New Jersey Urology LLC
1515 Broad St, Suite B130
Bloomfield, NJ 07003 (Directions)
4.2 out of 5
New Jersey Urology LLC
1515 Broad St, Suite B130
Bloomfield, NJ 07003 (Directions)

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4.2 out of 5
23 ratings, 23 reviews
Dr. Benjamin Fand is an excellent physician who takes an inordinate amount of time with his patients. He is thorough and answers every and all questions clearly and concisely. His office staff is professional, courteous and efficient.
March 13 , 2012
He is thorough and very understanding about your problems and elicits your thoughts on his treatment. He wants to know what you think, not just take commands from him. I find that very refreshing.
November 19 , 2013
What I like most about Dr Fand is his thoroughness and direct attitude to my concerns. He is truly a doctor who you feel confident in immediately, Both my wife and myself have been patients for several years and we find the service outstanding.
October 18 , 2013
Went to Dr Fand because my primary physician thought i had cancer. After a thorough exam and sonogram, Dr Fand discovered that this was not the case and I had an inflamation and i am being treated with antibiotics
April 09 , 2010
I have been going to doctor Fand for many years. I had two surgeries with him. I must say that I think he is great. He has always been courteos to me. He always makes sure that I understand my issues. I had recommended Doctor Fand to other friends, they also are extremly happy with him. I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT DOCTOR FAND.
August 23 , 2013
Dr. Fand is an Excellent Doctor they took very good care of me Thanks Doctor and all the people who work with you
June 02 , 2014
Dr Fand is very thorough with his exam and review of patient history. He is always personable with his patients, and listens to any concerns regarding their condition. I have been a patient of Dr. Fand for 32 Years.
August 24 , 2013
I have been a patient of Dr. Fand for the past 9 years. He is a knowledgeable and highly skilled doctor. He clearly and thoroughly explains information, invites my input and answers all of my questions satisfactorily. He is understanding and compassionate and responds in a caring, sensitive fashion. I would recommend him to family and friends.
August 22 , 2013
October 06 , 2013
Excellent doctor, explains situation well, answers all questions and is on top of his game. I would recommend him to anyone. Great doctor
April 01 , 2009
Great doctor. Very intelligent but also very caring about the patient. Old Bridge office is VERY EFFICIENTLY run! I have referred many acquaintences to him and they are all very satisfied with Dr. Fand. Hes one in a million...
October 22 , 2010
Dr. Fand is very professional & thorough. Office operates efficiently.
November 17 , 2013
Very thorough, patient, and kind! Have to wait a little when you visit but totally worth the wait!! I have recommended him to others.
August 01 , 2017
This is a very caring group. Have been with Dr. Fand for about 22 years and longer with the group. He is an excellent doctor and I still continue to see him even though eleven years ago we moved about 45 minutes south from his office.
January 28 , 2014
I have been going to Dr. Fand for almost 10 years and after suggested treatment by Dr Fand (which did not include surgery) I am still cancer free from aggressive prostate cancer. Yes, at times I have had to wait beyond my appt time but he is an excellent doctor and well worth the wait. After our initial visit with doctor Fand we went to the top NY doctor and then decided to go with Dr Fands opinon and not radical surgery. So So glad we did!!!!!!!! Thank you for being such a caring and excellent doctor.
August 25 , 2013
It is very inconvenient that my next appointment could not be scheduled while I was at the doctors office after my most recent scheduled office visit. This practice is a recent change in this physicians office practice that makes the pursuit of regular health care checkups and follow-up more difficult for patients.
September 21 , 2012
Dr. Fand is a good doctor moitoring me for over 10 years as we watched my treatment with prostate cancer. Walked me through the painful decision of tr ...
November 21 , 2012
2hour wait to see doc. Knows his stuff but who wants to wait so long?
February 11 , 2013
Doc is very good and balanced as other reviews. Office is another story. They schedule in bulk and line up upto 6 patients once inside. There is another seating area once you make inside ! Never seen this anywhere, obviously docs are good and demand is more. Overall could be better.
December 31 , 2015
Although I believe Dr. Fand is a good physican and trust his diagnosis, he NEVER looked at me when speaking to me, but rather typed what I was saying as I was speaking. My wet dishrag has more personality. Not going back.
February 26 , 2016
Very rude. Talks to you like youre a dog. Doesnt listen at all. Puts down everything you say to him. Just a cruel human being. So sad that he refused to help and I had to go elsewhere to get done what he was supposed to do.
May 27 , 2013
if you need him , he will not be there to help. very un happy with him and believe he does not follow up when time is important
July 01 , 2012
Dr. Fand is a nice doctor. However, he misdiagnosed my cases. What he described and explained my cases does not match the true cases I experienced. It made the urology problem worse than before. Be careful to meet him.
November 16 , 2019

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Medical School - Rutgers R W Johnson Medical School (Cam/New Bruns/Pisc), 1979
43 years
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New Jersey Urology LLC
1515 Broad St, Suite B130
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