Central Ohio Urology Group, LLC.
350 W Wilson Bridge Rd, Suite 100
Worthington, OH 43085 (Directions)
3 out of 5
Central Ohio Urology Group, LLC.
350 W Wilson Bridge Rd, Suite 100
Worthington, OH 43085 (Directions)

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3 out of 5
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I think dr martin is a very very capable doctor. He answers my questions and is very knowledgable. The staff offices do run late (as many do) but i do not see this reflecting on him. You have to remember that someone recieving news on cancer may not react well to the news. This also should not reflect on the doctor. I have used him several times now and would do so again
December 22 , 2014
Dr. Martin is absolutely the best urologist youll find in Ohio. Ive been his patients for over 5 years and have found him to be a gentleman of incredible class and a consummate professional. I owe him more than I can imagine and I wouldnt be able to write these thoughts if he hadnt operated on me.
March 14 , 2013
He is wonderful spent time talking to me about my cancer in my kidney i have tols other people who have the same problem about him
October 02 , 2012
My overall opinion of Dr. Martin is ok but Im extremely disappointed in his treatment of my low t. After considering the options which he described as --ok-- --better -- and the --best-- I went for the testerone pellets. Total disaster. Pain, infection, and finally the pellets came out after 3 weeks. I paid $200 for the pellets of which I only have 3 of the 9 left. My biggest issue is this..I called multiple times informing them of my status, I experienced seapage from the incision almost puss like seapage. Every time I called I got , thats normal, people heal differently kind of responses. I finally went in and as soon as they saw it I heard --oh!-- Yeah, thats what Ive been trying to tell you. I also felt like they thought I was whining. I was right about my problem . They put me on a antibiotic for 5 days. Thats when the pellets started coming out. I called when the first two came out and they never called back. That was disappointing. Since then, a total of 5 have come out and the 6th is ready to pop.i have 3 left.
August 08 , 2016
I first saw Dr. Martin in 2015. He was very informative, advised of options & recommended a plan of action. In addition to prescription he provided behavioral modification recommendations. When first medication didn’t work as well as he hoped, he changed to a different. After a while I didn’t need any medication as the behavioral modification he recommended resolved the issue over time. Then I came back to him Nov/Dec 2019 with a stubborn UTI. Turned out the culprit was a rather large kidney stone. In my experience with Dr Martin, he has been professional, timely and patient. The only non positive interaction I’ve had with Dr. Martin is when he referred me for testing, my patient history for the 2-3 yrs since I last saw him was inaccurate. However I don’t know if it was his error or that of his staff in transcribing his notes. Given my prior very positive experience with Dr. Martin, I believe he deserves the benefit of the doubt, although I will be watching closely in the future.
February 08 , 2020
Met twice with this doctor. He spent little to no time, had no answers to any of my questions, and came across as uninformed, uncaring, and unprofessional. He actually encouraged me never to ask a doctor what the problem may be, that it could be hundreds of horrible things. Clearly would not recommend him to anyone.
March 21 , 2013
Came in the room and said, You have cancer. When I ask for more information he said, --You have cancer, what dont you understand about that?-- We can either do surgery, radiation or nothing at all. Ill never go back there again.
September 26 , 2012
Dr Martin, does not remember anything, conversations, last visit, why we are meeting, anything. he is always late, my first surgery with him he was 5 hours late. I would never suggest his services to anyone. I have cancer no idea what kind, he will not tell me. Every time I call his office his employees cannot reach him, I have actually sat on hold for 2 hours.
June 12 , 2014
Not willing to look further for cause of kidney pain. Dismissive, arrogant, lack of compassion when removing kidney stent. His nurse is a nightmare.
November 27 , 2019

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