Riverside Medical Clinic Inc
7117 Brockton Ave
Riverside, CA 92506 (Directions)
3.2 out of 5
Riverside Medical Clinic Inc
7117 Brockton Ave
Riverside, CA 92506 (Directions)

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3.2 out of 5
4 ratings, 4 reviews
Dr. Yang was great & I am truly greatful to him & his staff. They turned a nightmare of a situation into a smooth easy process. Dr. Yang your reviews don't do you justice but thank you.
February 19 , 2020
Dr Yang has been my urologist for 13 years. Over the years I have found him to be knowledgeable, caring and friendly.
September 30 , 2021
Uncaring, spends more time on the computer, rarely looks at you, doesn’t explain anything. I don’t understand why he is still at Riverside Medical?? I wish they could explain this. Now I go outside of the clinic to a really caring Urologist.
August 18 , 2021
Dr. Yang doesnt care about his patients. He doesnt follow up on them; nor does he communicate with you when you ask questions. He is more like a technician who cant think outside the box and figure out alternative treatments that are best for you. Also, when you need surgery to relieve the need for a catheter, he doesnt care if you wait forever with a catheter in- which endangers your life due to risk of infection - which happened twice to me - in which I ended up in a hospital due to a life threatening infection. The best medicine for this doctor is to require him to wear a catheter for a month and see how it feels...actually, Mr. Yang should NOT be a doctor...I think hes either in it for the money or because his parents made him go to medical school. Dont be fooled by the schools he went to - Stanford and Duke...His knowledge is very basic and its obvious that he doesnt treat his chosen line of work as a profession; nor does he care about the people he treats.
April 05 , 2015

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About Benjamin Yang

Education History
Medical School - Stanford University School Of Medicine, 2001
21 years
Languages Spoken
Chinese, English, Arabic, Spanish, Korean
Board Certified

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Riverside Medical Clinic Inc
7117 Brockton Ave
Riverside, CA 92506
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