Urology Centers Of Alabama PC
3485 Independence Dr
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4.8 out of 5
Urology Centers Of Alabama PC
3485 Independence Dr
Homewood, AL 35209 (Directions)

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4.8 out of 5
28 ratings, 28 reviews
Fast and quick, and answer any questions and concerns
March 21 , 2022
great communicator
March 21 , 2022
Made me feel at ease and was very Informative.
January 18 , 2023
February 14 , 2022
Dr Lutz and his nurse Ava were great. Made my vasectomy a breeze. Thanks
May 04 , 2022
Dr Lutz is very professional he took time to explain ever aspect of my surgery. I was told what to expect pre-op and post-op. I am very satisfied with my recovery time.
April 04 , 2022
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Lutz from the moment I met him. He makes himself available at all times. I never waited over ten minutes for him to return my phone call. He would talk to my husband two to three times a day explaining my diagnosis and the surgery I was having. In my opinion he’s the best, he took all the necessary precautions and to him I am grateful and no longer in pain.
April 24 , 2020
Working with Dr. Lutz for my vasectomy was a breeze. He was very professional and very quick with the procedure. I’ve already sent his info to a few buddies who are in need of vasectomies.
April 29 , 2022
Great doctor who works to fix the problems you face. Very friendly and pays attention to you complaints.
October 17 , 2022
Totally professional and clean environment. Dr. Lutz is a friendly, attentive, incredibly talented physician. He handled my prostatectomy with excellent results. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to his care.
April 03 , 2023
January 13 , 2023
I was able to schedule an appointment to Dr. LutZ having only been released from Brookwood Medical Center's ER three days prior. I am completely satisfied with the services provided. The are prompt, quick to access, treat and determine a course of action to take to remedy a problem. Dr. Lutz makes me feel at ease which enables me discuss any issue which would normally be difficult and embarrassing about which to converse.
August 26 , 2022
Dr Litz was great-wonderful Dr.
February 01 , 2023
Very well organized. Almost no wait time.
December 23 , 2022
Dr. Lutz reviewed my ultra sound and told me in detail why my Internest referred me to a Urologist. I was pleased with his explanation
January 19 , 2023
Absolutely love this doctor. Very professional and up front about all the details.
December 23 , 2022
Dr.Lutz saved my life. The cancer I had penetrated the bladder wall and required surgery. I was scared. He made me feel comfortable about the procedure. I still see him for follow-ups, and highly recommend.
February 15 , 2016
Dr Lutz was very personable and listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. Highly recommended
August 03 , 2022
I could not be more pleased with my visit with Dr Lutz; I have known him for many years. He was outstanding and is helping me with my medical issues
April 12 , 2023
No long wait time doctor easy to talk to
February 15 , 2022
Excellent visist, strong knowledge of what he is doing. Great bedside manners.
March 20 , 2022
Excellent. Very attentive and knowledgeable.
January 16 , 2023
Dr. Lutz is amazing. Gives excellent care in a loving and kind way. Ellen has quite a few doctors and Lutz is by far the best.
April 05 , 2022
I refer my friends to Dr. Lutz - my highest compliment. He is up to date professionally, a good communicator, and compassionate. He’s the BEST!
March 02 , 2022
Had BPH issues and seeking options to improve bladder emptying. Doc did c scope and ultrasound and gave me sheet on options and discussed those. Ball in my court to decide whats best for me. Always a good visit with doc L. All staff cordial and pleasant. Just be honest about symptoms and u will get answers maybe not the one u want but it will be honest and give u the best chance for success.
April 30 , 2022
Dr. Lutz has an excellent staff - very polite and caring. It obvious, to me, it starts with Dr. Lutz. He asks questions, listens and recommends. Wonderful doctor and human-being.
December 17 , 2022
Was referred to Dr. Lutz. Almost left when the nurse didnt wash her hands or use gloves when she applied lube to instrument that would go in my body. Doctor seemed kind and ran lots of tests, but didnt explain findings. Not even after 24 hour urine collection that could explain cause of kidney stones. He and nurse were unavailable to help on phone during my first kidney stone to pass at home when I was in terrible pain. The final straw was his recommendation for expensive procedure because --I had met my deductible.-- It seems as if he was trying to meet a quota for procedures. Perhaps if this doctor were in a different practice with supportive office and nursing staff, and the opportunity to take care of his patients and not have to worry about making the quota he might do better. He is still young. I hope he has the opportunity to leave this group. I will not return until as long as he is with this group. Office staff also charged me twice for one office visit. Not very welcoming either.
August 14 , 2017
He hardly explained anything he was doing. Was not kind or courteous about it at all. Was rough on the examination and didn’t explain any symptoms. Didn’t explain the diagnosis or give me an overall synopsis. Overall did not feel comfortable at all during meeting. Would not advise.
October 14 , 2019

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