Nashville Urology
2201 Murphy Ave, Suite 203
Nashville, TN 37203 (Directions)
4.2 out of 5
Nashville Urology
2201 Murphy Ave, Suite 203
Nashville, TN 37203 (Directions)

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4.2 out of 5
15 ratings, 15 reviews
Very caring physician. He takes the time to discuss all aspects of the patient’s care.
September 24 , 2022
My 92 year old father is the patient, but I was with him when he first met Dr. Dehner at the hospital and later during the procedure. I was impressed with Dr. Dehners bedside manners and professionalism displayed at the first doctors visit in the hospital. He clearly explained the procedure and what to expect. Later his office contacted my parents to schedule the procedure and instruct them on things needed prior to the procedure. The office also called their pharmacy to get the necessary medications needed prior to the procedure. The day of the office procedure went well, my father was called back before I had completed the paperwork. Prior to starting the procedure Dr. Dehner clearly explained what to expect the next couple of weeks following the procedure and what to look for within the next 24 hours. The procedure took very little time and my father was on his way home in no time. All office staff was kind and professional. I could not ask for better care for my father.
November 04 , 2019
"I have been seeing Doctor Dehner for several years. I had stage 3 clear cell carcinoma. He takes excellent care of me. I go see him every three months. He listens to my concerns and answers all my questions. He never rushes me but takes his time doing test and making sure the cancer hasn’t showed up somewhere else. He is very caring. Doctor Dehner has a calling for caring for his patients. I travel ..."
November 29 , 2021
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November 14 , 2021
Dr Dehner is very attentive with my care and I highly recommend him to everyone!
July 01 , 2022
Dr. Dehner is top notch. My husband suffered acute renal failure due to an unknown tumor during a serious case of Covid. Dr. Dehner gathered all essential data to determine approach. Surgery to remove tumor completed, prognosis outstanding. Dr. Dehner called to review the post operative surgery details and the good news. Sincere. Kind. Proficient. Highly skilled. A gem in the medical field. He’s a doctor who makes you feel safe. He answers all questions with respect and truly is a master of his craft. We feel so blessed to have had such amazing care at St. Thomas. The entire staff he is supported by is a testament of his character and skills as the chief urologist. Thank you!
September 17 , 2021
Dr. Dehner did an excellent job explaining my surgery and was not only praised by the nurses but also by the volunteer who checked me into the hospital.
December 01 , 2016
Dr. Dehner very open, honest, communicates well, willing to answer any and all questions. We trusted him implicitly for my husbands RALP (robotic assisted radical prostatectomy) with lymph node dissection.
March 11 , 2014
"Phenomenal physician. Caring and compassionate. Spent a meaningful time with my husband that he appreciated. Will recommend him to all! "
November 20 , 2021
I needed a Doctor to repair a workmans comp surgery done elsewhere 7 years earlier which slowly got worse. Very relaxed and friendly in the office visits. Helpful in answering concerns. Wanted to make sure I was happy with the result.
November 20 , 2015
Took wonderful care of me and my family. A great experience during a stressful time.
November 15 , 2021
Much like another rating stated, Dr. Dehner did not fully explain the possible problems with a surgery I was supposed to have. Seeking another opinion.
June 26 , 2017
Dr Dehner is an okay doctor, my initial contact with him was through a hospital visit. My first impression in the hospital was a little higher than after two procedures and an office visit. The nurse at the Surgery Center was more helpful about telling what was going to happen than he was. Beware that the practice he is in uses an outside company to complete FMLA papers and the charge is $30.00. And they wont complete them until payment is received. They also used a lab that was out-of-network so I had to pay costs that I shouldnt have had to pay. I was told I would need to pay my part of the surgery up front. The amount I was charged was way over what my insurance said I owed. When I called the office about seeing about getting back what I over paid I was told it would take 30 days before I received my refund. I realize that the billing (office/practice) side of things is different than the quality of care you receive from a doctor, but you have to wonder about a doctor that is part of a practice that operates this way. It just kind of tarnishes the whole experience.
April 04 , 2018
Dr. Dehner did not communicate the negatives of his laser surgery, and there were many, anticipated to last a lifetime.
October 19 , 2015
Dr Dehner performed laser surgery on my prostate, made a terrible mistake, and seriously damaged my bladder. Even worse, he deliberately failed to advise me of his failure, leaving me totally incontinent for what is for more than a year. Iâ??m now faced with a multi-step procedure at Vanderbilt Urology to install an artificial bladder sphincter with an actuator placed in the scrotum. Dr. Dehner offered NO solution. Just more physical therapy, which could not possibly repair a sphincter.
February 21 , 2016

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