Dupage Medical Group
17495 La Grange Rd
Tinley Park, IL 60487 (Directions)
3.4 out of 5
Dupage Medical Group
17495 La Grange Rd
Tinley Park, IL 60487 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
16 ratings, 16 reviews
Doctor fakoury very good super professional
April 14 , 2017
"Hospitalized at Hinsdale hospital Sunday afternoon. By the next morning I was told I was going into surgery. Met with Dr Fakouri who explained procedure but because of my Autism I felt a bit intimidated by him as everything was happening so fast. Dr Fakouri did explain he had an opening that morning so he put me in last min on the schedule. I was anxious and I spoke with nurses who vouched for him ..."
October 01 , 2021
dr Fakouri is thr best doctor i have ever had to deal with Professional and caring
December 29 , 2022
Did my vesectiomy in literally 15 minutes great bedside manner very kind
September 17 , 2018
I have seen doctor fakouri over bladder issues I am so glad I did I am an elderly person and he took the time to explain everything to me and a procedure that I had done very caring and thorough will see him again
March 12 , 2014
Dr. Fakouri performed my vasectomy in January, 2014. Though I was pretty nervous going into it, I was quickly able to relax thanks to his easygoing bedside manner. He completed the procedure with speed and precision. I had a much easier recovery than all of the friends who I had asked beforehand who had been through it with other doctors. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Dr. Fakouri to anyone looking for urological care.
March 13 , 2014
Dr. Fakouri performed my vasectomy yesterday. His kind and encouraging words helped ally my fears of a potential complication. I believe his serious words can come off as not caring. However, when I addressed my fears, he was very sincere and kind. He is a great doc!
December 17 , 2010
I been a patient of Dr. Failure fo 7 years. I am extremely happy with his professional and personal approach. He has always given me the time I need and has always had a very caring attitude . He is not just a great doctor , he is a good man. I can highly recommend Dr. Fakouri and his team.
January 11 , 2016
He was able to quickly diagnois my cancer and within two weeks performed surgery. He as gotten more personable over the years and you can tell he really cares about his patients although he comes off a little stiff sometimes.
January 23 , 2009
Bedside manners needs to be reviewed. The attitude of he is above everyone, and as matter of fact. I probably will not return for my second office visit. When asked what his surgery schedule looks like, he replied he doesnt know, the nurse will call. I would hope that a physician would know what days are his surgery days at different hospitals
September 14 , 2010
Dr. Fakouri appears to be very knowledgeable, but I found his manner somewhat brusque, almost dismissive of the things I was telling him about my condition. He seemed more to have his mind made up about what should be done for (with) me, before fully hearing me out regarding the circumstances of my concern--overly frequent urination. And when scheduled me for some kind probing procedure without fully discussing it with me, I decided to no longer see him for treatment. I certainly have the sense that hes very skilled at his profession, but I dont have or didnt get the sense that he has a strong concern for the patients sense of comfort, confidence and well-being.
August 14 , 2016
Saw the Dr. for a lump in my scrotum, He came in looked at it and said there was nothing to worry about. But if i was uncomfortable with it he would remove it.For some unknown reason he left the room for about 10 minutes and came back in. I asked him to get back to me with how much out of pocket costs would be but instead they called to make an appointment for the procedure. Three days later the growth had grow to the size of a golf ball and had to go to an convenient care clinic were they said I had an abscess and lanced it to relieve the pressure. I Will not follow through with him because I dont think he knows what he is doing.
June 09 , 2014
First let me say I am not the person that really engages in writing reviews, so for me to write this now is extremely rare and meant only to warn others! I have never had a single more unbelievably disappointing appointment with a doctor in my many years of living! I saw this doctor a few days ago for a very troubling and alarming prostate issue and could not have received a less compassionate, caring or medically based visit if I tried. The nurse started off by taking my blood pressure in about 5 seconds (literally) which could not have yielded accurate results, but the best part was the doctors time. He came into the room and barely even managed a hello. He sat on his chair about 6 feet away from me and looked like he was just waiting to leave the room. Basically, as the patient, I gave my story but it didnt stop there. I had to practically conduct the entire visit asking questions about things I was concerned about and possible causes, I had found on the Internet. I felt more like the doctor with him more like the patient. Every moment of the visit felt like I had to pull the information out of the doctor versus him offering any input or a prognosis. What little talking he did seemed completely uninterested, uncaring and in my opinion, lacked any significant medical input. I walked out with a very broad diagnosis only because I pushed for some explanation for what was going on with me. He would have just as simply let me leave with no answers if I had not pushed to have him call my situation something medical. The term doctor in my opinion, here, is very loosely applied. Although a physical exam did take place, my description of symptoms did not seem to register with him and so he based everything solely on what he felt physically and read from previous test results I had brought in. When I said things were getting worse not better since the previous exams were done, he offered no comments and only gave responses when I prompted him for some input. I still do not know what is going on with me and was told to wait it out for several months and see what happens. An unbelievable treatment plan when you say you are feeling worse by the day! I only take time to write this to warn others because if this is the response for an unknown issue, I would be fearful of how this doctor might treat a person with cancer or something else of a more serious nature! I would certainly think twice before putting my confidence and trust here! As a final thought, while waiting for my doctor to come in, the patient in the next room was being informed of their cancer diagnosis and another doctor was speaking to them so loudly you could hear the whole conversation. Not very compassionate or sensitive to that patients privacy.
January 30 , 2014
I had a scheudle appointment two weeks in advance, and the doctor wasnt able to see me, I was told that he double booked his entire day. When I expressed concern, and dissatisfaction, the staff seemed like they could car less
November 09 , 2010
My first visit I spent 3 minutes w/the MD. His PA did the initial assessment. It took a whole week to get back to me regarding a scan. His office called to tell me I needed to come for a procedure, when I got there two days later, no appointment. Of course they were sorry, I was lied to by the office manager stating the doctor wasnt there...but I saw him through the window several times. In the end, the receptionist apologized and said they had to reschedule me. The office manager never came back. I asked if the doctor knew this happened and the answer was not very conclusive. I looked for another urologist. I understand mistakes happen but I felt lied to and not cared for.
March 22 , 2012
My four appointments over a three month period with Dr Fakouri was the worst experience with a doctor that Ive ever had. This doctors bedside manner is terrible. He never seemed to listen when I spoke and kept his attention on his computer screen for almost the entire visit. He could never diagnose the problem causing me pain and his treatment method was --lets wait four weeks, then make another appointment and well see how it is then--. He was also much more concerned with keeping the insurance company happy than with treating his patient. Terrible. Wish I could leave ZERO stars
July 18 , 2013

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