician. I pd him $259 for nothing.
March 27 , 2013
HORRIBLE doctor. I went over my symptoms to which he replied --I dont know how that is possible sorry-- and attributed it to a mentality defect,recommending psychotherapy as the course of treatment. Luckily i decided to get a second opinion done by someone reputable where it was discovered that I was having a really rare adverse reaction to a medication i was on...if i would have chose to follow his advice of mental therapy rather than getting the second opinion,i honestly could have been damaged for life. He then had the gall to report the wrong information to my insurance company,leaving me with an expensive bill,that i now have to fight to get eliminated...waste of time,knowledge and money...youre better off researching your disease on the internet because i guarantee youre more knowledgeable than he is
April 30 , 2010

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